EOE – Mother & Father's Day Photo Competition


1st prize – Samsung S630 Digital Camera (Silver Color) worth RM499.00
2nd prize – Jusco Cash Vouchers worth RM100.00
3rd prize – Jusco Cash Vouchers worth RM50.00

DEADLINE: 15 June 2008
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.eoe.com.my

Photos can be uploaded for eoe Online’s Photo Competition from 01 May 2008 (12:00hrs) to 15 June 2008 (11:59hrs). There will be no voting for this photo competition.

You need to be a member first before you can participate.
Go to ‘Photo Funs’ section and click on the ‘Photo Competition’ banner or the ‘Photo Competition’ sub link to start.
Click on ‘Upload Photo’ link. (if you have not signed in you are required to do so here)
Enter the title and description of the photo you are to upload. (Remember to provide a meaningful message in the Description field for judging the winning entry!)
Click on the ‘Browse’ button to select and upload your photo.
Once your photo is uploaded, you will see a ‘Upload photo completed’ message.
Your photo will now appear in the ‘Photo Competition’ section.
You may submit as many entries as you like.
Other members of eoe.com.my will be able to view your submitted entry at the ‘Photo Competition’ section.

The winning entries will be judged by judges appointed by eoe Online. The relativity of the photo to the theme determined and the message dedicated to the people in the photo that is able to bring more meaning to the photo will also be taken into consideration in determining the winner.

Criteria for judging:
1. You may upload a photo of both parents (mother and father) or either one of them.
2. A meaningful photo with a meaningful message dedicated for the people in the photo in 25 words or less, starting with ‘I Love You…’. This message should be entered to the ‘Description’ field when you upload your entry.

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  1. Krystal Petty 13 years ago

    I Love You ! As comforted as a son is in his fathers arms, so am I in knowing we’ll always be family.

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