Pesta 2008 Singing Competition


Overall prizes will be awarded to the top five placing.
Subsidiary prizes will be awarded to: a. Best Vocal b. Best Choreography c. Best Costume
DEADLINE: 31 March 2008.

GROUP SINGING COMPETITION Rules & Regulations 1. This contest shall consist of ONLY one category that is GROUP SINGING and is open to all Boys’ Brigade Malaysia Companies. 2. One Company is only allowed to submit one entry. 3. Each Team must consist of a minimum of five (5) members and maximum twenty (20) members. The members must be from Senior Section or Primer Section. One Officer or Warrant Officer is permitted to make up the number. All members of the group must be participants of the Pesta. 4. Each Team will present one (1) song, either in English, Chinese or Bahasa Malaysia. The song must not exceed five (5) minutes. A medley of songs is permitted within the time frame. 5. Musical instruments are not allowed. Each Group must bring their minus-1 cassette or CD. 6. The presentation must be choreographed. 7. No additional props and decorations is allowed on the stage other than items carried by hand by the participants. 8. LCD projection will not be allowed. 9. Lights and sound coordination is permissible only if facilities are available. 10. No BB T-Shirt, no BB Uniform and no BB logo is permitted. Each team is required to produce their own costumes. The costumes should be decently presented. 11. Each team will be judged on the following categories : • Quality of Voices (50%) • Choreography (10%) • Costume (10%) • Creativity & Originality (10%) • Stage Presence (10%) • Overall Impression (10%) 12. The song rendered must be a Christian song. 13. Overall prizes will be awarded to the top five placing.
14. Subsidiary prizes will be awarded to: a. Best Vocal b. Best Choreography c. Best Costume 15. A panel of judges will be appointed by the Pesta Competitions Committee. The judge’s decision will be final. No objections or complaints shall be entertained. 16. The Pesta Competitions Committee reserves the right to make any alterations when deemed necessary prior to the competition. In such a situation, an official notice will be issued to the competing teams. 17. Please direct all enquiries to the BBM Headquarters. 18. The closing date for submission of the Pesta 2008 Singing Competitions Entry is 31 March 2008. Late entries will not be entertained. Please email your entry form to 19. A name list of the team members and, title and lyrics of the song must be submitted before 25 May 2008. Please fill up the Pesta 2008 Competition Team Information e-form. 20. Rehearsal time will be allocated at the competition venue. Actual time and procedure will be announced by the Pesta organizer. 21. Further technical details will be given two months prior to the competition.


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