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PRIZE: x5(five) Sampuoton Fish Spa Vouchers worth RM150.00 each

Fanning the F1 Fever !
In the upcoming few weeks leading up to the F1, we will be offering weekly prizes to anyone who can SPREAD THE FEVER to as many friends as possible, by sending out this article through the form given. This week we have 5(five) Sampuoton Fish Spa Vouchers worth RM150.00 each which would entitle you to an hour’s session of fish therapy! The person with the highest number of mailers sent will be awarded the prize. So get your address book out now and start sending! The name of the highest sender will appear daily on our website.

This Formula 1 season, The Sampuoton Fish Spa is a proud sponsor of the F1 fever competition. Be a part of the “Spread the Fever” competition and you could be one of ten lucky winners. Each winner is entitled to one fish spa voucher worth RM150.

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A novel way of therapy is found at Sampuoton’s fish therapy, where fishes nibble at dead skin cells and leave the skin clear and smooth. Those with rough and dry skin can unwind and let the fish perform their treatment. The fish are flown in from Turkey, they are sometimes known as Nibble Fish, Kangal Fish, Doctorfishen or even the Reddish Log Sucker. Garra Ruffa (the scientific name of the fish) is about 7.5 to 10 cms long and has a life span of a year.

The Sampuoton Fish Spa will be officially opening its doors on March 28 at Merchant Square, Tropicana. As of now, The Sampuoton Fish Spa is in launching period and offering great deal to many patrons. Two pools are available at the spa and are prepared in two separate area. Main pool is for common gender use while the other is strictly for ladies only. The common pool can accommodate 8 to 15 people. The fish therapy is conducted in an environment of serenity with lifting melodies to soothe the spirit of patrons. Therapy lasts about an hour and many people have found that with repeated treatment, rough and dry skin has been cured.

The Sampuoton Fish Spa has more than just fish therapy to offer. They also have natural herbal treatment therapies like “Aroma Massage”, “Quad Healing Hands Aroma Massage” and “Double Herbal Compress Ball Massage” using pure aroma oils. Also, The Sampuoton Fish Spa is proudly working side-by-side with the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) – Waris Herbs, to revive the ancient art of Malay tea drinking.


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