Win a Free PHP Editor


PRIZE: NuSphere PhpED 5.0 Professional for Windows, a $299 USD value
DEADLINE: 1st of April, 2008

Win a Free PHP Editor – $299 Value From Our Sponsors

Every month our sponsor, Nusphere, are giving away a copy of PhpEd (worth $299).

Limit one entry per person – multiple entries from the same IP address will be disqualified. We’ll announce the winner the first of each month – the prize is NuSphere PhpED 5.0 Professional for Windows, a $299 USD value. This popular PHP IDE features a robust PHP editor and PHP debugger – read our recent review of PhpED 5.

You still have time to enter our Mar, 2008 contest! Next winner will be announced on 1st of April, 2008

Add your resources and win prizes!!
Out newest contest is quite simple – add some resources (articles, tutorials, classes, functions, applications or hints and tips) and be in for a chance to Win unique prizes (see below for our list).

1. You must first register (using the register link above). Only one registration per person.
2. Everyone is allowed to enter (we don’t care which country you live in).
3. Multiple submissions of the same resource is not allowed. For example you cannot submit the same resource to more than one category.
4. You must be the Author of your submission (or one of the Authors).
5. Only quality resources are valid.
6. All resources submitted are subject to review and validation before appearing on the site.
7. Only submit your resources in the understanding that we have the right to publish your work on our site. Remember, you will still be the owner of the your work and all credit will be given to the Author.
8. On submitting your resources, you are automatically entered into our contest and are elligable to win prizes. However, if you do not wish to receive any prizes, you have the right to refuse. Prizes are not transferable.
9. There are not limits to resources you are allowed to submit.
10. Prizes are split as follows. 5 places are available (5 seperate winners). 1st place picks any 3 prizes from the list, 2nd and 3rd places picks 2 prizes from the remaining list, 4th and 5th places will pick 1 prize from the remaining prizes.
11. PHP-Editors reserves the right to edit the list of prizes at any time.
12. PHP-Editors reserves the right to remove users and resources from the contest for any reason seen fit by the contest admin.
13. PHP-Editors reserve the right to edit the rules in any way.
14. The closing date for the second contest is 28th Feb 2005. Future contest durations may vary.
15. OK, this is not Mandatory (it’s not a rule!), but it would help the site get better prizes in future contests. If you think this site is good – please vote for it on hotscripts (the box to vote is in the bottom of the right column of each page) – a 5 voting would help us a great deal :). Please remember, we spend a lot of time and effort on the site and contests. A good vote will help!! Many Thanks if you decide to vote for us.
Contest resource submission rules

[1] If your resource size is more than 2 MB then please follow the given instructions:

* Don’t upload your full resource code at Instead, upload a .zip file containing one or more .html/.htm file(s). The .html file(s) should describe your resource in detail and have an anchor to your resource url. Note: Name your html/htm file(s) as 1.html, 2.html, ……., n.html.

[2] If your resource type is tutorial/article/tips (< 2MB) then please follow the given instructions:

* Upload your resource(s) in either .html or .htm format (zipped) at root of zip file. You can also add .txt and/or .pdf versions of your resource in your package if you want it to appear in multiple formats (printable, portable etc). These files should also be at the root of your along with .html files. Note: Name your html/htm file(s) as 1.html, 2.html, ……., n.html.
* If you want your resource to be downloadable, put a file (containing your full resource) along with .html files and zip the whole package as and upload it. Example: If your resource contains two .html files and you want it to be in downloadable format also, your should contain 1.html, 2.html and (having both .html files) at it’s root location.

[3] If your resource type is application/class/function (< 2MB) then please follow the given instructions:

* Your uploaded zip files should contain a (containing source code) and atleast one .html/.htm file (describing your resource, functions used in resource) at it’s root location. Your uploaded zip can contain multiple html files also. Note: Name your html/htm file(s) as 1.html, 2.html, ……., n.html.

Please note our contest application is still in beta mode. If you have any problems or find any bugs, please let us know by using our contact form.


* A XBox games consol or a PlayStation 2 games consol or a GameCube games consol.*
* Zend Studio (latest version download)
* Nusphere PHPEd (latest version download)
* ActiveState Komodo
* Maguma Workbench
* PHP Arch subscription (1 years subscription)
* PHPAudit licensing solution (fully licensed).
* Template Tamer
* Core PHP Programming Book – Provided by: Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall PTR

* Please note that the games consol prizes are subject to country availability and payment methods accepted. In certain circumstances we may substitute the prize with cash or other cool prize of a similiar value.


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