Maybank 2nd “Deposit & Drive” Campaign


PRIZE: BMW + cash prizes
DEADLINE: 31 Aug 2008

Campaign Terms and Conditions
1. The Maybank 2nd “Deposit & Drive” Campaign (“the Campaign”) starts on 1 March 2008 and ends on 31 August 2008.
2. The Campaign is open to all new and existing Maybank conventional and applicable Islamic individual Savings and Current Accountholders, as well as introducers of Maybank conventional or Islamic Current Accounts. All participants must be 18 years and above as at 1 March 2008.
3. The Maybank deposit accounts eligible for the Campaign are : (1)Kawanku Savings Account (2)Basic Savings Account (3)Foreign Currency Account (4)Foreign Currency Account-i (5)Yippie (6)Yippie-i (7)Personal Current Account (8)Basic Current Account (9)Premier 1 (10)Premier Club (11)Maybank2u.Premier (12)Premier Mudharabah Account-i (13)Net Current Account-i (14)Fixed Deposit Account (15)General Investment Account-i only.
4. For joint accounts, the eligible participant will be the primary Accountholders. The number of entries will be determined on a per account basis regardless of the number of joint Accountholders in the said Savings, Current or Fixed Deposit Accounts.
5. Employees of the Maybank Group are eligible to participate in the Campaign except for Maybank employees and employees of advertising and promotions agencies and their immediate families who are directly involved in the Campaign.
6. To participate in the Campaign, new customers are required to open and deposit a minimum initial amount of RM1,000 into any of the above Maybank Savings or Current Accounts or RM10,000 into any of the above Fixed Deposit Accounts.
7. Existing customers of the above type of Savings/Current Accounts and/or Fixed Deposit Accounts are required to top-up their account with a minimum deposit of RM1,000 and/or RM10,000 respectively during the Campaign period whilst introducers are required to maintain a minimum balance of RM1,000 in their existing Maybank conventional or Islamic Current Accounts during the Campaign period and successfully introduce one new depositor (for accounts that require an introducer).
8. For every RM1,000 deposited in Savings/Current Accounts or RM10,000 deposited in Fixed Deposit Accounts, the customer shall be entitled to one entry and subsequent cumulative incremental of RM1,000 or RM10,000 respectively shall be entitled to an additional one entry each.
9. The balance in the eligible Customer’s Accounts will be ‘locked in’ every week starting from the first week of Mar 2008 (i.e. 7 March 2008) for the purpose of benchmarking to select the accounts with continuous deposit growth for the week.
10. The mechanics of the Campaign will be determined by a formulated mathematical tracking system (matrix concept).
11. Each entry will be assigned a serialised computer generated number.
12. Eligible customers will be shortlisted as potential winners based on a selection process using the matrix concept.
13. To be selected as a Weekly Prize winner, eligible customers are to maintain or increase their deposit growth throughout the Campaign period until the selection of the winner has been made.
14. For the Grand Prize, eligible customers are to show a cumulative monthly incremental deposit growth in their account during the entire duration of the 6-month Campaign period until the selection of the winner has been made.
15. In the event of a tie for the Weekly Prize, Maybank will refer to each of the participant’s previous weekly deposits to determine the participant with the highest deposit growth each week and that participant will then be declared the winner. For the Grand Prize, the participant with the highest cumulative incremental deposit growth throughout the entire Campaign period will be declared the winner.
16. Deposits can be done at any Maybank branch via Over-the-Counter deposits, Maybank Automated Teller Machines, Maybank Cash/Cheque Deposit Machines and third party transfers via mobile. Cheque deposits will only be considered subject to clearance by the Bank and credited into the said account.
17. Participants will be automatically disqualified if the deposit is done via transfer of funds from existing Maybank Current Accounts into other Maybank Savings Accounts or vice versa.
18. Any closing of the above Maybank Savings, Current Accounts or Fixed Deposit Accounts made during the entire duration of the Campaign period automatically disqualifies the participant from receiving the prize if their name has been picked as one of the winners.
19. All winners will be notified via post and their names will be published on the website.


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