EOE – My Travel Moments, Captured In Photos Competition


1st prize – 500 5R photo prints worth RM750.00
2nd prize – 300 5R photo prints worth RM450.00
3rd prize – 100 5R photo prints worth RM150.00

* Note: Winners do not have to claim the prints at one go. The prints can be claimed consecutively.

Upload – 01 March 2008 (12:00hrs) to 31 March 2008 (11:59hrs)
Voting – 31 March 2008 (12:00hrs) to 15 April 2008 (12:00hrs)

WEBSITE/URL: http://www.eoe.com.my

When you travel, fond memories are captured on photos. Why not share your favourite travel photos here with other members and your may inspire them with your breathtaking photos too! The travel photos can be anything from people to buildings; flowers to animals; once in a lifetime experience; or other photos that you have taken and are related to the travel theme. Anything weird or wonderful, share them here and win a prize!

When you upload your travel photo, it is also a requirement to outline the name of the place in your photo as part of your title so the viewers know where the particular place is. For example, Romancing in Bali; Having a splashing time at Wet ‘n Wild, Gold Coast, Shopping in Bangkok, etc

This competition will run from 12:00hrs 01 March 2008 to 12:00hrs 15 April 2008. You are able to upload your photos from 12:00hrs 01 March 2008 to 11:59hrs 31 March 2008. Voting will start from 12:00hrs 31 March 2008 to 12:00hrs 15 April 2008.


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