Mobile Content Survey


PRIZE: Free Samsung Welcome Pack
DEADLINE: 2nd of March 2008

As a member of Samsung Fun Club, we want to show our appreciation for you. In order to give you better rewards, we would like to get to know you and your likes or dislikes.

Fill in the simple survey and you’ll receive a cool Samsung Welcome Pack totally FREE!

Don’t wait a moment longer! Fill in the survey here and get this great gift!
This survey is exclusively for Samsung Fun Club members.

Terms & Conditions

– The Mobile Content survey is open from 18th of January 2008 until 2nd of March 2008.
– Complete all 23 questions on the survey to receive the Samsung Welcome Pack gift.
– Participants are entitled to only ONE gift per survey.
– Valid contact details are required to receive this gift.
– SFC reserves the right to replace the contents of the Welcome Pack without prior notice.
– Your phone GPRS/WAP access has to be activated with your respective Telco provider BEFORE you can download the WAP link. Contact your provider directly in the event of difficulties.
– Completion of the survey does not guarantee that you will receive the link as it may be interrupted by unexpected technical issues or the instability of your Telco provider.
– Mobile content downloads expire by 17th of March 2008.


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