Kindergarten Malaysia – Baby Contest – FEBRUARY

1- Receives a Gift voucher worth $200!
2- Rubber Wood Floor Easel worth RM198.90
1- Receives a Gift voucher worth $100!
2- Rubber Wood Table Top Easel worth RM83.90

DEADLINE: Monthly basis

Each month we’ll giving away prizes and gift to 9 winners of 3 categories (1st prize and 2 Consolation prizes). The first 5 Highest Vote from different group will get 15% kindergartenmalaysia’s discount Voucher . Only the monthly first winners go on to participate in our year-end Grand Finale at February 2008.

Our baby contest is not only judged on “child cuteness” but on photo ” QUALITY” . So make sure the baby photo that you enter the contest with is well taken. The photo doesn’t have to be professional, just not too dark, must be sharp, in focus, high-resolution, not a lot of clutter in the background, no red eyes, etc. Whip out that camera, snap off a bunch of photos of your child, select the best one and enter today!

Remember, a new baby photo contest is held each month…so if you don’t win your first contest, don’t worry, take some more great photos and try again. Have fun with our baby contest and good luck!

Our entry process is fast and easy.
Child’s Name :
Birthcert Number:

Parent’s Name:
Mailling Address:
Contact Number:
Email Address:

– We only accept the Jpg. and Gif. file attachment . Other’s File attachment will be disqualify.
– 1 Photo only with one entry (Must bigger than 150 KB). Please don’t send more than one photo for 1 entry.
– Submit to

Rules and Regulation :
All the votes will be contribute 40% to the final result only. The remaining 60% will be judged by the authority of Therefore the highest votes in the contest is not necessary to be the winner. The result will be announced within one week after the contest.
(YOUR 40% of votes are counted by the NUMBER of people’s vote. The percentage (%) which show on the web are not the final result . > Click to read more )
You can votes for each group picture ONCE A DAY (Every 24 Hours) .
Cheaters will be disqualified, and your votes will be removed as well as your photos at the FINAL RESULT . Lets not ruin the fun for all the other children.
Our website have a detailed statistic record that can trace and detect your source of votes. DON’T TRY TO VOTE MORE THAN ONCE with the SAME PC A DAY and .
All the winners can not entry for the next twelve months contest.
The 1st, Consolation winners of the months will be giving away with prizes from our sponsors.
Only the 1st winner will be chosen to enter the final contest.
All the participant MUST AGREE to the final decision from the authority of When or before they participate in the contest.
The authority have the absolute rights to accept, arranges, disqualify or terminate any participation before or during the contest.
Those who violating the rules and try to cheat or try to ruin the votes of other will be disqualify.
The organizer and authority of the photo contest has the absolute rights to make the final decision

Wish you all the best and enjoy the game.


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