MACtac – Worldwide Awards Contest


PRIZE: The winners in each category will win a luxury trip for two. Participants heading the list in each of the 8 geographical regions will win a weekend for two in a luxury hotel
DEADLINE: 31 January 2008

Max Linder, head of communication and marketing services for MACtac Europe, explains: “Thanks to the experience built up over a 10-year period, the MACtac Worldwide Awards are now hailed as an almost must-attend event in the visual communication sector.

We see that our pressuresensitive vinyls are used for mobile advertising, street marketing, window decoration and point-of-purchase advertising, while contributing to the “brand activation” strategy deployed by most of the leading brands. Marketing officials are keen to obtain a better return on their advertising investments so our vinyls offer a highly-valued system for producing a powerful impact at a lower cost than is the case with time-honoured media”.

All visual communication stakeholders may register to take part: graphic designers, applicators, silk screen printers, digital printers, converters, adverting agencies along with end users throughout the world. Three different panels of experts will be called upon to review the projects and award prizes to the successful entrants in the following regions: North America, Europe/Latin America and Asia/Oceania/Middle East/Africa. MACtac is staging the competition in all three regions at the same time so the entrants may be assessed on the basis of the most objective cultural and commercial criteria possible.

“The winning projects will offer an invaluable source of inspiration for our industry”, claims Max Linder, adding “They will be unveiled to the world’s B2B press, published on our Internet site and featured in our prize-winners catalogue, which is distributed to thousands of advertising agencies, designers and end users deploying or producing images for branding purposes. Now more than ever, the MACtac Worldwide Awards are facilitating a creative interchange not only between countries but also between continents.”


The MACtac Worldwide Awards – 2008 are targeted upon assignments completed in 2006 – 2007 on the basis of CAD, offset printing, digital printing or silk screen printing on MACtac®: MACmark®, IMAGin®, MACscreen® and Permacolor® products.

All makes of printers are allowed.

Details about the competition and the registration form may be viewed and downloaded from the MACtac Awards 2008 site: and are also available from all MACtac subsidiaries and distributors.

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA. The independent panel called upon to assess the entrants in each territory will do so in the light of two criteria: creative talent (the design and impact of the message) and technical performance (transformation and application capability, which will be assessed in the light of the intricacy, scale, structure and effectiveness of the project).

PANEL. Complete impartiality and professional approach of the judging panel in assessing the entries will be guaranteed as the panel for each region will comprise of independent experts selected in various fields: advertising, design, digital printing, graphic design and application techniques plus editors-in-chief working for leading magazines in the graphic industry.

PRIZES. The panel will choose a winner from each region for each of the four categories: Vehicles, External visuals, Interior visuals and Stateof- the-art techniques. For the first time, a special prize will be awarded by a leading publicist for the project believed to be the most striking and innovative. The panel will also select winners in each region without distinction of category. For the purposes of the competition, Europe has been divided into 8 regions : the Benelux countries, France, Italy/Greece/Cyprus/Turkey, Scandinavia/ Finland/Iceland, United Kingdom/Ireland, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Spain/Portugal and the East European countries (including Russia and Ukraine), plus Latin America.

The European/Latin American winners in each category will win a luxury trip for two. Participants heading the list in each of the 8 geographical regions will win a weekend for two in a luxury hotel.

The same system of rewards and prizes will apply to North America and the region comprising the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

DEADLINE. Registrations, in the form of high quality photographs (minimum 13 x 18 cm) or high-definition prints or digital files (minimum 600 dpi) must reach us no later than 31 January 2008. The winners will be notified at the end of the first quarter, 2008.


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