The Dotcom Malaysian Youth Search


PRIZE: RM20,000 and others.

The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search is the hunt to identify the hottest and most innovative website, made by youths. With thousands of Malaysian websites including blogs and portals emerging daily, we are on the lookout for owners of super cool sites, giving them recognition for their work. If you’re aged below 30 and fall under this category, submit your site today!

What is The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search?
Established in conjunction with Youth ’08 – Malaysia’s Youth Lifestyle Showcase, The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search is the hunt for websites, portals and even blogs with the ability to generate income and influence communities with an innovative factor. From a community of submitted websites, we evaluate and select the hottest entries to give recognition to technologically savvy youths working hard behind these sites.

Outcome? With The Search, you will now know the people behind the coolest sites within the Malaysian virtual space.

Why The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search?
Have you ever established & developed a site and felt like it’s stealing all the limelight from you? The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search will identify the coolest sites submitted by Malaysian youths and hunt down these technological whiz kids to give them – the people – recognition for their effort, innovative ideas and influence within the youth community.

How does The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search work?
Let’s say you’re a technological whiz kid under the age of 30 and you have a site equipped with innovative ideas eligible for entry. You submit your site for nomination, and we put your site through a process of evaluation. From here, our team will notify you whether your site qualifies for The Search – if your site is shortlisted, you may just be on your way to winning the award.

The potential of your site will be measured by its innovative features, influence on its targeted communities and the potential to generate income. The Search seeks to award the hottest websites, encompassing the following criteria:

INCOME (40%): Your site’s ability to generate potential income
INFLUENCE (40%): Your site’s influence on your target community.

Content 20%
Traffic 10%
Vote 10%

INNOVATIVE (20%): Your site’s innovativeness in ideas and personality.

User-friendliness 10%
Graphics 5%
Uniqueness 5%


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