Hitz FM – Hitz Year End Rap Up


– Your single will be produce by our very own hitz DJ Division: Jakeman, Skeletor & DJ Fuzz
– Without a doubt. guaranteed airplay on 2 of Malaysia’s biggest stations
– The hit single will be premiered and will get regular rotation on hitz.fm & will be featured on the Malaysian English Top 10 charts as well
– Your hit single will be released via caller ringtone
– & then, Get yer’self Suited-up in a sponsored gear by a leading international brand

DEADLINE: Not available
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.hitz.fm/special/rapup/default.asp

– Juz CALL da Hitz Morning Crew between 8 – 10 am
– Freestyle your own rhyme
– By All Means… NO PROFANITIES!!
– JJ & Rudy will select 10 finalists over a period of 2 weeks during their show
– Finalists are selected based on their rapping skills and creativity
– @ da Finale, Finalists will have to battle it Out & Will Then be Judged by Jakeman, Moots and a local rap artist
– REMEMBER…. Make sure that you’re not signed with any other record label.
– & last but not least… you gotta be Malaysian


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