Google – Google offers prize money for cell phone software


PRIZE: $10 million in prizes
DEADLINE: Not available

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) — Google Inc. is offering $10 million in prizes for people who build the best software to enhance the company’s upcoming cell phone operating system.

Google hopes its free cell phone software package will make it easier to surf the Web over mobile devices.

The Mountain View-based company is developing a free cell phone software package that it says will make it easier to surf the Web over mobile devices. It also will give Google more opportunities to sell ads and services.

The operating system will be based on computer code that can be openly distributed among programmers, which Google hopes will encourage developers to create new software and improvements that could spawn new uses for smart phones.

Winning offerings could encompass simple aesthetic improvements like personalized home screens or more complicated social-networking programs that merge data from the Web — such as maps or personal Web pages — with data from users’ phones — like contact information or the phones’ geographic locations.

As part of the Android Developer Challenge, a panel of judges will pick 50 winners from entries received from January 2 through March 3, 2008. In the first phase of the competition, those winners will each get $25,000 and be eligible for ten awards of $100,000 and another ten $275,000 awards.

The second phase of the competition will feature another $5 million in prize money.

Google did not specify how the applications will be judged. The company only said the winning programs will “provide consumers with the most compelling experiences.”

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  1. John Garger 13 years ago

    Can someone give me an idea whether or not I should go for a smart phone or just use a more stylish phone and wait for some better technology? I am on the Sprint network, and was referred to , but I’m not seeing any options that look like smart phones. I don’t need an MP3 player or a camera, I’d rather have a phone that is lighter and easier to carry. Any recommendations would be welcome

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