Hitz FM – The Ultimate Dragon Challenge


PRIZE: HP Pavilion HDX “Dragon” Entertainment Notebook PC
DEADLINE: Not available
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.hitz.fm/oap/07/enterthedragon/dragon_challenge.html

The Challenge
HP Pavilion HDX “Dragon” Entertainment Notebook PC is up for grabs. But first you must prove your worth before even thinking of touching the ‘Dragon’. Imagination, determination, skill and bravery are your tools for this quest.
Step 1
Register and tell us why you deserve the chance to come face to face with the Dragon.
Step 2
You + 4 other Dragon hunters will will be locked inside a Perspex box at our ground event in 1Utama with the HP Dragon Entertainment Notebook PC. You will need to complete a series of challenges to gain points.
Step 3
At the end of the 5th day, the person with the highest score will walk away with the brand new HP Dragon Entertainment Notebook PC. The remaining contestants walk away with a brand new HP iPAQ 512 Messenger.

HP dares you to enter the Dragon contest today, but can you handle it? Register immediately and find out.


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