Mocoligue – Match Predator 2007


PRIZE: Cash Prize
DEADLINE: Not available

The Match Predictor, unlike any other prediction system in the market, will need the users to understand the game in-depth. Users will have to understand team formations, league and match history, and team news before the game. Unlike most prediction games where users/subscribers were asked to predict each scores, this Match Predictor only requires the user to predict who will win the particular match.

The points calculation of the Match Predictor is aimed to ensure that the users understand and know their football. To create a level playing field for all teams in the English Premier League, a “handicap” score will be given to a lower ranked team.

Example of “handicap”
Example of Game: Chelsea vs Wigan
Match Predictor handicap: Chelsea (0) : (1½) Wigan

This would mean that Wigan is given an advantage of 1 goal for the game.

Hence, if you had selected Chelsea for in Match Predictor:
Chelsea will have to win by 2 clear goals in the EPL match for you to win the Match Predictor tie.
If Chelsea wins by 1 goal, the game will be considered a ‘draw’.
If the end result of match is a draw or if Wigan wins, then you lose the Match Predictor tie.
Subscribers can predict more than once. You will be given 5 Match Predictor credits per week with MoCoLigue.

However, the MoCoLigue system will only pick the highest points collected from any one set of predictions made per match day. The prediction will be calculated as per match day total points.

Match Predictor points are calculated as follows:

Result Points
Win 5 Pts
Draw 0 Pts
Lose -3 Pts

Increase your Match Predictor credits with the new TOP-UP function in the Main Menu, Get additional 5 Match Predictor credits immediately into your Fantasy Team funds at the cost of only RM1.


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