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DEADLINE: 31 August 2007
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.hitz.fm/oap/07/hitz_liedetector/default.asp

Remember the lie detector test that Ben Stiller had to go through to prove his worth to Robert De Niro in Meet The Parents? Remember how funny the entire scene was? How can you forget?

That’s what JJ & Rudy wants to create this coming August as Malaysia celebrates its 50th independence by exposing the truth, or lie, whichever way you see it, of Malaysians in the same wacky vein as Meet The Parents. It’s the next big thing after Gotcha calls.

If you’ve always wanted to know if your other half had ever cheated on you or if your parents played favorites, is Ean REALLY going out with Azura or even the most basic question – do you even care about celebrating the nation’s 50th birthday or are you just going with the flow – then, put yourself to the test and strap on the Polygraph Machine. You normally have to commit a crime or pay BIG BUCKS before you can even use the service but its free with JJ and Rudy.

All you need to do is register HERE. For the 1st week, JJ & Rudy will put local celebs and friends to the test and everyday for the next 3 weeks, JJ & Rudy will put a pair of listeners to the test and expose them to Malaysians. All listeners who go through the polygraph test will automatically be paid RM1000. TRUST us, it’ll be the talk of the town! And we’re not LYING!


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