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PRIZE: Becoming In-demand music video director
DEADLINE: 1 November 2007
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.p2bchi.com/site/content/view/13/56/

Where am i? Home Competitions P2BChi / MTV video competition Create a music video and win!!!
Create a music video and win!!!

If you’re into being the next Wong kar-wai or the next big film director from Asia then listen to the debut single [see below] from Scott Hui, youngest son of Canto-Pop legend Sam Hui, and create and produce a video for it.
Scott will vote for the best video and MTV will screen it.
Who knows where it might lead?
You could start off your film career by suddenly becoming an in-demand music video director.
The late great Godfather Of Soul James Brown once sang, “I’m Black And I’m Proud.” Right on!
Now, we’re asking you to show your true colours and tell us why you’re Proud To Be Chinese or what makes you appreciate Chinese Pride.
It’s a creative dim sum exchange programme that could make you the next Jay Chou or the new Wong kar-wai.

To enter the competition simply login into P2BChi and Post a Video, from the menu above, into the MTV competition category, by posting a video you are agreeing to abide the competitions terms and conditions .

Videos should be uplaoded as .flv (flash) files


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