The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge


PRIZE: Prize money totalling of RM38,900
DEADLINE: 3 August 2007

Participants of the Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge are guided by the the rules of conduct mostly based on the international standards set by The Billfish Foundation and The International Game Fish Association.

The most important rule is that the competition is based on the concept of catch and release.

It is an eco-friendly sport, in line with international standards and practices for billfish fishing tournaments and competitions.

1. All participants, boatman and marshalls must know fully and comply with the rules of the competition. Participation in the competition represents a full acknowledgement and acceptance of the rules. The competition is held in accordance to IGFA regulations and tailored to local requirements.

2. RPBIC’s 2007 competition is open only to those who have registered with the Competition Committee. Boats will be provided by the organiser. Every private boat to be used for the competition must be referred to the organiser.

3. All participants must attend a briefing on the competition to be held at 5pm on Friday, August 3, 2007 (Friday) at Serai, Lanjut. Absentees will be deemed to have automatically accepted and duly comply with all instructions stated at the briefing.

4. Registration will be conducted on August 3 and the competition will take place on August 4 and 5, 2007. The Competition Committee holds the right to postpone or stop the competition in the event of weather problems or security concerns. Boats provided by the organiser and subsequently damaged will be replaced but with limited compensation.

5. Prize money totalling of RM38,900 will be offered to winners in both the Team Category and Individual Category.

6. Participants can register individually or collectively in groups of three.

7. Individual participants will be grouped with other individuals to form a team. Each team will fish in the same boat over the two day period of the competition. Each boat will carry a marshall and a boatman/skipper.

8. Each participant or team must bring their own fishing equipment (two fishing rods per participant). It is also compulsory for each participant or team to bring a digital camera or video camera and mobile phone (013 and 019). Each participant, marshal and boatman/ skipper shall be dressed in proper attire in accordance with socially accepted practices and customs. This is to reflect the competition as prestigious and of international standard.

9. Fishing time will be the contest period. Boats will depart from Kampung Pantai Bernas Jetty at 8 am and return to the same jetty at 5 pm (Saturday). On Sunday, participants can leave before 8 am but must return before 4 pm. Catches of participants who come in late on both days, will NOT be considered. However, late arrivals due to technical reasons will be given due consideration. The prize presentation ceremony and Victory Dinner will be held at 7 pm, 5th August 2007 (Sunday) at Serai, Lanjut.

10. Fishing will be in the area stated (refer map appendix waters) as directed by The Fisheries Department. Participants who exceeds the stated limit will be disqualified. The only fishing methods allowed are: by deferral (trolling), drift (drifting), balloon float (floating) and throwing (casting). Participants who fish by any other method than those mentioned, will be disqualified. Participants are advised to behave positively, compromise and be considerate towards other participants in order to avoid any animosity.

11. Participants are permitted to:
a). Use mono line or braided line not exceeding 130 pound. The use of leader line however is discretionary.
b). Can install circle hook for using lure or live bait.
c). Lures are encouraged to be used but with one hook (single hook).
d). Compulsory skirt may use one hook (single hook).
e). The use of triple hook for skirts, is prohibited.

12. The competition is only for catches of sailfish and marlin based on the concept of catch and release. Each sailfish will be rewarded 600 points and 1,000 points for marlin. The winner will be determined based on individuals and teams with the highest cumulative points. Other species of fishes caught can be brought back except any species of sharks, which must be released. Catches of other species of fishes will be recorded. Participant who brings back their catches of sailfish and marlin to the jetty, will be disqualified.

13. Fishes will be considered as caught and released when:
a). Team member or boatman/skipper managed to hold the fish’s beak.
b). Hook, line and bait taken off or cut from the mouth of the fish.
c). Picture of the fish and participant’s tag must be recorded.

14. The sailfish and marlin caught willl be recorded by the marshal. The marshal is also responsible for taking photographs of the fish and angler before the fish is released within 3 minutes. Time of the catch and type of fish caught must be recorded by the marshal and/or boatman or skipper.

15. The marshall will also record the time of fishing, the time when the fish is caught and landed as well as those which escaped. The marshal and team must report themselves to the secretariat on reaching the jetty and hand over all documents and digital cameras to be recorded by the panel of judges.

16. Each team can submit any amount of catches for the Team Category but the same fish owned by the individual is not eligible to be nominated for the Team Category.

17. 600 points will be deducted from the team total and/or individual for actions that may cause other teams or individuals to lose their catch. (example: boat violates or cuts fishing line or disrupts other participants.)

18. Any protest must be accompanied by supporting evidence and can be submitted to the Regulation Panel. A deposit of RM500 for each protest is required before the official counter is closed for the day. The protest fee is not refundable if the allegation is determined to have been false or unfounded. A panel of three judges will determine all decisions.

19. In the event of a tie in points awarded in either the team or individual, the winner will be decided by the earliest time recorded of the catch.

20. For any other queries or emergency please contact the secretariat which will be stationed at the Kampung Pantai Bernas Jetty.


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