Tribe Toyota's Onlne Carnival


PRIZE: Sony Vaio Laptop, Sony DVD Handycam, DVD player and more.
DEADLINE: 14 Sept 2007

There are three (3) trial rounds for the game and one (1) final round after that, when the participant’s score will be recorded. One gameplay round lasts for 60 seconds. The submitted score is final. Participants will not be able to replay the game.

Participants have to shoot all the items that appear at random. A baseball scores 50 points. A teddy scores 20 points. Tin cans score 5 points.

Only one (1) total score is recorded for one (1) participant.

This score will be ranked with those of other participants’ to determine standings and consequently, the prize awarded.
If the browser is closed in the middle of a game, that 60-second round will start again when you return.

  1. CHAN YOKE HIOK 12 years ago

    very good

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