OCBC Cash Financing-i Air Asia travel vouchers worth RM150


PRIZE: Air Asia travel vouchers worth RM150
DEADLINE: Vouchers are available to the first 2,000 customers with financing amount of RM15,000 and above, upon disbursement.
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.ocbc.com.my/personal-banking/Islamic/MYPer_Isl_CashFinancing-i.shtm?bcid=M6_C3_S2

Cash so quick, anything’s possible!

When speed is of the essence, there’s a personal
financing facility just for you – OCBC Cash Financing-i*.

So snap up that great offer on a new car. Make a downpayment for a fast-selling property. Plan the wedding of your dreams. Or grab a bargain of a holiday package at the latest travel fair. Sign up quick to do it all. Apply now and you stand a chance to get Air Asia travel vouchers worth RM150 free^!

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    Yes it is very good.

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