Hitz Hunt Bid


PRIZE: CD, movie merchandise, and cash prizes.
DEADLINE: 25 July 2007
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.hitz.fm/05/special/hitz_huntbid/contest.asp

Here’s your chance to win cool money-can’t-buy stuff from hitz.fm without worrying about getting through on the phone, no SMSes, no mind-boggling trivia questions and best of all no slogans!

All you need to do is surf the hitz.fm website and collect as many hidden (or obvious) hitz logos – to redeem points for each logo.

Collect as many points as possible and then bid for any item you want. There will be 2 items up for bid each day. One item will be shown and the other will be a mystery prize. If you’re brave enough, then bid for the mystery prize! As they said, no guts no glory!

There are CDs, movie merchandise, hitz.fm limited merchandise and best of all, cash prizes too. So make your way around the hitz website and start your hunt and bid mission now!


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