AXN Ultimate Escape Contest


PRIZE: Embark on an all-expense paid luxury holiday with a twist.
DEADLINE: 17 Aug 2007


  1. KIM MARTINEZ 13 years ago

    I really enjoyed watching your show……keep it up guys!!! hope someday that I’ll be one of your contestant…..

  2. Mary Joyce 12 years ago

    Ultimate escape is really one of the best ever. I really love watching it and the thing is i envy those guys who were chosen to be a part of the show. i really love it so much and how i wish i and my friend can also join the “ULTIMATE ESCAPE CHALLENGE” it’s one of our dream.Good luck and good job.PERFECT

  3. joycee 12 years ago

    Good day! I am from Philippines and I found ultimaTe esCAPE fun and interesting.Me and my husband would like to join in to this contest,but we dont know how?
    I am 26 and my husband is 36, and we assure you that we can contribute to the success of this show.
    We used to work on a ship but we want to try to be pampered and be on a limelight,no matter whaT WILL BE THE CHALLENGE.
    We want to experience something challenging.
    Hope we are qualified for this show.Thanks and God bless!

  4. Hwee Ling 11 years ago

    Hi Ultimate Escape, this is a really nice program, watch a few times, really interesting me and my boyfriend love travels, the only country that he been to before is Singapore and we are from Malaysia, his birthday is coming in August, hope we are 1 of the couple that you will choose, Thanks!!

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