ASTRO Puthaiyalai Thedi Interactive Quiz Show SMS


PRIZE: Cash prizes
DEADLINE: 31st January 2008

The Contest is based on the show Puthaiyalai Thedi (“the Show”) which is scheduled to be broadcasted over the Astro Vaanavil Channel every Monday to Friday from 1400hrs to 1500hrs during the Contest Period (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Scheduled Broadcasting Time”).

The Contest times during the Contest Period shall be during the Scheduled Broadcasting Time or such other time that Astro shall decide from time to time.
\The Contest is open to Malaysian and Brunei citizens only and who are also subscribers of prepaid and post-paid services of Maxis, DiGi and Celcom providing Short Messaging System (“SMS”) services and/or Telekom Malaysia fixed line users (collectively referred to as “Participants”). However, calls made using call cards (for example Ring Ring Card) via Telekom Malaysia fixed lines will not be accepted.

To enter the Contest, the Participant must tune in during the Scheduled Broadcasting Time of the Show and the Participant will then have to register for the Contest by:
* SMS: Keying in PTT and send it to 32777.
* Fixed line: Calling 13774. Available only to Telekom Malaysia fixed line users.

Astro reserves the right to determine which registered Participant i.e. the first 100th Participant selected from either the SMS entry or the Fixed Line entry, will be called back by the host of the Show or any authorised representative of Astro on the mobile number / fixed line number used to register. Astro will attempt up to three (3) telephone calls to contact the Participant.

Where the Participant is not contactable, Astro will have the sole and absolute discretion to select the next eligible Participant.

Where the Participant is successfully contacted by Astro or any authorised representative of Astro (“Contestant”), the Contestant will be asked to answer a question as shown during the Show correctly.

If the Contestant answers the question wrongly, then the host of the Show or any authorised representative of Astro will call the next eligible Participant on the mobile number / fixed line number used to register.

Once a Contestant answers a question wrongly, to participate again, the Contestant needs to reregister.

For the programme Puthaiyalai Thedi, if the Contestant answers a question correctly, then the Contestant will be eligible to participate in a bonus round, if any, to win extra cash prizes or any other prizes as announced by the host.

Employees of ASTRO ALL ASIA NETWORKS plc, MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn. Bhd. (“Astro”) and its subsidiaries and affiliates, sponsors, agencies, dealers, retailers and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this Contest.

The Participants shall be permitted to participate in the Contest via the use of their mobile phones and Telekom Malaysia fixed lines only.

Participants under the age of eighteen (18) must seek parental and/or guardian approval before participating in the Contest. Astro considers it the responsibility of parents and/or guardian to monitor their children’s participation in this Contest.

Where applicable, Participants must obtain consent from the bill payers before participating in the Contest. Payment shall be made irrespective of whether such charges were authorised by the bill payer. For the purposes herein the term “bill payer” shall mean the individual, company or entity specified in the registration or subscription form whose application for the relevant service has been approved and accepted by the service provider.


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