FrenClub – MyReplica Contest


PRIZE: Weekly prize RM198 worth of MyReplica x 1 winner x 12 weeks = RM 2,376.00
DEADLINE: 31 August 2007

New Promotion! Try it out now! Just upload your best picture and you are ready to go.

This program is open to all Frenclub members, members can now personalize their profile with photo and also could stand a chance to win a special mini cute replica, as designed according to the photo they uploaded as part of their profile during the MMS promotion period.

How to win?

Winner(s) selection will be based on the frequency of his/her uploaded photo being retrieved by other Frenclub members and/or chat usage spent during the promotion month. There will be 1 winner per week.

Weekly prize RM198 worth of MyReplica x 1 winner x 12 weeks = RM 2,376.00

Weekly winner will be selected by the system on Sunday night at 12:00 midnight.

Member can only win once for each category of prizes. For example, a member can only win one weekly prize throughout the promotion period.

All winners will be notified via SMS and details published in Frenclub website.

Weekly prizes (in the form of toy) can be collected from IGM Mobile office or courier service can be arranged upon request


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