Flying remote-controlled (RC) Aircraft Competition

1st : RM500
2nd : RM300
3rd : RM200
DEADLINE: 29 July 2007

A CONTEST for flying remote-controlled (RC) aircraft will be held for hobbyists to pit their skills against each other.

The contest, organised by Ipoh Timur MCA and sponsored by Lahad Kinta Sdn Bhd, will be held at the Lahat Mines Resort in Ipoh on July 29.

Organising chairman Chew Wai Mun said the competition would be divided into four categories.

The first two categories are for remote-controlled aeroplanes while the last two are for remote-controlled helicopters.

The first category is called fun fly for remote-controlled aeroplanes while the second is for the inter-mediate and expert level.

As for the remote-controlled helicopters, Chew said there would be a sprint race and the other was a fun fly event.

The top three winners will receive RM500, RM300 and RM200 respectively.

The entry fee for each participant is RM10 per category.

Those interested in taking part are advised to register as early as possible.

For further details, call Chew at 012-5182902.


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