Sony Alpha Community Photo Contest


PRIZE: 3 x SAL100M28 Macro Lens which is also suitable for shooting ultra sharp portraits
DEADLINE: 20 July 2007

The theme is “Self-Portraits”. Your single submission must have the following 3 elements:

1. Your own image (Can be partially covered by your A100, if you like)
2. You A100 camera.
3. Testimonial about why you love your A100.

The 3 winners will appear as part of our press ad.

Sony Alpha Community Photo Contest Rules

Welcome to the Sony Alpha Community Photo Contest! This contest has been designed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. To help achieve that goal, we have created some simple rules below.

All photos on the Sony Alpha Community website, including the Sony Alpha Community Photo Contest, are copyright of their respective owners. Please do not violate copyrights. Please respect the creative works of others.

If you would like to use the photos for any reason, please contact the copyright owner listed under each photo.


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