Happy 100 Days!

Hi there :). Its our 100 days anniversary of eMenang! The site was first started on a very fine Saturday morning, March 31, 2007. It is 100 days from the start date to the end date, end date included or 3 months, 9 days including the end date. 100 days can be converted to one of these units:

* 8,640,000 seconds
* 144,000 minutes
* 2400 hours
* 14 weeks (rounded down)

Wow! More than 8 million seconds have passed since my first posting. Hope you are having a great time in here. During these 100 days, a lot of progress has been made. We now have a new looks on our contest portal main page. This is the fastest loading time and less intrusive web page that I’ve ever design. Less than 10 days ago, a major upgrade on forum had taken place. Glad I’ve made the right decision despite all concern from other forum members. Now more Malaysian has started to interact and not reluctant to voice their thought on our contest forum. Kudos to all of you for helping to build our comper community.

What is my Next Plan for eMenang?

Between 2-4 weeks from now, Google will carry out the quarterly PageRanking (PR) evaluation and I’m doing my best to achieve the highest PR as possible for our contest portal. Currently eMenang does not have any Pagerank (PR0) because it is still a new site on the World Wide Web. I am targeting to get between PR2-PR4 for eMenang. Why PR is so important? PR is the milestone of website achievement. We distinguish the quality of our website with others based on PR. In another words, with higher PR, we are more recognized. Only then, more people will start to notice us and join our contest community. With higher PR too, I am hoping we can attract more advertiser and offer higher value of emenang Point (eP) back to our contest community. There are few ways you can help this site to gain a better PR. You can add a links back to www.emenang.com on your personal blog or website. If you really love us, you can also blog about eMenang like some other nice members had done for us in the last few weeks.

You Guys Simply The Best!

Actually I have been maintaining this site all by myself for a while now (Sorry for hiding it from you guys for sometimes). I prefer to use ‘me and my team’ in my posting because I always feel that you are part of my team. Even if it may just be an idea or comment, I’ve already considered you as part of my team. Few good peoples has help me to get this started and I am fortunate to have your support. I’ll try my best to ensure that all your hard work is not gone to waste. Most of my x-teammate are students and now they have to continue back with their education & some has started with their first job. I wish each and everyone of you the best in many more years to come!!! Eversogood, thank you for your endless effort in moderating our contest forum. You have done an outstanding job in helping our forum alive and I have no idea how repay your kindness. To Deering, Teresa, Longlivemusic and other contest contributor, I don’t know how you guys did it, but you guys manage to pull it off. All of you simply amazed me with a brand new contest every single day. I just wanted you to know that you are doing a very good deed to the public and you should be proud of yourself. A lot of people out there is living much better now with their friends & family because of you. They wouldn’t be able to enjoy their winning prize if its not because of your hard effort in sharing and building our contest community.

I guess that all for now. I’ll share with you on how eMenang score on the next PR session. Please pray for us.. 🙂



ps/ Oh yup. Almost forgotten. Any idea on how we all can celebrate our anniversary of 100 days? Perhaps our own eMenang contest? Please do share it with me.. I’m always open to suggestion and idea 🙂

  1. Satish Talim 15 years ago

    My best wishes.

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