The Star/RAM Entertainment – Hooked On You Contest

20 x limited edition Hooked On You aprons worth RM100 each
30 complimentary movie passes (each pass admits 2)

DEADLINE: 8 July 2007

Contest Description
Answer these questions and complete a slogan.

1. What is the name of Eason Chan’s character in ‘Hooked On You’?
2. Who directed ‘Hooked On You’?

Slogan : “I like Miriam Yeung’s character in ‘Hooked On You’ because ………… (in not more than 25 words)”

Email your entries to : together with your persoanl details (full name, IC number, mailing address, email, mobile phone and house phone numbers). Title your email subject as ‘Hooked On You/The Star Contest’.

From StarTwo, 26 June 2007

1 Comment
  1. Corinne E'Dda 10 years ago

    I want to see Wong Cho Lam because of he looks like my eldest brother, who is always make me smile as well as joked me when i depressed.

    On the other way, there are point to me appreciate Wong Cho Lam is he would like to be funny man and bring a lot happiness to audiences from his comedies.

    In my personal opinion, Wong Cho Lam could be the best ideal boyfriend to girls included me from his personality and the kind he is. So that i would be very expected to meet him once in my life.

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