Mix FM – Malaysia Mega Sale Shopaholic Contest

PRIZE: Cash Prize RM800 or RM500
DEADLINE: 15 July 2007
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.mix.fm/oap/07/mix_megasale_shopaholic/default.asp

Contest Description
This 25th June – 15th July, MIX fm is helping the Shopaholic Anonymous Club track down Malaysia’s most compulsive shopaholics during this Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival.

You, as a MIX fm listener have to stop this shopaholic from indulging in too much shopping. In return, this shopaholic will reward you by giving up his / her cash up to RM800 each time. It is really up to you to HELP this Shopaholic! The faster you catch them, the more money you’ll win!

During the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, tune in to MIX fm to get clues on the whereabouts of the MIX fm Mega Shopaholics.

Hint: There is more than one shopaholic lurking around the shopping malls in Malaysia!!!

How do we know? Well, we have “planted” a tracking device on them and can vaguely provide clues to their whereabouts.

Once you spot or think you have spotted the MIX fm Mega Shopaholic, all you need to do is approach him/her and ask “Are you the MIX fm Mega Shopaholic?”

If the answer is yes, you WIN RM800 Cash, all thanks to Tourism Malaysia. In addition to that, if you are a Maxis subscriber, you will be able to win yourself an additional RM250 shopping voucher. But you have to be quick! If you can catch the Shopaholic fast enough before the cash is spent, you win the full amount of RM800. Otherwise, you win RM500 after the 2nd clue is announced.

The search of the MIX fm Mega Shopaholic happens TWICE a day from Mondays to Sundays so get your ears peeled to MIX fm and win yourself loads of CASH to shop this Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival.

The MIX fm Mega Shopaholic with Tourism Malaysia, in conjunction with the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival’ from 16 June to 2 Sept.


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