1st Malaysia Online Sports Contest 2007

PRIZE: US$ 500
DEADLINE: 1st – 30th June 2007
WEBSITE/URL: www.lucky2u.com


First online sports games.Bring you real life experiences in the management of a variety of sports online according to real world events

We are pleased to inform you that we have officially launched Lucky2U Online Sports Competition 1st time in Malaysia.

The 1st round of competition will take place from 1st June 2007 to 30th June 2007.

Everyone is eligible to participate in this competition. Registration and participation is FREE. What’s more there are great prizes to be won !

The competition is very simple, you predict the outcome of an event and if your prediction matches the actual outcome of that event, you then gain Extra Lucky Points. At the end of the game cycle we determine who are the 3 lucky ones (Top 3 highest Lucky Points) to receive the prizes. Everyone starts with 2000 Lucky Points.

We offer all types of events to suit your interests ranging from predicting the results of all popular sports e.g football, basketball, golf, tennis to general predictions e.g beauty contests, presidential elections, winners of film/music awards, winners of reality shows to some really peculiar events like what color of underwear is President Bush wearing today Laughing

Start collecting your Lucky Points today and thank you for your continuous support!


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