Trip for 2 to Mauritius
3 pcs of POC Tee
3 pcs of Ladies Halter Neck
3 pcs of Pallas PIRATES 3 branded shoes
3 pcs of POC Bandana

DEADLINE: 27 May 2007
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.8tv.com.my/english/contest.asp?id=78

Contest Description

This contest is available in English language only.

Players key in POTC and send to 33838 to participate in contest.

Players are required to register their name and ic no prior to start of contest.

Upon successful registration, players will obtain 5 questions from 2 different pools of questions. Question 1 – 3 will be based on the movie while question 4 & 5 will be based on 8TV.

Players who answer each question correctly will be awarded 5 points.

Players w ho achieve the highest points and ranking at the end of the contest will win the respective prizes. (*Term & conditions apply. Please refer to general T&C on Winners Selection).

Players can check their ranking by sending POTCRANK to 33838.

Players may participate in contest as many times as they wish.

Each MT’s are charged at RM1.00.

Cost to play one entire round of contest is RM 9.00, subsequent play is RM 6.00. (Not inclusive of each SMS cost sent in by player).

Contest is available for Maxis (012,017), Digi (016) & Celcom (019,013) mobile customers only.

Contest Promo on 8TV In house program.

Winner’s prize redemption and details will be taken care by 8TV.

N-Visio to provide contest report and winners details.

Special Note:

All players must wait for an MT (outgoing SMS from the SMS contest game server) for each MO (incoming SMS to the server) before proceeding to send in another MO. Players found not adhering to that rule at any time, will risk disqualification, barring or losing his/her prize.

In case of any delay or players not receiving MT at anytime during office hours, please contact 8TV interactive team. No refund will be entertained if players continue sending MO even when there’s no MT received at anytime during contest duration, unless instructed otherwise by 8TV or the SMS contest itself.

To preserve fair game play, all winners will be subjected to a credit check with the telcos, and an audit to ensure that they are charged for every single chargeable MT that they should have received en route to winning. If a discrepancy is discovered, the winner will risk disqualification and will subsequently lose his/her standing and associated prize(s). No correspondence or appeal will be entertained.

Any contestant found cheating or attempting to cheat, will risk disqualification, barring or losing his/her prize. Cheating in this context is defined as any effort made, consciously or accidentally, to deviate from the standard and expected progression and technique of playing any SMS contest by 8TV. No notice of disqualification or barring will be given to those found cheating or attempting to cheat.

ONE Winner is entitle to win ONE Prize only.

Winner of one contest is not eligible to win any other competition within a 30 day period & if in any case where there the same person wins another contest, it is at 8TV’s discretion to determine his/her eligibility.


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