Subang Parade – Shop For Your School

1st – RM22,000 worth of prizes + 800 gift packs
2nd – RM10,000 worth of prizes + 500 gift packs
3rd – RM8,000 worth of prizes +300 gift packs
4th – 6th – RM3,000 worth of prizes each
7th – 8th – RM2,000 worth of prizes each
9th – 10th – RM1,000 worth of prizes each
Remaining Schools
RM500 worth of prizes each

DEADLINE: 24 June 2007

Contest Description

1) Participation is restricted to schools that have accepted the terms and conditions of the promotion and have registered using the official entry form provided by Subang Parade.

2) Only receipts for purchases from Subang Parade’s tenants will be accepted.

3) Only receipts dated during the promotional period are eligible.

4) Receipts will only be accepted at the Guest Services Desk during operating hours of the Centre between 10.30am – 9.45pm.

5) Only original receipts will be accepted for submission. Participants are not permitted to collect receipts off the floor, waste bins or approach other customers for receipts as this practice will jeopardise the Schools’ continued participation in this promotion.

6) Shop for Your School commences on 27 April 2007 (Friday) and concludes on 24 June 2007 (Sunday). All receipts must be submitted by 9.45pm on 24 June 2007.

7) The winning school will be the one which has accumulated the highest score during this period in accordance to the points table, and has adhered to all the rules and regulations of this promotion.

Cool All winning schools will be notified via telephone and mail.

9) The 1st prize for the school with the highest points scored within the duration of the competition will receive RM22,000 worth of prizes + 800 gift packs. 2nd; RM10,000 worth of prizes + 500 gift packs. 3rd; RM8,000 worth of prizes + 300 gift packs. 4th – 6th; RM3,000 worth of prizes each. 7th – 8th; RM2,000 worth of prizes each. 9th – 10th; RM1,000 worth of prizes each. Remaining Schools; RM500 worth of prizes each

10) All participating schools will receive RM500 in prizes. The top 10 schools are ineligible to claim this prize.

11) In the event of a draw, the respective prize allocations will be divided equally between the winners.

12) The decision of the Management is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

13) Entry forms must be submitted via fax before 26 March 2007, 6pm. Late entries will not be considered.

14) Participants are informed that they will be participating at their own risk & discretion. The management will not be liable for any claims or damages. All participants will accept these terms & conditions without making any claims whatsoever against the management during and after this promotion.


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