Zombie Gaming Picture Contest!

PRIZE: Resident Evil T-Virus, and Cure replicas
DEADLINE: Midnight June 1st 2007

Undeadgames.com and BlackwellFX.com Present the Zombie Gaming Picture Contest.

The rules are simple send us a picture of you zombified holding or playing your favorite zombie game. The entries will be judged and the winner will receive Resident Evil T-Virus, and Cure replicas provided by www.blackwellfx.com. This is a great way to get your hands on some nice zombie props, and to impress your friends. Runner up, and 2nd runner up prizes will be given prizes but we are still in the process of getting those. 1st Prize

All submissions will be judged on quality and originality. Those are both at the discretion of the judges. The photo MUST be of yourself, and you must be “zombified” in some way. The contests last day is Midnight June 1st 2007. No submissions will be accepted after that. If you have any questions or comments please post them here or in the forums.

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