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Hi again. It’s been a while since I’ve revisited my webmaster blog and for some people they might have been wondering what is the latest update or news regarding our Malaysian Contest Community site, emenang.com. I thank you for your patience and without further a due, I’m presenting to you our latest news.

Today is eMenang.com first month anniversary. Yup, we are 1 month old now. Hehe. Until now, we have made major revamp on our main page and it will keep be improve from time to time. We also have migrated our blog to a new link. Our old contest blog will no longer be updated starting 27 April 2007.  I shall use this new blog site to accommodate our die hard compers demand that has requested a much better and simpler version of blog site. This new blog site is the result of your feedback and we hope you will enjoy it. It will be less cluttered and load faster than before. You can even manage subscription of each article and comment so you can also monitor the development of this site.

I have also introduce a widget at the main page and it is based on the RSS Feed of this blog. In another word, each time this blog is updated, you will see the summary of latest article automatically on our main page.  For those who are having problem to view the latest article, please do let me know or send an email to me at admin[@]emenang[dot]com.

To keep the main page interactive, I have also  introduce a Fun Poll of the month. This poll is open to all and you don’t have to register to vote. That’s not all, eMenang forum member will have an opportunity to decide what would be the topic for Fun Poll of the month. Well this is your chance to ask those thing that you always wanted to know about contest.

Not to forget our 3rd edition of newsletter. I have uplift the looks and contents of bi-weekly contest highlight newsletter and you can expect it to arrive at your mailbox by 1st May 2007. All I can say is that this newly improved newsletter will contain 1 contest article and 6 hottest contests for you to enter.

At this moment, we already have 690 articles published in the forum and  we are reaching 200 registered members (I know some is spammer but I’ll try to solve this issue within the next few weeks). I am proud to share that on average, at least 5 new contest per day will be posted and I hope this will increase your winning chances too.

I guess thats all for now and as usual, may luck be with you!


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