The Star – Fiabci Property Contest 2007 Week 1

TITLE: The Star – Fiabci Property Contest 2007 Week 1
RM 5000 Cash
18 Apr 2007

Terms & Conditions

1. This contest is brought to you by FIABCI Malaysian Chapter.
2. This contest is open to all Malaysians aged 18 years and above, except the employees of FIABCI Malaysian Chapter, The Star, AKN Messaging Technologies Berhad and Sponsors of the particular week.
3. Winner chosen will be based on correct answers and best tagline. Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
4. The weekly winner will be announced in The Star.
5. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable.
6. 100 all-correct entries selected based on best taglines will be eligible for the Grand Final Draw at One Utama Shopping Centre – New Wing on 11th August 2007 (Saturday). The registration will start from 2 pm to 4 pm.
7. Late comer will not be entertained and the organiser will not be responsible for any complaint as a result of undelivered event notification.

* Week One starts from 12th April 2007 until noon, 18th April 2007

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  1. MiC 14 years ago

    When i read the mechanics for the final draw..I can’t help feeling the terms and conditions are slightly deceiving. The contest mechanics outlined “100 all-correct entries selected based on best taglines” will be eligible for the Grand lucky draw. But the fact is not 100 from all the 15 weeks…Is 100 finalist every week are eligible. Why can’t they outlined the word ‘weekly’ ? So if all turn up for the grand draw..then it will be like 1500 ppl in the grand draw…not 100 people as perceived…. The organizer should be a bit more transparent and careful when specifying such terms in future.. example : All 100 -correct entries with best taglines weekly are eligible for the grand draw. Isn’t that much clearer???

  2. admin 14 years ago

    Indeed. It would be much better if they announce it properly in the first place. 1500 participants is a lot of number for the Grand lucky draw. Did you mane to get into the finalist? Wishing you all and everyone the best!

  3. MiC 14 years ago

    ya.. I am one of the weekly finalist…but I’ll give it a skip…1 out of 1500 chance is so slim….I pity those outstation finalist who will be attending thinking they are competing with 99 other finalist instead of the actual 1500 for the grand draw. I also received a sms stating “You are one of the 100 finalist eligible for the grand draw.”.It is so clear they are using their marketing tactic to deceive the people…unfortunately, I’m not able to find out who is the actual organizer for this contest. no phone num or contact..if not, i’d call and complain…

    I think is just one of their stunt to get more audience…

  4. admin 14 years ago

    Hmm.. very sad to see this thing happen to you. Perhaps there is other channel that you can use to voice out this situation? Maybe email to them? All in all, I still wish you win a lot of prizes in the future. Good luck my fren!

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