Anime Evolution 2007 AMV (Anime Music Video) Contest

Anime Evolution 2007 AMV (Anime Music Video) Contest
Grand Prize Winners:

* Judges’ Best Overall Video
* Audience’s Best Overall Video

All the category awards will be chosen by a panel of judges as determined by the Anime Music Video Coordinator. The two grand prize winners will be chosen by the judges (Judges’ Best Overall Video) and by the audience at the screening event (Audience’s Best Overall Video) by Ballot during the contest finalist showing.
22 June 2007

The Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest is a chance for fans to showcases their creative talents in the form of music videos and is open to anyone who may wish to enter, both amateur and professional. The contest will be screened in front of a live audience at Anime Evolution where the winners of the contest will be announced.

In order to make the contest as fair as possible and the categories more suited to the entries received, the 5 categories that all entries will compete in will be determined after the submission deadline by the AMV Contest Coordinator based on the categories suggested by the entries. To this effect, the entry from will have selections of categories that each creator may chose from that best fits each of their videos entered. The final categories will be posted sometime after the submission deadline once they have been determined.

Anime Music Video Contest Submission Form PDF (198 KB)

The winners will be comprised of the following:

Category Winners:
Five categories will be determined after the submission deadline and will be posted. This may include, but is not limited to the following:

* Romance
* Sentimental or Dramatic
* Action
* Horror
* Upbeat-Dance
* Comedy
* Parody or Fun

Grand Prize Winners:

* Judges’ Best Overall Video
* Audience’s Best Overall Video

All the category awards will be chosen by a panel of judges as determined by the Anime Music Video Coordinator. The two grand prize winners will be chosen by the judges (Judges’ Best Overall Video) and by the audience at the screening event (Audience’s Best Overall Video) by Ballot during the contest finalist showing.

It is desirable to have all accepted entries into the contest shown at the screening, but because of time constraints and the total amount of entries that may be received, this may not be possible. Therefore if required, all accepted entries will be pre-judged by a panel of judges and the finalist will be screened at the contest event. All entries however will be shown at the convention at the AMV room on Sunday. Please note that this may change depending on the total amount of entries received, but all efforts will be made to ensure every entry is shown during the coarse of the convention to the audience.

All entries must meet all the general and submission rules as state below. Entries must be received (be in our hands) by Friday, June 22, 2007. It is desirable to have all entries uploaded via the Contest FTP site, but Entries may also be mailed via the regular postal system to the following address:

Anime Evolution 2007 AMV Contest
c/o Vlad G Pohnert
1708 81 Street
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6K 2E8

For those who wish to send their entries via Fed-EX or UPS, please e-mail us at for an alternative address and required information. NO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE CONVENTION.

Please take the time to read both the general and submission rules FULLY so that your entries are not disqualified for not meeting any of the requirements. You do not have to be present at the event to enter. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the rules or the contest itself, e-mail us at

General Rules

1. Video must be a minimum length of 30 seconds and no longer then 6 minutes (inducing any titles or opening/closing sequences) to qualify. Videos over 6 minutes may be accepted at the AMV Contest coordinator’s discretion.
2. A maximum of 2 videos entries will be accepted from one individual or submission as a group. Individuals belonging to studios but submitting under their own name will be considered an individual entry (therefore, if two individuals belong to the same studio, they can each send in 2 entries provided that it is sent in individually under their real names and not under the studio name).
3. All video entries must be accompanied by a filled out submission form either in hardcopy or electronic format and meet all the submission rules. An e-mail will be sent to contestants who submit the entry form electronically via the FTP site with reply instructions. A reply must be send back as per the E-mail instructions or else the entry(s) will be disqualified. Entry forms with contact missing or incorrect contact information or be disqualified.
4. Videos must use at least 65% of anime content. Anime content is defined as any animated TV, OVA or movie originally produced and created in Japan. This includes the use of anime computer-generated animation in TV, OVAs, movies and anime related video games. The other 35% may be any combination of anime/animation, live action, original computer animation or special effects.
5. Videos made to songs, music or trailer audio will be accepted provided they meet all other rule requirements.
6. Anime Music Videos that use footage with subtitles from fan-subtitled anime will not be accepted. Intentional self created subtitles and any other text incorporated into the video is fine.
7. Since the finalists will be shown to a public audience at the event, all videos should be rated for general viewing and hence not portray explicit nudity and/or excessive graphic violence or foul language. Basically, the video content should be based in the same manor as a broadcast program rated for prime time audience viewing. The AMV Contest Coordinator and Anime Evolution reserves the right to disqualify any video that is considered not suitable for general viewing due to any combinations of nudity, graphic violence, foul language or non-suitable content.
8. Bumpers and Credits will be allowed into the contest PROVIDED they appear at the end of the video and are not overlayed over any part of the video (In other words, do not overlay studio logos, test over the video). Since the pre-judging is blind, they will be removed for the judge’s tape but will be left in for the actual showing of the contest. Bumpers will be included as part of your video length and should not be longer than 10 seconds. The AMV Contest Coordinator reserves the right to disqualify any video that is does not meet any of the above criteria.
9. Previously released videos (as shown publicly at conventions/ clubs or for download on the internet) must have been premiered after January 1st, 2007 to qualify. The only exception being a video that has not premiered publicly as defined in the above may, at the discretion of the AMV Contest Coordinator, may qualify.
10. Anime Evolution reserves the right to use any entry for display and promotional purposes. All video entered will be considered to be cleared for this purpose by the entrants filling out and signing the entry form or replying to the confirmation e-mail if an e
lectronic form via the FTP site is used.
11. All decisions or ramifications of any of the contest rules as made at the discretion of the AMV Contest coordinator are final. Anime Evolution and all judging methods and decisions are final.

Submission Formats

Videos will be accepted in digital submissions as follows:
Digital tape or disk: DV and miniDV tapes recorded in SP only or on DVD / DVD-R / DVD+R.
Digital media: Using accepted codec as listed below recorded on CD-R / DVD+R / DVD-R media.
Digital FTP uploads: Videos may also be uploaded to the contest FTP site in an acceptable codec as listed below.

To Upload your entry(s), follow the instructions listed below:

1) E-mail with the subject “AMV Contest Upload Request”.
2) Include in the e-mail a filled out Entry form as provided here.
3) An e-mail will be sent back to you with site, user and password instructions for you to upload your entry(s) to.

All videos will be compiled digitally and converted into the Mpeg2 format and played digitally at the contest using a system with a Netstream mpeg decoder playback card.

Acceptable Codec for Digital submissions:
Mpeg2: Since the contest will be played in this format, all entries encoded in Mpeg2 will be played directly without conversion (provided the Netstream is able to play them). It is preferred to encode into 720×480 resolution using a 29.97 frame rate, but 640×480 and a 23.97 or 24 frame rate is also acceptable. Ensure to use as highest bit rate as possible (6 – 8 megabits per second as the average is recommended) and ensure the audio layer-II is set at 224 kilobits per second or better.
AVI: Submissions may be also sent in uncompressed format or with the following Codecs:

DivX (no beta versions)
Xvid (no beta versions)

Uncompressed files will also be accepted. Please note that if you require the space of more than one disk, WinRAR can be used to span files over multiple discs.
WMV : This format is not recommended, however, it will be accepted PROVIDED the video is encoded in an acceptable bit rate and resolution size at the discretion of the AMV Contest coordinator.
QuickTime: All formats of quicktime that are included in PC Quicktime Pro. If converting from a MAC, the file must be “flatten” to be read.

Do not send submissions in Real Media since we will not accept them.

If you have problems sending your entry in any of the above formats, please contact us and we will try to come up with something that will work for both you and us.

Submission Rules

1. All disks must be labeled with the following:
* “Anime Evolution 2007 AMV Contest”
* The submitter’s name as filled out on the entry form.
* The video title corresponding to each video on the submission form if sending in more that one tape/disk in one package.
2. For videos recorded on digital tape, 15 seconds of silent black signal must be recorded before and after each video.
3. Videos provided on DVD or CDR may be recorded on the same disc provided they are chaptered on DVDs or follow the following naming convention on CDRs: Submitter’s Name- Anime Evolution -Video Title (i.e. John Doe- Anime Evolution -Spectacular video).
4. Submissions made via the FTP site must include the text version of the entry form with all the information filed out for each video submitted. Both the text file and video file must use the naming convention as follows: Submitter’s Name- Anime Evolution -Video Title (i.e. John Doe- Anime Evolution -Spectacular video).

Anime Evolution reserves the right to show any submissions at future events.

The rules and regulations of the AMV Contest are subject to change without notice. Although we will do our best to keep updates communicated through the website and forums, these changes may occur at any time. For any questions or inquires, please send an e-mail to

Decisions made by the AMV Coordinator and Executive Staff are final. No Exceptions. Anime Evolution and its staff are not responsible for lost, misplaced, or illegible entry forms. Any violation of the AMV Contest rules can result in disqualification from current and future AMV Contests.

Participation in the Anime Evolution AMV Contest implies an understanding and acceptance of these rules and regulations.

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