So Far So Good

It has been 16 days since my Web Project for was launched. If you ask what do I feel about the journey so far, I would simply answer ‘Fun! Fun! Fun!’. Undeniably it was tiring, but I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. 🙂

Statistically from Google, the site got more than 6000+ Page impression after it was being launched. From the figure, I make nearly USD1 from Adsense (Lol, not much eh :p) but it does prove that all my sweat and hard work does bear a fruit regardless how small it is. On another aspect, this site is now on the 18 ranking of VMCC Link Partner. At this point too, we already got 37 registered members in the forum with an average sign-up rate of 1 new member for every 24 hours. On top of that, over 170+ articles have been successfully published in the forum. And not to forget, I also had launched Malaysian First Contest Newsletter to all the eMenang members. I believe, that is a good accomplishment and a record itself as no other local Website has ever publish such contest newsletter before. 🙂

Basically, every single days I would spend at least 4 hours for this project (editing content, blogging, promoting in other forum, answering question, updating cash balance, etc). If everything work out just fine, I would be getting an extra hand from a new project member, Miss Shazriza (Cik Sha). She’s currently having semester exam and will probably join this team on early May. By then, I would start venturing more into improving the contents of this forum. Having said that, Cik Sha will most probably be in charge of online promotion and forum moderating. I will still assisting her in the forum/blog corner and together we will be brainstorming on how to bring this project to a higher level.

I would also like to take this chance to express my gratitude to all this fine ladies and gentleman ho had made my day for the past 2 weeks. Thanks to the great effort of consistently sharing new contest information by all of our eMenang members (eversogood, winnerz, pitt3, chris, khawarizmi, ramfir, kazima & marimari). We could not make it possible without your ongoing support. Our utmost appreciation to you guys! Special thanks goes to Cik Sha too for being kind enough to lend some hand and for trusting me with this project. Not many people will believe in such crazy idea and your willingness to help me to build up the project for free is absolutely remarkable.

I will keep on posting new contest info and I certainly need the help from our nice forum members in eMenang to keep on sharing contest information too in the future. Literally, eMenang would not even exist without you guys and I hope we all can spread the good news of and win some wonderful prizes!!! Yippe!!! 🙂

Until then, please do take care or yourself, and happy contesting too(I’m not sure if that even a word.. ehehehe.. )

Signing off for now..

Sha – One Place Where You Can Find All The Malaysian Contests!!!

  1. mabeal 15 years ago

    Greetings…got to know about yr website a couple of days back while i was searching for contests to participate on one of the search engine.Glad to know that there’s a website that will keep us up to date on the latest and most happening contests around. YOU ROCK!!! THANKS…

  2. admin 15 years ago

    Hi mabeal,

    Thanks for the compliment. It always nice to know that someone is happy with what we are doing over here. We are truly delighted with your support. Hope you enjoy your stay here in the future too 🙂


  3. Procomper 15 years ago

    BY far the best link for contest. Most updated and maintained on a frequent basis.

  4. admin 15 years ago

    Thx for the compliment. We don’t really dare to take all the credits. This site is keep updated because we have a very active poster and comper that had always supported us. I strongly believe the compliment should be dedicated to them.. Thanks guys! You Rocks! 🙂

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