Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007

TITLE: Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007
Winners of each category will receive a prize, a diploma and the right to call themselves a Winner of Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007.
DEADLINE: 31 May 2007

Qt Centre would like to announce the first programming contest for Qt4 users. Together with our partners: basysKom GmbH, froglogic GmbH, Integrated Computer Solutions Inc., Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB and Trolltech ASA we would like to invite you to compete in different categories, write good software and win great prizes.

The contest starts on January 5, 2007 and lasts until May 31, 2007. Winners will be announced on Qt Centre.

Who can participate?

The contest is open to everyone, except for members of the Qt Centre Administration team, sposors’ employees or their relatives and applications that won a simmilar contests in the past. Companies and groups of more than five people are not allowed to take part in the competition.

Guidelines on how to win the contest

Software entering the contest should be available under one of the Open Source licences (preferably BSD- or GPL-compatible one). User interface and documentation must be in English (as the main language or one of the translations).

When deciding a winner the judges shall take into consideration:

The more innovative and unique your application is, the bigger is your chance to win. This applies not only to the functionality, but also to the

We expect applications and components taking part in the contest to have some form of completeness — no loose ends, stubs and not working methods. If the final component is limited compared to what has been declared in the project, extra code irrelevant to the functionality which is provided in the final solution has to be removed.

Application or component has to compile and execute cleanly on at least two of the three major platforms Qt4 supports. Entries will be tested using the GNU Compiler Collection. It is advised to use qmake as your project manager. Entries in the Mobile Application category are not bound to this requirement, but take into consideration that there must be a way for the judges to test your program, so it should be possible to run it using QVFb.

The code taking part in the competition should be well designed. You should pay attention to clean interfaces, code reuse, generic solutions, design patterns and all other things that make your project less error-prone and easier to maintain.

The code should be commented and well documented, using tools like Doxygen. Some form of end-user documentation should also be provided.

code quality
We want to promote good code and good programmers, thus we expect the code we get to be of best quality and that it conforms to rules of software engineering, like using:

* a single naming convention throughout the whole application,
* self-explainable variable names,
* object oriented paradigms, like inheritance and polymorphism,
* appropriate casts (when needed),
* asserts to test your code,
* appropriate Qt components and classes to do the tasks they were designed for.

The code should be tested. Solutions like QtTestLib, Squish, KD Executor or simmilar are advised.

We expect the application or component to be based on Qt technology. Limiting external libraries and applications needed to use the program is advised, where applicable (i.e. we don’t expect an IDE to be a fully self-contained application, but we expect a text editor to display text using Qt classes and not third party components).

team size
We expect bigger teams (more developers involved) to provide better results than in one-man projects. In case of doubts when declaring the winner, this requirement may be used to resolve the issue in favour of the smaller team.

Make sure you have read the complete contest rules.
Categories and Prizes

The contest is divided into categories. Each category is judged and prized separately and in each category three best participants will be awarded. Organisators may decide not to award any application with the first prize if they don’t find the quality of participants sufficient enough to win the category.

Winners of each category will receive a prize, a diploma and the right to call themselves a Winner of Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007.

Apart from prizes for winners of each category, organisators may award any participant with special awards. An incomplete list of prizes is available on the contest website.

Custom Widget

The goal of Custom Widget category is to develop a single custom widget and a plugin for Qt4 Designer. The widget should use Qt4 framework as its primary technology and it should respect the palette of the application it is used in.

Development Tool

If you want to develop an application which aids development of Qt software, you can start in this category. All sort of development environments, development tools and applications that make Qt developer’s life easier are welcome, provided that they are based on Qt4.
Helper Library

The goal of Helper Library category is to create a component for Qt4 that provides new functionality to the Qt framework.
Mobile Application

The aim of this category is to implement an application for mobile devices like phones, palmtops and other handhelds based on Qtopia Core framework.

Desktop Application

Any Qt4 application that doesn’t fit into previous categories can participate in this category.

More Info Here:

Discuss about this contest here

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