6th ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2007

TITLE:6th ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2007

Includes serials/series or a single episode drama/documentaries
– ABU Prize trophy
– US$2,000 cash award sponsored by Hoso Bunka Foundation, Japan
For more, http://www.abu.org.my/public/compiled/p325.htm?CFID=128852&CFTOKEN=55426030
DEADLINE: 26 Aug 2007
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.abu.org.my/public/compiled/p488.htm

A chance to compete with other young and dynamic university/college/polytechnic students in the field of technological creativity

Halong Bay Discovery

Sunday 26 August 2007

Quan Ngua Sports Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam

contest rules and layout
Download contest rules and layout at http://www.vtv.org.vn/robocon/2007en/en/index.asp

Queries regarding the ABU Robocon 2007 Hanoi rules are accepted at:
HiTech Promotion section, Scientific & Educational Department,
Vietnam Television
43 Nguyen Chi Thanh
Hanoi, Viet Nam
Tel: +844 771 4809
Fax: +844771 5506
E-mail: robocon2007@vtv.org.vn

robocon news
Read the latest issue of Robocon News (Vol 100, 15 March 2007)
at http://www.abu.org.my/public/documents/Robocon%20News%20100%2Edoc

what is robocon
It is an annual robot contest starting from 2002, just for university, college and polytechnic students in the Asia-Pacific region. Under a common set of rules, participants will compete with their peers in other countries to create a robot using their creative and technological abilities in an open competition. This contest aims to create friendship among young people with similar interests who will lead their countries in the 21st Century, as well as help advance engineering and broadcasting technologies in the region. This event will be broadcast in your country through an ABU member broadcaster.

when will it be held
The 6th ABU Robocon is scheduled on 26 August in 2007, in Hanoi with VTV-Vietnam as the host broadcaster. Subsequently, ABU members will take turns hosting the event every year.

who can participate
Each team comprised of four members (three students and one instructor) from the same University, Polytechnic or College. Team members must enroll in University, Polytechnic or College at the time of the international contest. Master students or Postgraduates are not qualified.

Travel and hotel expenses for the representative team to participate in the finals in KL will be borne by the ABU. There will also be special awards for teams with outstanding inventiveness.

how to compete
One team represents one country/region. If there is more than one team from each country/region, the local broadcaster may hold a domestic contest to select its best team to represent them.

what is the theme
They vary from year to year. The theme for the second Robocon will be “Halong Bay Discovery”. Themes chosen will be interesting and will hopefully encourage as many university and polytechnic students to take part, regardless of technological and financial constraints.

what should you do
Simple, just contact the ABU member broadcaster in your region.

Technical queries regarding the ABU Robocon 2007 Hanoi rules are accepted at: robocon2007@vtv.org.vn

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