The 2007 World Yo-Yo contest

The 2007 World Yo-Yo contest will take place on August 2, 3 and 4 – 2007.

The 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest will be held in the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando. The competition will be held in the hotel in their convention center. The event site will be open 24 hours a day, starting 5pm on Wednesday evening and ending on Saturday night at about midnight. We encourage staying at this hotel to enjoy the event to it’s fullest, as it’s not going to stop for three days. There are 24 hour restaurants in this hotel and a variety of recreational activities. It is also convenient to all of the Orlando tourist attractions.

The 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest will be held during the first week of August. The hall will open on the evening of Wednesday August 1st and will close about 11pm on Saturday August 4th. There will be no events on the 5th. Once again, This event will be held two weeks later than last years event.

The 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest will have a Sport, A, AA division. There will also be Off String, AAA and Counterweight (FreehandTM) divisions. competition, as well as being the host to the World Top Contest. We will have two rooms of specialty workshops and panel discussions on all related topics.

The event site has 22 foot ceilings, and over 10,000 feet of yo-yoing space. This space will be open 24 hours a day starting Wednesday night, and ending at Midnight Saturday.

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  1. I guess there are lots of weird and wonderful contests like this in Orlando! I used to like yoyoing as a child. I kept my favourite one to pass on to my children. It’s great fun but like everything practise makes perfect. I think I only attempted one trick – the walk the dog one, I don’t think I was very good at it!!!

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