Animax – 2007 Animax Awards: Pan-Asia Animation Competition

Deadline: 31 May 2007

Animax, the world’s leading channel in anime, is seeking creative talent, who is interested in contributing to the world of animation! The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash prize, in addition to having his/her work animated by A-1 Pictures. The winning piece will air on Animax in 2008.

Animax Awards History:
The Animax Awards began in Japan in 2002. They were created to seek out new anime talent from among the Animax viewers. The competition was immediately successful because it provided anime fans with the opportunity to contribute their original ideas to the world of animation. It also allowed the winner to see his/her work come to fruition and to share the final product with ANIMAX viewers around the world.

This year, we’re bringing the competition to Asia.

For information on past Animax Award winners, click here:

Submission Information:
Submissions for the 2007 Animax Awards: Pan-Asia Animation Competition will be accepted beginning March 22nd, 2007 and ending May 31st, 2007.

This year’s theme is A Story I Wish to be Animated.

Each participant can opt to base their script/novel/comic on their own original character(s) or on an Animax original character. For additional information on Animax original characters click here:


Eligible entries will consist of:

* Scripts Click here to see an example of a script layout
* Comics Click here to see an example of a comic layout
* Novels Click here to see an example of a novel layout

The material should be approximately 30-40 minutes of screen time when turned into an anime (about 40 to 50 pages for scripts and novels).

Please include the following on the title page:

* Title
* Number of pages
* Author’s name (if a pen name, make sure to include your real name, as well)
* Age
* Address
* Phone number

It is also a requirement that participants:

* Paginate the document
* Submit your entry in English
* Attach a 1/2 page story outline (maximum 400 English words)
* Include a catch phrase for the work
* Include a simple description of the protagonist

To participate, entries must be submitted in a text document/electronic file between March 22nd, 2007 and May 31st, 2007 via email or regular mail at or Animax Awards c/o Animax Marketing, SPE Networks – Asia Pte. Ltd., 3 Tampines Central 1, #02-01/05 Abacus Plaza, Singapore 529540, respectively. All regular mail entries must be postmarked by May 31st, 2007.

Regions taking part in the Animax Awards: Pan-Asia Animation Competition include:

* Japan
* Korea
* Hong Kong
* India
* Philippines
* South East Asia
* Taiwan

The South East Asia regional finals will take place late July 2007.

The regional champion will receive USD 2,000 and will go on to compete in the finals, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan in August 2007.

The winner of the finals in Japan will receive a cash prize equivalent to Yen 2 million (or approximately USD18,000), as well as have his/her winning piece animated by A-1 Pictures. The winning piece will air on Animax in 2008.

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