Visit Malaysia Cyber Campaign – Cyber Warrior Artist Competition

What is the VMCC Cyber Warrior? What do you think this Cyber Warrior should look like? Is it a boy, girl, man, woman, old man, orang utan, ant…even an animate object? In Manga style? Comic style? Your artwork doesn’t have to be fantastic – we are more interested in your concept.

Submit your rendition of what you think the VMCC Cyber Warrior really looks like. If you’re chosen, you and someone could be enjoying a beach getaway at the Nexus Resort, Karambunai.

The top 10 entries will be displayed on the VMCC Website and members will be able to vote for their favourite interpretation of the VMCC Cyber Warrior! The winner will BECOME the VMCC Cyber Warrior for 2007! You will see your work on our website and our ads and your name will appear on our website. Of course, there will also be some fun prizes to be won! So quick, get sketching now!

More info here:

* VMCC is a Visit Malaysia Cyber Campaign Official Website

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