Moving on to 2nd Phase

Its time to move on 2nd phase. Now that the forum is up, its time to do some promotion. I’ve been actively googling around looking for local forum and luckily I found quite a few. I’ve announce about my site in Visit Malaysia Cyber Campaign forum (They do got a lot of cool contest and prizes. Not to mention, their mods are also very nice). Another forum is for Malaysian Expat but I’m not sure whether that is the right place to post. Anyway, you never know until you give it a try, rite?

I quickly notice that the main issue when promoting your website is when re-arranging your words. You don’t want to look cheap and you definitely don’t want cause any problem on other forum. Most of the time people will think that you are doing some sort of advertisement. Their perception will be something like you are trying to sell some kind of products or you just want to extort people money for some useless invention. Occasionally they will not even read the whole post. As soon as they see word like ‘please visit blablabla’ or ‘checkout my new forum blablabla’, automatically they will think that it is not related with their forum. Well sometimes, in life you need to take a look at the whole picture before making a judgment. Just like human, no matter how good their intention is, they cannot convey the whole message by just words.

I have never met anyone who can potray 100% of their true meaning just by speaking. Same goes when posting in a forum. Sometimes we might accidentally left out those important detail in our first post and we shouldnt be afraid. Its normal and nothing to be ashamed. The best thing to do is give people some chance, rectify your wrongdoings and apology for your mistake. After all, ‘To err is human…’

Signing off for now..

eMenang Admin Team


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