Pursuit of Happiness

Hi again everyone!

I’m back in the office today and still in holiday mood. Our Intranet server is having issue at this moment so I decided to update my blog :). Hopefully my boss wont catch me doing it in my working hours. Hahaha.

There’s a mixture of event happened last few days. My http://www.eMenang.com project kick off after several years of plan and I’m glad that finally it went alive officially on end of March 2007! Not much coding and designing involved in this project. Most of the time that I spent was on writing tips and tricks to answer some of the FAQ that my visitor might ask when they visit the forum. Darn, I still got a lot of reading to do to improve my writing skills as my vocabulary in English.

Before eMenang was officially launched, I had posted the launching announcement on several local sites. The result was a disaster. Basically no one react or reply and I even had my post being banned or lock by some of the administrator! I prefer not to mention the site here but strangely enough to say that the mods allowed people who running scam programs to post in the forum while they ban my tiny little post with no reason. Sad but true. Anyway, this will certainly not let me down.

I keep on posting about eMenang on other local sites and at that point I just keep on doing it non-stop like some sort of robot. There’s a time I had to proof read it like a dozens of time just to see where I had made a mistake. Still on the 2nd day, no one come to the site. Basically not even a single contest is posted in the forum. I then shift my attention on reading some articles on how to improve the traffic or encourage visitor to participate in my forum. I take some of their ideas and apply it in my situation.

On the 3rd day, after finishing my tea, I finally got a personal message in my forum! I read it thoroughly over and over again and that special moment, that little part in my life, I felt so proud with myself. Even though its just one message, its the feeling of appreciation that really matters to me. At last, there is someone out there who do appreciate on what I’m doing for this world. Later that night, few other more new members sign up in the forum and the good news just keep on going. They started posting new contest info in the forum and I even take part in some of the contest. Thank you very much guys for all your support!

I learn few things in the last few days that we should not let anyone to tell us that we cannot do certain things in life. Not even our father or teacher. If you have a dream, then you have to go get it yourself. Don’t just ask for it. You have to earn it. You have to work for it. And along the way, you might be dragged down with all the barrier that life can throw to you and you probably might not be able to achieve your dream. But then again, its a gamble that you had to make in life. After all, its the pursuit of happiness that you have to endure to become successful…

Signing off for now..

eMenang Admin Team


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