Welcome to eMenang. Ola to all ;)

Hi everyone. Nice to meet each and everyone of you & I hope you are doing just fine at this moment.

I’m Sha and this blog will be dedicated for my web, http://www.emenang.com. The domain name itself is pretty weird but if you’re a Malaysian, you will notice immediately the word ‘menang’ and it means ‘win’ or ‘victory’. I just put ‘e’ in front of the domain because it means electronic. So there you have it, the true meaning behind emenang.com!

The basic idea of eMenang is actually to create an environment where every Malaysian can come, test their wits & luck to win something for themselves while having fun. There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of contest out there but we hardly know about it. Based on my personal experience, people will not share with others whenever they found out about any good contest. They will probably keep it for themselves fearing that other people might take part in it thus diminishing their winning rate. This is true in some way but then again, how many prizes have you really won by doing this? I myself has never win anything in my life but for me, it is not about winning, it is about healthy competition spirit with other people. If you want to win something, do you want to win it just by being lucky or by being the best of the best?

We can improve our contest industry. We really do. By sharing contest info with others and inviting them to participate, you are actually helping this industry to evolve. Imagine if you are an organizer and you are offering tons of cool prizes but it turn out only few dozens of people who actually take part in it. How would you feel? Would you still host another contest in the future? The answer will be certainly not. Eventually, this unhealthy attitude will kill our contest industry. This is the message that I’m trying to convey to the world. When there’s a lot of demand for contest, everyone will be happy. Who knows, maybe one day, we can have a contest in which there’s a prize for each and everyone. We never know rite?…

Signing off for now..

eMenang Admin Team

  1. Ozonew4mWebmaster 15 years ago

    Cool blog.. very interesting… I was wondering if you would be interested in allowing me to post your feed on my news page at my webmaster website

  2. admin 15 years ago

    Hi there. Yeah sure why not. As long as you throw a love link back to us then it would be fine. At this moment only a maximum of 3 feed posts from eMenang is allowed on external sites per daily basis. Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance. Good luck to your site too fren 😉

  3. ANNMURPHY 14 years ago

    hi just on you site here. i:m doing a hairdressing competition and would like your help.i have to do a theme 1 fantasy 1 upstyle and 1 cut and blow dry they all have 2 be of the same theme

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