Contest Announcement & Media Kit

For Contest Organizer, Marketing Staff and Promotional Agency;

If you would like to make an announcement about your contest, please send in the following format.

  • Press release or contest article in not less than 150 words. It must contain the following information;
    1. Contest Title
    2. Prizes Offered
    3. Contest Mechanism – How to join
    4. Contest Terms & Conditions
    5. Contest duration (Starting & Ending date)
    6. Two (2) supporting/promotional images of the contest (preferred size is 553 pixel width x 245 pixel height)
    7. Link to the official contest page
  • Press release/contest article can be send in an email format or attached in MS Word document format ONLY.
  • All email must be send to

eMenang would not entertain any request that does not follow the above requirements.


For Advertiser;

If you are interested to place an advertisement on our website, please email