Maxis – FrenClub MMS Contest


Weekly Grand Prize
1 winner x Cute Replica worth RM 198.00

Weekly Grand Prize
100 winners x 20% Replica Order

DEADLINE: 31st May 2009

Make loads of new friends with the FrenClub MMS Contest and you could stand a chance
to win a cool customised replica of yourself!

All you have to do is upload your photo to enter and the more photos you download and friends you chat with, the better your chances to win great prizes.

Discount Voucher (SMS) per week
How to enter
FrenClub Members
Just MMS your photo to 22919*

New Users
First subscribe to FrenClub by sending ON to 22919
Next, MMS your coolest photo to 22919*

How to win
Download photos and chat with as many new friends as you can! The person who has chatted and downloaded the most photos during the contest period will win!

To download your favourite photo, just send PIC<space><friend’s nickname>
to 22919**

Hurry and send your photos anytime during 18 March – 31st May 2009!
Terms & conditions apply

* Each MMS sent costs RM0.25
** Each MMS downloaded costs RM0.50

  1. hi,

    saya seorang deaf ini.dari kg. kundang tg.sepat …..kalau nak cari kawan baru dengan laki. sila nak berkenalkan dengan orang ini lah … TQ

  2. hi,

    saya dah tak ada berkawan dengan laki. usia saya 29 tahun ini bujang. tapi saya seorang pekak bisu dengan keikhlsaan…..saya tak ada jodoh .. saya sukakan Norman KRU macam lembut hati dan sopan baik kah juga….

    no cts 017-6611406 sms

  3. saya perminat dengan nak berkenalkan diriku daripada Norman Kru…

  4. hahahahaha………….

    gak aku boring sangat ini. tolong lah salam kereim kat dari Encik Norman KRU!………

  5. hahahahaha………….

    gak aku boring sangat ini.aku kat salam kirim dari Encik Norman KRU!………

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