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DEADLINE: 14/6/2008


Astro Vaanavil once again proudly presents the platform for Malaysian youth to showcase their singing and performing talent through Vaanavil Super Star. Vaanavil Paadal Thiran Potti and Avataram Arambam was a stepping stone for this singing talent show. Stepping into the 8th year of singing talent show, a new and trendy entertainment will capture the viewers on their TV screens with fascinating contest mechanism. The main focus will be on singing and to unveil hidden and extra talents (dancing and acting) among the contestant. The whole show will be filled with fun and flare.

The Audition details are below:

* Contestants between ages 18 – 40 years to participate in these auditions.
* Audition will be conducted in Alor Setar, Pinang, Ipoh, K.L & J.B.
* Audition dates –

o Alor Star – 6/6/2008 (Friday)
Holiday Villa
Lot 162-163 Jalan Tunku Ibrahim,
P.O. Box 319, Bandar Alor Setar Mukim Kota Setar,
05000 Kedah Darulaman, Malaysia.

o Pinang – 7/6/2008 (Saturday)
Berjaya Georgetown Hotel
Georgetown, Penang Island,
1-Stop Midlands Park, Jalan Burmah,
10350 Penang, Malaysia.

o Ipoh – 8/6/2008 (Sunday)
Syuen Hotel
88, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
30300 Ipoh.

o Kuala Lumpur – 8/6/2008 (Sunday)
Global Indian Festival – Exhibition Centre
Kuala Lumpur.

o Johor Bahru – 14/6/2008 (Saturday)
Hotel Selesa
Jalan Dato’ Abdullah Tahir / Jalan Tebrau,
80300 Johor Bahru.

* Contestants can register and get the application forms at the audition centre itself.

* All contestants should attach a copy of the identification card (IC) and a passport size photo with the Application form.

* The contestants should be prepared with their choice of song and presentation for the audition, according to the information given in the Papers.

o Melody song – candidates have to sing one song from melody list.

o Hyper Song – candidates have to sing and dance one song from hyper list.

* Songs – Please refer to here.

* VPP and Avataram Arambam finalists strictly cannot participate in this competition.

* Audition time: 9am – 4pm

  1. shanti 9 years ago

    i want to know the participants taking part in this singing competition. thank you.

  2. house 9 years ago

    Hi Its is a great contest for upcoming artist where public can know the artist. But I feel the song selection should be by the artist because only the artist will know the best song that they can perform well. performance is important but that is not a big criteria for the show since this is a singing contest. The prizes should be devided in to two gorups male and felame so that both genders will be appreciated.

  3. Leeshaeni 9 years ago

    Can we know more about the host. Thanks

  4. shanjana 9 years ago

    i like the show, but i really dont like the host sivakumar.He is not profesionnal and not suitable for hosting this kind of program.Please change the host first….

  5. lingges 9 years ago

    Hi , i am not satisfied with the judgement and the program. Its is a great contest for upcoming artist but the judgements never shows that at all. The judge Bob Nathan and the host sivakumar and the two other girls who hosting the program is really talking sarcastic. They way they talk to the participant doesn’t encourage their talent and can hurt the participants. They should learn how 2 do the program with watching India program like “SPB enodhe paddu padengel”, ragamaliga, & etc. Please change the host and judge first. The judges must be profesionnal like india singers.

  6. ALINA ABISHEK 9 years ago

    Total waste..Host and the judges are not up to the level…no professionalism in their judgement..sarcastic was the main reason..Asking lotsa questions to the singers,making them nervorse..Useless Sivakumar..Bob nathan even worse..Kampong guy i guess…

  7. carol shamala 9 years ago

    i just watched the 3rd episode of silver star……. sivakumar need to be replaced by someone else. he is really sarcastic and not professional at all. he should realise that he was a participant before too. the two other girls must be a model to the singers in the way of choosing their attires. they really look like kampung girls……. their tone doesnt suits the programme. i think this could be the worst show in vaanavil. the judges must give a proper judgement instead of asking meanings and questions to the contestants. bob nathan…..u have to STOP!!!!

  8. Mesh 9 years ago

    I agree with you carol shamala. All the 3 hosts are not professional and act bossy as though they know everything. The astro committee must watch S’pore & India programme on how fluent their tamil are and the way they present to viewers and contestants. It is really becoming the worst programme in vaanavil. I don’t understand how the producer is enjoying by making this programme. Viewers, contestants must enjoy the programme then only that programme will become sucessful and meaningful rather than giving importance to attires and rude comments. If the organizers seeing these comments I hope they will change the style of this programme and if possible change the hosts and judge the so called great bob nathan. Dear Vaanavil committees pls do take some time n watch the S’pore Vasantham Central’s dhool 2008 programme. We as your subscribers and Malaysians need the same level of quality in our tamil programme too!

  9. selvan 9 years ago

    My wife and I watched the silverstar for the 1st time last week.
    The judges need to know more about music. What qualification do they hold? The comments that they throw at the contestants seems to be crude and sarcastic. It was just like an old english saying ‘pot calling the kettle black’. The judge by the name of Bob Nathan needs to enrol in an intensive english course. Now to the hosts ‘please do what you are told to do instead of putting the contestants down’. You are no better than them. Practise your speech before you host any programme. One host was sreaming her heads off.

  10. Radha 9 years ago

    This is no SuperStar contest. It is just wannabe contest. Pathetic. The judging system where they group all the really bad ones into 4 groups and the not-so-bad ones into 5th group was silly. End result, 12 bad ones get to go for finals with only 3 not-so-bad ones. What kind of system is that?

    Vaanavil Superstar is a national embarassment for Malaysian Indian entertainment industry…whoever who came up with the whole idea.. should go hang her/himself on taugeh tree.

    The judges… one girl who name dropped Janaki’s name though couldnt sing even 10% like Janaki goes to final… or maybe it was the striptease on stage that got Bob all excited.
    And then we had a one promising guy, i think Ramesh, (can’t remember any other names) who carried his voice quite well, coolly jived, had some stage presence ..only one with the crowd going for him..what happened???? All Allimalar Manoharan harped on was his lack of glittery costumes. (Come on, even Mawi was recognised as a Star despite his obvious lack)
    Crowd appreciation.. showmanship..isn’t that what makes a Superstar?
    All we saw were mainly toilet singers.. with very thick skin and who probably lacked attention in their childhood.
    And whats with the handphone? Putting a box over your head and babbling like an idiot is ‘individual talent’?. Come one, dont insult our intelligence, Allimalar.

    The other judge was ok.. at least he had the guts to tell off the lame ones in their faces.

    The hosts.. i dont know what their producers asked them to do first 2 weeks.. they were on a ‘ragging mode’ with the contestants. So can’t blame them for the awkward moments.. hosts only follow what producers say. Maybe it was a show strategy but it somehow fell flat in everyone’s face. So I think fifth week, they decided to lose it and went back to their usual and boring hosting style. This wasnt fair to the others. And all 3 hosts looked like they needed more sleep and

  11. Radha 9 years ago

    Watched the Wild Card Round today.. there was marked improvement..maybe just maybe.. you want to hope.

  12. selvan 9 years ago

    I watched the wild card round yesterday. Looks like Bob Nathan enrolled in an Intensive English Language Institute in Russia. He spoke english most of the time and it was really fascinating. I was shocked with his russian accent. Took me by surprise that he knows so much about psychology. Vow! what a feeling when he spoke about stress. That stupid idiot was so stressed out when he was advising the brave contestants. That stupid Bob needs to be spanked hard so that he would keep his butt at his place. You are nobody except a brainless show off. Keep your mouth glued. You have no qualities at all. You are a toilet singer yourself.
    As for the hosts they have improved a little. Banu has calmed down and did not scream her heads off. Could have been a little more polite especially when inviting the contestants to take their stand. The selection of the 2 qualifiers were good.

  13. priya 9 years ago

    i didnt get to watch the wild card round.. anyone can let me know who got through?

  14. varuma 9 years ago


  15. makkal porattam vanavil ethirthe 9 years ago

    hai guys…here i would like to comment about the vaanavil super star..i oso not satisfied with their judges(aspecially bob nathan) with his harsh comment,host (asspecially sivakumar-what he nuo abt the hosting?),lollol logitha and banu with their stupid and nasty acts in front of camera.i everyday fed up with their nonsence word(yaarathe,yaarathe?yaarathe?)loose..k,now abt the song selection.if we do talent seach or singing contest,basically the song will be sentimental and rnb..but here how cum they give gejel songs?..then how the judges can judge contestant keys o vocal?..can unikrisnan can sing shankar mahdevans gejel song?who the bleddy basterd select the songs?bullshit..and i really not satisfied with two contestant who big teeth and another who sing dandanadarna in manwomen version…howcum they can go for gold round?plss…dont do political nonsence yar…….

  16. nita 9 years ago

    1st of all i would like 2 thanks 2 astro bcse 2 gave a chance 2 our malaysian youth 2 expressed their talent. bt…………. in my opinion if astro stil 1 2 make tis programme succesful in future plz change the host n judges. i fel very irritating 2 c the host n judges. they think they r good bt in my view they nt qualified 2 b host n judges…….. plz bring a qualified judges. this is nt estate show………

  17. Jay 9 years ago

    What’s realy meant by “Superstar”??? A title for a singing competition….a singer(voice performer) must know acting while on the stage which is honoured as showing individual talent!!!! Why shoud a singer capable to dance and act ?Even the great carnatic or playback singers dont dance while singing !!!. Who have choose and brought those contestant to perform ????Early audition is carried out to select the right candidate whom eligible,before stage perfoming.So does the Audition personnel not good enough to select eligible candidate ??? Orelse why the judges keep on correcting the contestant and amajorly have bad comment for them.Or…does the contestant not well prepared,lack of indian music knowledge,just took part for fun.And what about the 3 host………such a rude communication with the contestant…twisting the answer gave by contestant and drove them to tense….This is welcoming program and not debate contest whereby contestant were fired back by the host if any funny answer gave by contestant!!!tWho to blame….I EXPECT,MALAYSIA INDIAN COULD IMPLEMENT A SINGING CONTEST WHICH GIVING A HIGH PRIORITY TO A PERFORMER’S VOICE.A CONTESTANT MUST HAVE A BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF INDIAN MUSIC,VOICE DELIVERY MODE,SONGS SUITABILITY,DICTION,VOICE CLARITY AND HOW BE A CONTESTANT WHOM TAKING PART IN A STAGE PERFORMANCE.Im well aware that the SUPERSTAR TEAM is working with full effort and i appreciate it very much of their hardworks to make this program succesfull.Finally,welldone to the Judges of being frank and outspoken in advising and correcting the contestant which is the most important to show the Quality of Superstar Program.
    Sorry,Im not intent to hurt anyone’s feeling but just to share my viewpoints.Thanks

  18. Jay 9 years ago

    What’s realy meant by “Superstar”??? A title for a singing competition….a singer(voice performer) must know acting while on the stage which is honoured as showing individual talent!!!! Why shoud a singer capable to dance and act ?Even the great carnatic or playback singers dont dance while singing !!!. Who have choose and brought those contestant to perform ????Early audition is carried out to select the right candidate whom eligible,before stage perfoming.So does the Audition personnel not good enough to select eligible candidate ??? Orelse why the judges keep on correcting the contestant and amajorly have bad comment for them.Or…does the contestant not well prepared,lack of indian music knowledge,just took part for fun.And what about the 3 host………such a rude communication with the contestant…twisting the answer gave by contestant and drove them to tense….This is welcoming program and not debate contest whereby contestant were fired back by the host if any funny answer gave by contestant!!!tWho to blame….I EXPECT,MALAYSIA INDIAN COULD IMPLEMENT A SINGING CONTEST WHICH GIVING A HIGH PRIORITY TO A PERFORMER’S VOICE.A CONTESTANT MUST HAVE A BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF INDIAN MUSIC,VOICE DELIVERY MODE,SONGS SUITABILITY,DICTION,VOICE CLARITY AND HOW BE A CONTESTANT WHOM TAKING PART IN A STAGE PERFORMANCE.Im well aware that the SUPERSTAR TEAM is working with full effort and i appreciate it very much of their hardworks to make this program succesfull.Finally,welldone to the Judges of being frank and outspoken in advising and correcting the contestant which is the most important to show the Quality of Superstar Program.
    Sorry,Im not intent to hurt anyone’s feeling but just to share my viewpoints.Thanks

  19. sad viewer 9 years ago

    i think vaanavil should change tha host and judges too…..!!!! judges ecsp BOB NATHAN.. should be more encourageable for d contestant not to hurt them. Alli malar… you too very sacastic n rude to contestant…
    now our host… i also dont understand how they r choosed?? not capable for programme at all,…. this is vanaavil programme not AMERICAN IDOL so look at ur atire.. be professional..ok.. n pls watch ur tone of talking to contestant… u need to cheer up them but u just putting them down before n after their perfomance… ridiclous ppl la u all…. hope VANAVIL will improve on ur judges n host selection in coming prog …

  20. Shyamala 9 years ago

    Vanavil Superstar talent show does not carry the meaning of the title. I can’t accept a show with a title of Superstar but yet they are giving importance to dance? All the judges are real CRAPS!!! It is always good to give comment once you have studied the correct Carnatic music and explored the industry well and that is the real qualified judge. Why should the judges be rude? A professional singer should not give comment that embarrasses the participants. I really wonder how come the Director and Producer are not looking at the other shows held in other countries. Eventhough I am not Singaporean but look at their shows..It is the real quality show and at the same time it educate the viewers as well. It’s kind of funny when the judges say why should the participants follows cinema stars when they act during talent show? Well when u said superstar the most important criteria should focus on singing and acting.Wardrobe, fine if the judges want to comment on their dressing, but personally all the 3 judges dressed worst then the participants during the show. Look at Akademi Fantasia, all the participants are trained well and everything is been taken care off especially costumes.There must a designer for all this show so that they know which matches well.There is no point criticizing the participants because they have not been title as SUPERSTAR yet.

    Lastly PLEASE get rid of all the HOST who are not entitle to run the programme. Hosting a show is not easy and you must be able to capture viewers attention. I am very sad to see how bad this three hosts is lacking in presenting a show. Please do some homework and logithawani & Sivakumar, you are the worst.You need to learn on how to speak with good manners. You are simply out with your speeches. Looked at the other tamil programmes from India and Singapore are the host like you guys? So learn before you do your work and don’t complain that local viewers are not encouraging.

  21. Jay 9 years ago

    Does contestant have a self confidence and conscious of their capabilty before commiting to take part ??? Supposed yes,why they were unanswerable for any simple questions from the host / judges ???Dont they feel of wasting organiser’s hardwork ???? Why should they were corrected from head to tail which relate to the attires,performance,voice quality and etc ??? Does the VSS host speaks proper tamil and apply well manner in the way of communicating ??? What about their attires !! Does it present our indian cultural costumes ???? Its not a matter of comparing with other musical shows but a burning spirit of creating the best to address as “its a malaysian indian program” because im a great fan from yesteryears. At the moment,the 1 and only musical related contest is this,is it wrong for thousands of loyal fan expect a quality presentation from the program’s TEAM ???If all of these questions are answerable,im assure for the forthcoming years Vanavil shall deliver a BEST MUSICAL CONTEST.Thank you

  22. CHANDRAMUGI 9 years ago


    I do agree with you guys that some of the judges comments are quite harsh and hurting and the host attitudes are quite irritating, but it’s totally unfair to blame the Superstar Team for that. If they bring the judges from India, also you guys complaint that as though there are no judges in Malaysia. I felt if someone want to joined a competetion like this they must have some basic knowledge of music so that they are not being slaughtered like this.
    Finally wish all the contestant a very best of luck and for the Superstar crews all of you are doing a good job and keep it up the good work. (there are so many people enjoying and appreciating the programs out there)

  23. selvan 9 years ago

    Finally we have different judges. The Saturday’s program was good. All the contestants did well with good comments from the judges as well. By the way, can someone show Banu(the host) how to put on a cap. She looked like a camel with a cap which can’t fit into her head. The earings and the cap just doesn’t match.

  24. ash 9 years ago

    hi guys… well i agree with u guys on how harsh n rude d judges s well with d hosts! first of all get rid off d idiotic sivakumar n d other 2 bitches!! they really makin me pist off!!! i mean like siva d idiot was a talent show contestant b4.. n he sucks!! n what qualifications he have to question other contestants talents??? can he juz at least dance n sing s em’? ma foot!! n wats wit d allimalar n bob nathan huh?? s a professional u guys shud give comments tat helps d contestants to improve their performances!!! not gettin their spirits down ma idiots!!! m sorry 4 tis harsh mail bt sum0ne gotta stand up 4 tis guyzz… pleae change d way u host… 4 d hosts n please change d way u criticize… as a malayian… n as an indian… i care..

  25. Rina 9 years ago

    Radha!!! pls dont insult them, atleast they can do something. if you are not intrested in this programme you dont waste your time sitting in front of your TV!! I tink you’re the idot!!! try to respect and support the local artist!!!!

  26. hari 9 years ago

    hi rina, i agree with u, well as u said we shudnt comment on contestants coz they did wat they r required to do… they came up with their own idea and talent. wat radha comment here shws that she the 1 who dun knw anyting abt the music and individual talent…..i saw the handphn shw that day….there is a talent on that…the script, acting, expression, body language,…..only she did…..who did tht in any other episode?so radha wat u can do as ur own talent? just gv stupid comments and ctiticize other contestants? or even u can sing 1% of janaki voice? i feel she did well in her signing…atleast she came up on stage and shw her talent not like u shw ur stupid talent here……

    hey radha i want to ask u something, hw u knw that most the singers r toilet singers and lack attention in their childhood?did u went inside the toilet with them to c and listen their songs? just wondering la coz u said as u was with them in the toilet……… abt the lack or attention in childhood…if they lack of attention they wont be there in vanavil superstar….their parents brought up them nicely that is y we enjoying their shws on tv……i think u r the 1 who lack of attention in ur childhood…pls go n ask ur parents abt this…..atleast they can gv u some attention now….ok vaa? this is my kind request from u…..

    ok abt the prog its a superb prog and we hv to encourage tis…..but there r some to be chg…..the host esp and also the judges…..i feel bob nathan very sarcastics….but elango realy good……the host sivakumar, banu and also logitha hv to improve themselves in hosting…..esp banu need to watch out her tone…..its like her sreaming over the show….sumtimes they very rude with the contestants n make them nervous even b4 they start singing…

    anyway ASTRO pls keep up your gd work and alwis support our local artist……..

  27. anu 9 years ago

    hi…vanakkam..1st f al congratz 2 astro 4 givin d oportunity 2 youngstrs 2 show deir talent but…my God! d host r out esp sivakumar n logithavani, even d judges esp bob nathan! i x agree when he ws commentng gud remarks on d lady who wanted 2 show off her body…wat an insult! v viewers cud judge even bettr but wat 2 do, v like nerd juz had 2 watch d stup show!

  28. rev 9 years ago

    hello everyone….nex time wen u wanna hav dis kinda show, giv marks who r talented n hv gud voice…not 4 bathroom singers n x folow exactly like india famous playback singers like unnikrish n hariharan..judgz commnts x suit 4 d new talents, pity d contestants..dey hav taken effort, time n $, sumeven against d family 2 participate n dey r x being recognised…support n encourage dem..x use stupid wordz like wat d host(sivakumar) said in d 1st progrm, ”ethanai peyer manna kavva porange” n some judges asking whether d contestant having confidnt 2 win? Say, if d contestant x hav d confident, dey wudnt hav join dis contest frm d begginng..x estate phrases please…anyway all d best 2 d contestant?

  29. Leena 9 years ago

    The hosts needs to be changed…. The judges are talking about “UTCHARIPPU”, meaning tamil pronounciation for the singers, what kinda tamil do the hosts speak. DOn’t tell me, this is all vaanavil could do. Can they get people who could converse well in Tamil. And I don’t understand why they have to scream and announce the participants names. And for Sivakumar and Yogithavani, gosh… as it is the poor singers are nervous, by asking questions so sternly, they are adding onto it. And my personal opinion, Sivakumar behaves as if he is a world class singer.

  30. Leena 9 years ago

    I do salute to vaanavil for organising contests like SuperStar which helps to bring out the talented people in Malaysia. And I belief this is a purely tamil programme. My comment here is the organising team has to concentrate more on the costumes of the hosts. Why wear modern clothes when you are hosting a tamil programme. Feeling shy of your own cultural costumes is it???? There is so many types of Indian costumes that they could wear rather than just wearing modern costumes all the time. Are our traditional that bad that you people are so shy of wearing it. Come on lah…. this is not our culture. You host in tamil, the songs are in tamil but your clothing is westernised. Bullshit!!!

  31. GaiJayn 9 years ago

    My dear frens,
    i found evry1 is jus tryin 2 critisise bout our own local programme…..y cant yall suggest a represive way 2 improve their lackings?? n thr r oso some polite way 2 condemn!!!………….can i ask yall a qs??…….okay 1stly, r a yall a qualified musician?? a qualified singer?? can any1 ans 4 tis??………im vry sure tat yall jus a GREEN HORN!! pls dun jus drum da same word”chg da judge” im firmly disagree wif tis!!!……..4 ur info….Mr.ELANGKOVAN who is reli qualified 2 b a judge(100%)…….during year 2004 he was nominated 4 da India Tamil Film Awards(ITFA)’s bst composer……..moreover,in year 2000 he was awarded THE BEST VIOLINIST IN ASIA by YAMAHA,bst singer by M’sian!!!& Mrs.Allimalar who is a tamil tcher n a capable carnatic music tcher….so pls dun blame da whole team jus bcoz Bob Nathan(harsh & sarcastic commenter)!!!………n i oso not satisfied with da hosts(pronounciation)…….
    Bout da perfomance by our participants was reli not 2 our cup of tea,but v mus oso undestan tat tey r oblige 2 dance n sing at da same…….at tis moment,i wana reveal who i am…….actuali im a die heart fan of Mr.Elango who came 2 Australia,Melbourne 2 sing carnatic song in Natya Arangettram……n im surprise tat even our M’sian has a highest pos in Carnatic Music throughout da world………..even he din discourage da participants n bout their lackings………he was reli a spirit burner & encourager 4 da competitors……….

  32. Varsenal 9 years ago

    Ya……yup…..yuppie……….im completely agree wif GaiJayn…………but i duno anytg bout Mr.Elango n his qualifications….but he was rely a gud encourager…….the way he commen da participants was rely in a gud manner n polite…….but im reli pissd off wif his harsh n idiotic comens………pls nxt tym dun even invite him 2 b a judge in auditions!!

  33. Varsenal 9 years ago

    im sori ([{im reli pissd off wif his harsh n idiotic comens………pls nxt tym dun even invite him 2 b a judge in auditions!!”]})<- actuali i was meaning BOB NATHAN

  34. Varsenal 9 years ago

    im sori Mr.Elango im nt meaning u……….but BOB NATHAN

  35. Nisha 9 years ago

    Vaanavil SuperStar Grand Final………..

    The Judgement is not Fair!!

  36. m s vathana 9 years ago

    It was a great ‘show’. The live coverage was fantastic. Hurray to the producer, director and the whole team-cameramen, lighting, sound techs/eng and others who toiled behind the scene. Vaanavil itself, with their chieftain Dr. Rajamani, should be thanked and congratulated for continuing the telent quest in Tamil year after year to bring out the talent in our youngsters in our Indian community. We must be proud and thankful.

    But at the same time the following are also observed. It’s very very disheartening to say that the quality of good singers is dwindling. It seems as though we have run out of stock of good singers! That is why I suppose the producers have changed the concept and of the contest – istead of ‘paadal thiran potti – where importance was given as a singer’ to such name as ‘avathaaram aarambam’ and ‘super star’ where importance was as performer. For example, Super Star 2008, Vaanavil was successful in identifying and selecting a performer (as a performer she was great – congratulations). But in the Vizhuthugal interview she said she wanted to take part in 2006, but for some reason she didn’t. Lucky for her she did not take part in 2006 Paadal Thiran Potti, as to otherwise, my humble opinion is, she definitely wouldnt’t have survived anything more then Semi Final, ‘cos she is not a very good singer ( the songs she rendered during the interview itself was prove), but a great performer. It would have been embarrassing for her then.
    To improve the scenario, there are few suggestions. For one, from quarter final onwards an experienced and multi talented and respected music master like Isai Thendral Mr Mariappan avargal, should be appointed to train, guide and suppervice the voice quality, thaalam, shruthi, pronunciation etc. of the of the participants. By doing this the quality of singing can be improved. Appoint a telented dance master as well, who can take care of the performance aspect. I may have few more things to say, but it’s already too long.
    Congratulations to Vaanavil and please continue and keep up the good job by improving and being innovative. Bye, and thanks.

  37. Soorya 9 years ago

    Hi commenters,

    please try to appreciate what has been performed by the 3 hosts & judges. It is very very easy to comment others but if you guys were in their shoe may be worst than what they have done.Dont just comment, come out with some suggestion for better improvement. Our Indian community are down because we like to down our own races always. JUST GIVE THEM THUMP UP & LOOKING FORWARD FOR MORE RECOGNISE INDIAN PROGRAMMES.

  38. m s vathana 9 years ago

    Correct e-mail add is as above and not ‘’. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  39. JK 9 years ago

    Dharshaayini did a good performance,good showmanship but a lot of proper singing coaching is required for all singers including the they have lots of potential to improve…Good work contestents …all your efforts were much appreciated.Individual talents section was tough for contestants as they have to crack their head to come up with new talents in short period of addition to singing. some were creative and others could have done better…Nevertheless CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL….CHEERS..BETTER LUCK TO OTHERS!!

  40. shirleY 9 years ago

    hey guyzzzzz…

    I noe u guyz pissd off with Bob, but put urself at his shoe… at least he has the gurdz to judge… no matter wat he had done, try to put it in a gud manner… i believe there is better way of telling ppl… we are all human wif sense… i belif evry1 wil improve if u tell them on how they should do it!!! u gyzz telling, the judges (Bob Nathan) hurting the contestant feeling, and now what u guyz doing??? also hurting the judges by writing thier name!!! is that rite?? c’mon yo ppl… tell me?? is the right manner to code ppl nem n humilate dem??? alwiz use constuctive critism…. for me they did the level best n happy with those judges!!! u guyz heard how Bob Nathan hymm a song wen he teach a participant… wat a voice??? at least he had gain sumthing as a human…. to go to a level of being a judge for a prestiges prog… think alwiz before react… dont simply condemn others… u guya comparing them wif india n s’pore artist… c’mon, evry1 has pros n cons!!! do compare??? u must leran that, india is a well known country for cinema… in attam noore vagai, malaysia loose too, s’pore won, does that mean, malaysian r all lazy, stupid, eerogant, so on n so forth as u guyz said?? no, they had tried the level best… just appreciated the outcome of the show!!! do u all noe that, u must have a gurdz first of all to be a host, talking in front of thousand of ppl, n live programme?? at least they have done sumthing…

  41. shirleY 9 years ago

    valge mannin mainthargal…. bob… alwiz support u man… kip going!!! dont bother this all this comments… reach the sky though iu have stand on the thorns

  42. nered 9 years ago

    hi guyz… i jz saw all ur comments… really agreed with u’ll…….
    even after all wat u’ll sd n gave comment like ‘serupu adi’ for them, if they did’t do sum thing to improve this talent quest.. i think they really hv a thick skin…. it won’t be a talent quest but a vomit quest!!!!!

  43. thanabala singgam 9 years ago


  44. thanabala singgam 9 years ago

    superb show..congrats to darshaayini.she did really well.brindha also.and prakash.i was hoping either brindha or prakash to be the 2nd place.neway a few words here.the concept of vss 08 was is okay for a singer to be tested in different elements such as acting, dancing and singing.basically time is changing and singers had to be much more cannot stick on traditional styles.and the competition in the entertainment industry is as a singer one has to be really prepared to take challenges, to work hard, to do lots of homework and also to be humble and learn new things. just look at all the successful singers like spb, janaki and jesudass.they are humble and always ready to learn although they had sung thousands of songs.the problem that i observe with malaysian singers and artists are they are too proud with the minor achievements.singing one song in the cinema or dancing one song in a movie is not enough.they should think big and look into a bigger scope.talents are not only for showing off, finding fame or making money. you should love and admire your talents and for singing the music must be in your soul.then success, money and fame will knock your door. feel what you do. look at a.r rahman recently winning oscar. if he take music and his job as a music director for granted, he wouldn’t had reached up to this level. contestants in the future vss should focus on expressing themselves rather than impressing the audience or judges. audience know how true are you in your performance better than judges.and my advice to judges and host.please take your own time to look at show like spb ennodu pattu padungal, raagamaliga, super singer, athiradi singer and many other shows. learn the skills of judging and hosting by looking at these shows.

  45. thanabala singgam 9 years ago

    congrats to astro also…please take into consideration the lightings and set deco…dont put too much of unwanted lights, or more to blue or pub type lightings. i use to admire the lightings and set for vpp 03 and 04. simple, grand and nice. and change the set of the stage by using different concepts every year. it seems that for these few years the set and stage deco looks similar.

  46. thanabala singgam 9 years ago

    so, congarts to the singers, people who had worked hard for the success of the contest, judges, hosts and audiences. with positive, encouraging judges, friendly, jovial, cheerful hosts, and confident and talented contestants, this show will be a total success in the future. we have proves that this show do create stars and good performers..just look at sheila raman vpp 2001.her carnatic vocal is good.she sang in cinema under music director bharadwaj. alinda alphonse vpp 2002 good singer too.i love her nallavar sollai naam ketpom in boomerangx album and she had sung devotional in sangeertanam. anuradha vpp 2003 is good. go and hear her ethirparkiren album. 2006 charumadhi..she sang in cinema too. spb praised her when she became the finalist for spb ennodu pattu padungal in jaya tv. so, we have good talents!! need a few improvements so that it continues to create more better and quality stars andtalents…k…bubbye…
    music lover…

  47. sinthu 9 years ago

    why astro producer don’t want give chance to new THIRUNANGAI comer become vaanavil superstar host

  48. Vanan 9 years ago

    Totally its waste program as the judges do not qualify.i as a participant was really disappointed with the way of their choosing.

  49. mogan sunway 9 years ago

    can we know more abaut host and the songs list

  50. julie 9 years ago

    hi, i would like to find out more information of vaanavil super star programme.i guess the web page is not updated.i would appreciate if i could find more details of the 2009 audition and the latest happenings of the programme since the advertisement for the contest is already on air..hope something will be done by your side to help me out .thank you.

  51. lagarin 9 years ago

    i would like to have the list of songs for hyper and melody.
    thank you

  52. Rajes 8 years ago

    Pls list me the hyper and melody song list for 2009

  53. Rajes 8 years ago

    I’m also a singer from Seremban. So please list me the hyper & melody song list. Thank you.

  54. Aly 8 years ago

    Hi, Macha netti adi macha…. hari, anu, shirley, nered wat ever i wanted to say you guys have said. Firstly one idiot was talking about english do tat idiot know about english. Remember clean your own back before condemn others. You guys said bob nathan and siva do you guys have the guts to do wat they have done. As a indian we shud give them support. Siva have perform and he got some talent not like you guys talking about other doing nothing. You guys are talking about bob nathan do you know since how many years he is in this industry. You cant even touch his feet. You cant even stand beside him. You all comparing with singaporian and india ppl have you watch american idol or malaysian idol. The contestant will decide not to sing again they are tat sarcastic. Everyone have their own style as a contestant they must accept the fact and improve them self and the comment judges give is to make them have a burning desire. Wat ever i’m gonna put in here you guys not gonna apply in future coz TIN KOSONG oni will talk alot. And let the DOG bark looking at MOON. As a moon you guys just doing good and excellent we love you. Last but not least ONE INDIAN WILL KILL ANOTHER INDIAN WE DON’T NEED OTHER RACE. Shame on indian. Try to drink chinese ppl urine. Good bye

  55. Aly 8 years ago

    Ignore hari and nered name

  56. Aly 8 years ago

    Pls ignore the name my apology

  57. Cecilia Jesu@nicol d/o J. Jesu Dass 8 years ago

    Vaanavil Superstar 2009 is back. Congratulations to my favourite host
    Thiran and vinod.Without u both the programme will not happening
    …………. U both have your own style and originalty.Really super, keep it up your good talent. My best wishes to both of you-
    May peace, goodwill, and happiness follow both of you throughout the year.

  58. Viewer 8 years ago

    I watched the Vaanavl Superstar 2009 silver round….
    Actaully i wont comment anything abt the contestant as they put very much effort n perform their talent infornt of camera.I really appreciate all the contestant and they did their part after struggling and went thru so many pressure n hard time.But whats wrong with the judges?are they real judges?They shd motivate the contestand n shd not tooooo lagak to them.i dont think so that the judges can perform well when they are on stage.Im unhappy when a gal asked to one contestant that R U A BLUETOOTH PROMTER?she must learnt how to ash question before she wanna be a jurish.I saw a little debats among the contestands n judges n the judges loose their respect.Plz judges,try to be motivate judges n plz stop crititised the contestant.I really uphappy to watch the silver round bcos of untalented judges.

  59. shreya 8 years ago

    have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. M 8 years ago

    I watched the Vanavil Superstar 2009 since the beginning but i felt all the judges giving their comments by hurting the contestant. They don’t understand that the whole Malaysia Indians are watching the programme. Are this kind of judges we are looking for ?
    Even judges from India the best also won’t behave like this.
    I’m really not happy to watch the programme. Pity the contestant, pls advice not insult them. Tq

  61. Radha 8 years ago

    Gosh, too bad i see your comment after a year as ive not been back here since. So here goes. Rina, it’s coz audience like you our local artist standards will never improve. Its not critizing, its giving feedback and do you know how to take criticism constructively. A real entertainer will not react defensively but instead of take it as a challenge. You think you are supporting them by accepting their failings? Actually you are just encouraging them to do worse. Too bad, woman you dont know the difference. Nothing will give me more pride when i see our standards are in par as in global standards. And yes, i hv stopped watching this show this year. Can’t take the shit when i know there are actually talented people out there who dont want to participated coz the standards are so low. But i hear the hosts are better! Thank God at least for Kumerasan, Aanantha and Aruna in Astro Vaanavil as hosts, we can save some face.


    If you dont know the difference between a SUperstar and a toilet singer, you are not fit to give comment on this show or my comments coz ive sang and won talentimes and i know the difference. Have you at least done that? And pls go to your parents and ask them to teach you some manners about dragging other people’s parents into your arguments. Dickhead. Do you what the expression really means about people needing childhood attention? Obvisouly u dont.

  62. viewers 8 years ago

    just wana to say the judges n the jurish is not a profesional person 2 judge the contenstant. R they stupid? Keep on saying to participant. pitching out lahhh. sruthi is not there, voice break,. They dnt know hw much they practice n simply throw the word. Plz judges,try to be motivate participant n plz stop crititised the contestant.I really uphappy to watch the silver round bcos of untalented judges

  63. sheema 8 years ago

    darlingzz……..ange irunthu pesurathu easy ma…inge irunthu pesi paru theruyum….would like say that…watever the host presents actually its from the script writer…so no comments..

  64. george krish 8 years ago

    no coment but best of luck tamil valgaa

  65. priiya 8 years ago

    how 2 get the song list???

  66. eshwar 8 years ago

    hi vanakam

  67. kumaran 8 years ago

    can i have d song list of 2010

  68. rebeka 7 years ago

    hellooo…i n my mom nvr missed 2 watch vaanavil super star untill tis 10 i nvr statisfied wit de female host tat manage tis year..very bad tamil she use..talking like singing..but kumaresan is very good in handling as host..valva valamudan..

  69. diana 7 years ago

    Hye when is the next comptetion?
    if want join the comptetion, what to do??

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