Shell – Lebih RM2,000,000* tunai. Lebih 8,900 pemenang!


PRIZE: Refer below
DEADLINE: 15 September 2007


  1. mohd firdaus 11 years ago

    until now i still dun know when will they announce the winner n how do i check all winner list

  2. hanizam hashim 10 years ago

    some one send massage to me from Syarikat Shell Malaysia Sdn Bhd about lucky draw ist that true????

    • Noorjan Abdul Kadir 4 years ago

      Mohon pihak Shell mengambil tindakan undang2 ke atas pengirim MEMENANGI HADIAH GRAND

      Adakah ini suatu penipuan atau betul dari pengurusan Shell…

      terima kasih

  3. CCCHAN 10 years ago

    someone send message to me said that my sim card number won the lucky draw for cash from Syarikat SHELL, is it true?

  4. zahar 10 years ago

    i had massage from 017-861859 and that message to me said that my sim card number won the lucky draw for cash from Syarikat SHELL, is it true…………?

  5. vivian 10 years ago

    I got a similar massage fom 0128346527 asking me to call Syarikat Shell at 0128371710 cos my sim card number has won the first prize of RM15,000 in a lucky draw.Is this a con?Pls look into the matter and respond to it,TQ

  6. Everlyn 10 years ago

    I have also r’ced a sms from 017-8903136 – “Congratulations No’simcard anda Tlah m-menangi HADIAH UTAMA Wang tunai!! Rm15,000.00,dr Syarikat SHELL Call/sila dail:012-8371710 Terima kasih”. When I called, a man (sound like a Bangladesh) is asking for my bank a/c no with ATM card. He also asked me to bank-in RM15.00 & RM15,000.00 cash will be credited directly into my a/c on the same day. I hardly understand what is he trying to explain. Is it TRUE?

  7. lily 10 years ago

    i just received a message from HP 017-8643467, said my sim card number has won grand prize worth 15K from syarikat shell bhd.

    Pls look into this matter & clarify what was happening…….

  8. Kelly 10 years ago

    Me too. r’ced a sms from 017-8620103 – “Congratulations No’simcard anda Tlah m-menangi HADIAH UTAMA Wang tunai!! Rm15,000.00,dr Syarikat SHELL.u/maklumat sila dail talian office:012-8348788 Terima kasih”.

    • Angie 5 years ago

      Pls adv as l just received the message and the person sounds like Indonesian… this true?

  9. maya azren 10 years ago

    hi..i had receive the same messages from 0128346527 says that i had won cash rm15k from’s that true??please reply my message..thank you..

  10. sha 10 years ago

    i also get d message from +6281410078374 say that “maklumat dari sehellmalaysia.anda tlh berjaya memenangi caj tunai rm 18000 and say that for confirmation dail the office number’s true

  11. Sha 10 years ago

    Please take note that Shell NEVER SEND OUT any sms to notify their winners. Do not dial any number in the text message if you receive such email because it is a scam.

    Shell or their appointed representative will either contact the winner personally or inform the winners through official letter especially when it does involve with a lot of prize money.

    Sha of

  12. Tommy 10 years ago

    The easiest way to determine if it is a fraud or not is to follow the guideline: ( My own opinion la )

    1. Determine whether did you participate in the Said Company competition before.. Rewards do not fall from the sky..

    2. Normally they will give you a call to notify and check your email

    3. To confirm, just call to their company and enquire..

  13. Mohamed Salih 10 years ago

    I also got this sms which says (congratulations nombor simcard anda tlh mnangi hadiah Utama Wang tunai RM15,000,00 dr sykt SHELL.BHD.) from this N.O. 0178972161 am not sure untill now if its real or just fake but if its fake then Shell should try to stop it or at least find that guy who is sending it.
    pls answer me if its real or not

  14. Queenie 10 years ago

    also get d message from +6281410078374 say that “maklumat dari sehellmalaysia.anda tlh berjaya memenangi caj tunai rm 18000 and say that for confirmation dail the office number’s true

  15. Ajaex 10 years ago

    Just got SMS from 0128360987 yesterday “From SHELL TANIAH!!Anda tlh Me”nangi Hadiah Tajaan dr SHELL 1.000.000 kmtr. Sila Hub Talian: 0128233122 Terima Kasih. Penghantar: Shell”…If this a scam, dunno what should I go about it in order to teach them a lesson.

  16. ila 10 years ago

    also get the message just now said that ‘congratulations, nombor simcard anda telah memenangi HADIAH UTAMA wang tunai RM 15,000 dari Syarikat Shell Berhad. Sila dail 012-8113433. is it true??

  17. Miki 10 years ago

    I also receive such a massage from Syarikat Shell (M) Bhd sila dail 012-8184214. I think Shell should clarify this massage as soon as possible

  18. Shino 10 years ago

    Please take note that Shell NEVER SEND OUT any sms to notify their winners. Do not dial any number in the text message if you receive such email because it is a scam.

    Shell or their appointed representative will either contact the winner personally or inform the winners through official letter especially when it does involve with a lot of prize money.

    Shino A2U Community

  19. mohd ariffin bin asmawi 10 years ago

    I had receive message say that I had won cash rm 17,000.00 from tel.. 0128639314 and ask mee toll 0128184329. Is that true, please reply

  20. mohd ariffin bin asmawi 10 years ago

    I had receive message say taht I had won cash Rm 17,000.00 from tel. 0128639314 ang ask me tel. 0128184328. Is that true ? please reply

  21. very very silly girl 10 years ago

    last week i had received the message say that i am winning the first prize of RM17000 but i had deleted it d and today it sent to me again and i try to make a call and there are a guy congratulate me. he asked me use what bank and got use ATM Card or not. after that he ask me how long i had use maxis and my account number.after that he told me to sms to him only a RM 60 top up. and i do as what he had told me.. but…….after that i call him back and he din take my phone and i know i am being cheat already….however, now juz feel that why i am so stupid. where got people ask how much is inside my current account 1….therefore, i juz hope that the police should have a check the phone number that had sent by those people and arrest them so that they will be punished and all the other people will not be trapped oso…

  22. CYTAN 10 years ago

    i also receive the sms, he say you simcard is win the money rm17,000, he call me go to atm bank transfer money, after transfer the money, ke also ask me go to buy maxis reload card sebanyak rm120, this is bohong company, but i go to my atm check no transfer anything, i want to know this company want to “cepat kaya” with people? i also hate this phone no 012-8184214, this guy, i thing is bangladesh

  23. FunnyPeople 9 years ago

    I can’t believe how so many ppl receive this sms. I received mine from +60178972161. Congratulations Nombor SimCard Anda tlh m-nangi (HADIAH UTAMA) WANG UTAMA Rm15,000.00,dr Syrkt SHELL.BHD. Call/sila dail;012-8343323 Terima kasih. First question, how they got our hp#? I remembered Shell Malaysia did advertised in newspaper to not fall to these scam as they never held such lucky draw?

  24. sasa 9 years ago

    hey funny people, i did received the same sms like u this morning from 6017-8340726. what can we do to stop avoid more people been cheated huh?

  25. sasa 9 years ago

    dear frens, don been cheated!!!
    if really under proper contestant, we should received :
    1) a official letter
    2) tel. no should be a register company phone no, not h/p no.
    3) if my company doing such big lucky draw, the 1st thing i will advertise my COMPANY NAME “BIG BIG” on newspaper n media so that everyone know how kind is my company.
    4)any prize in lucky draw or contest will given in a ” BIG CHEQUE” form, they are no right to ask for ATM, Acc No, or any information about our saving, that are privacy!!!

  26. ejaz4sha 9 years ago

    Dear All,

    Please be informed I have contacted SHELL and spoke to their Consumer Relations Officer (CRO). She mentioned that this sms thing is a total SCAM! Please do not entertain/call/reply to the sms or phone number. She advised:

    1)SHELL will contact the winner immediately thru phone or letter.
    2)SHELL will only contact the participant (if you’re not in the competition of any kind from SHELL, you’re not entitle to win anything)

    Surprisingly this scam has become incrisingly annoying. Most of them is Bangladesh and Myanmar immigrants trying to take a small amount of money from individuals. We must report this to the police..

  27. farah 9 years ago

    hi all,
    i also got the sms this morning..
    “congratulations SimCARD anda Bertuah Mmenangi hadian Utama Wang tunai Rm17,000.00 dr Syt,Shell BHD. Sila call: 012-8147310 Terima kasih”

    but this is fake coz 360 had clarified about this in the TV. The man who picked up the phone is either Bangla or Indon..

    Shell please do something..

  28. CHRIS 9 years ago

    i did receive a message from 014-3750415.”SHELL PROMOSI”,tahniah anda di pilih,telah bertuah meriah hadiah UTAMA dari SHELL BHD,wang tunai RM17000.00.sila dial di talian 017-837218.TQ.

  29. ruby 9 years ago

    I got the same sms says that I won RM15K from this no:0146779598. I called that number using a fixed line kononnya nak investigate. Memang penipu, the person who answered my call is “Tn.Haji Mohd” and he sounds 100% Indonesian. Try to fool me, saying that he’s working in Sabah and staying in Malaysia for 15 years! I did not give any personal information cause he’s really sound fishy!Becareful everybody!

  30. Oba 9 years ago





  31. little girl 9 years ago

    i also just receive this sms he say my sim card m-nangi(HADIAH UTAMA)WANG TUNAI Rm15k,this is true?????

  32. CSC 9 years ago

    I have also r’ced a sms from 017-8903136 – “Congratulations No’simcard anda Tlah m-menangi HADIAH UTAMA Wang tunai!! Rm15,000.00,dr Syarikat SHELL Call/sila dail:012-8371710 Terima kasih”. When I called, a man (sound like a Bangladesh) is asking for my bank a/c no with ATM card. He also asked me to bank-in RM15.00 & RM15,000.00 cash will be credited directly into my a/c on the same day. I hardly understand what is he trying to explain. Is it TRUE?

  33. CSC 9 years ago

    I got a similar massage fom 0128346527 asking me to call Syarikat Shell at 0128371710 cos my sim card number has won the first prize of RM15,000 in a lucky draw.Is this a con?Pls look into the matter and respond to it,TQ

  34. KJ 9 years ago

    I oso got this message just now.
    But the phone num is 014-3745603.

    Here is the similar massage-
    Nombor simcard anda tlh m-nangi (HADIAH UTAMA)
    WANG TUNAI RM15,000.00, dr Syrkt SHELL.BHD.
    Call/sila dail; 014-5557375
    Terima Kasih.

    But i din nt phone the num.
    i think is scam ritez??
    stupid ppl.. why always want to lie us n get the money frm us..
    why dun their go earn money frm themselves..

  35. sam 9 years ago

    I got a similar massage from 0178325860 asking me to call Syarikat Shell .BHD at 0128230874 cos my sim card number has won the first prize of RM19,000 in a “SHELL PROMOSI”.Is this a con?Pls look into the matter and respond to it,TQ

  36. chris 9 years ago

    I received this sms, ” from shell taniah! anda tlh me”nangi kontes shell 2,3 million. sila hub talian: 0128606969. terima kasih. penghantar: shell.” The above is the exact words used. The sender was +60128632890. I replied him “you stupid fool take the winnings , desperado.”

  37. joseph chin 9 years ago

    Please don’t believe this kind of message. If u really won the prize, the SHELL sure will contact the winner immediately thru phone or letter. where got people use H/P No?
    They don’t have office register No?
    Sum more they sure ask u go to their office take the prizes and capture some photo for advertisement purpose.
    This is logic right?
    When next time receive this kind of message ask him open a cheque. hehe ….

  38. NURUL 9 years ago

    i received sms from syarikat shell bhd. that is i won 17K cause their choosen my SIM card. can u get for me in more details about the contest. what are the procdure to win the amount.

  39. Mod Blank 9 years ago

    I received exactly as below sms:-

    “From SHELL Tahniah!Anda tlh Menangi Contest SHELL 2,3 Million. Sila Hub Talian: 0128233122”

    (Tahniah!Anda) <– they put in one word.
    (tlh) <— not a proper word, put “telah” is should be ok.
    (Hub) <— not a proper word also. suppose “Hubungi”.

    Since its looks like kid or tenage sms word for sure it is not come from the company called “Shell”.

    My advice, Do not call that number.. You can put that message into this web or blog to informing or share that “bullshit” phone no on the web.. Let other ppl playing with them back.

    OR use public phone to call to disturbin that bullshit.

  40. crystine 9 years ago

    I had received sms from 0149584930 saying that i had won RM17,000 as my sim card is choosen for the 1st prize winning. The number that they asked me to call is 0178372718…. Just for your info

  41. TY 9 years ago

    Yeah, i got the same msg today. from Shell but the no. is 012-8290359. Just curious, has anybody reported this number, or other sindicate hp numbers to the police? There needs to be a crackdown on these bogus sindicates!

  42. mie 9 years ago

    I just receive a msg from shell said that i win a prize from a contest and ask me to call 0178399921. i try to cal and some one pick up.
    she sound like indonesian and request me to go to atam card and call her back once i ariive at the atm. but i’m not that stupid. i call to shell customer services to confirm this msg. guess is a scam. Shell will not send such msg to the winner…they will call or send a letter to the winner…so please..don’t give any acc # to people like this. they just want your money…not give us money..think before you act…

  43. Nick tan 9 years ago

    i just get a message like above , so i call back and say “Woi kanina u GY bangla mahu mati ka!” he hang up after that


  44. Mas 9 years ago

    I just recd the following message earlier today (from HP No. 012-8290359):

    “From SHELL Tahniah!Anda tlh Menangi Contest SHELL 2,3 Million. Sila Hub Talian: 0128233122″.

    I called and a guy picked up the phone, he sounds like an Indonesian. He told me that I won $9K and asked for my account number. When I asked why they dont send out cheque instead of depositing into our account, he said its Bank Negara’s policy. I know its a scam because I never take part in any Shell’s contest!! Wonder how they got my phone number!!

  45. Kenny 9 years ago

    Hello…guys…and gals…just recv one today….why cant pur telcos bar these numbers?….Im sure some have reported these cases all this while…so sad being a Malaysian

  46. me 2 9 years ago

    I think this kind of scam is going on everywhere in the world – it’s just a sign of our progress ^_^ i hope no one else will post telling they received an sms and wanted clarification on whether it is a scam.

    IT IS.

    I know the number sounds good, but it is a CON. Sorry guys…

  47. puteri211079 9 years ago

    I also received a message frm 0178973207 saying that I’ve won 12k.The number also asked me to contact 0178934637.Do you realised that most of the numbers used 017 or 012 starting with 8xxxx(why must the first digit starts with digit 8)?. Hurm….weird duh…

    And I think,these scammers only targeting for a victims who use maxis 017/012 or 014.Maybe we can ask Maxis centre to block those numbers…. I smell something fishy here…what do u think?.

    So,friends…be xtra carefull with those numbers…

  48. Vicky 9 years ago

    lol, i got the same message from 0128184214… i reply him :” F*** you idiot bangladesh, we are not stupid, “power root” wont notify winner just by low standard sms, we got internet to check winner list and u just too outdated! so stop cheating people around and shut the f*** up!” lollll!!! haha~

  49. Charles 9 years ago

    The messages you received saying you won and have to give your mobile no., bank a/c no., address etc are scams. I checked with my friends and contacts in Shell.

    You can call their bluff by following steps:
    Call the number provided to you in the SMS message. Use a phone where the number is withheld (private number that will not display or use a public payphone)
    Ask him where he is located. Very likely he will say that he is Bangunan Shell, Semantan. Then you tell him that you prefer to discuss face to face. Whatever he says to that, just tell him that you are on Jalan Semantan and very near Bangunan Shell. I bet you his response will change and may even cut you off. If he takes up the challenge ask him which department, which floor, his name and position.
    Before you go there you can call Shell on 03 20913719 and verify with Cindy Lopez or Stephanie Khoo.

    If you win any of Shell contest it will announced in their website. In the meanwhile google for “Shell winners” and read the articles there and you may also want to check the following URLs:

  50. safwan zain 9 years ago

    macam maner nak menang hah???

  51. jack sully 8 years ago

    No.sim/kad anda telah memenangi
    RM15000,00 dari/SYT SHELL (M) SDN BHD
    sila/dail ditalian 019-8107203

    I Think..
    this is stupid words.. hahahhaaa..
    Dont believe this stupid words..
    SHELL will call u if u WINSSS…

  52. sani 8 years ago

    Saya pun baru dapat sms macam tu bunyinya Promotion Shell SDN BHD.
    Tahniah kad sim (013884****)Bertuah meraih HADIAH UTAMA #RM
    19,000.00″Sila call di Talian 012-818-0251

    Terima sms dr hp 0148682728.

    Awas mat bangla dan indon

  53. saukiyusof 8 years ago

    saya juga ada menerima mesej no telefon saya memenangi wang tunai RM15 000 dari Syarikat Shell Malaysia Berhad.sila dial 019 8038380.bagaimana hendak mengesahkan dan mengelak dari tertipu.

  54. Mis ME 8 years ago

    RM0>Promotion SHELL Tahniah
    Sim Kad anda tlh Berjaya Meraih Cabutan Bertuah
    Sila Call Talian 0128180295. TQ

    What the. H..L!!
    I only did filled up form to win weekly luckydraw when i refill fuel from SHELL..

    Its for the Fuel not the sim card.. that msg was just a SCUM. ignore!

  55. lu yiu chai 8 years ago

    saya turut menerima mesej sim card saya telah memenangi hadiah wang tunai RM19000.00 dari Syarikat Shell Malaysia Berhad<Kuala Lumpur.Sila dail 0178950102.betulkah mesej ini?sila balas mesej saya secepat mungkin~thakyou….

  56. zhofire 8 years ago

    saya pun bru terima msj yg sama dr yg mengatakan’ tahniah anda berjaya memenangi undi dan menangi hadiah terkini RM20000; sila dial 0148535123…ini adalah scam….jgn percaya langsung… jgn bg apa2 no akaun kpd mereka…jika telefon mereka suara mcm indonesia… haji ismail harun….the bullshit people…you are very stupid if you trust him…

  57. xiaomonu 8 years ago

    Their latest phone. no. +60148682728 and +60128180251. Almost got con. Luckily the ATM machine warned me!!! Be careful everyone!!

  58. Pn. Kuantan 8 years ago

    Salam alaik…..
    Baru shj dapat sms yang sama dengan anda semua…..
    Sekian lama perkara ini berleluasa…..
    Dari akhir 2006…..hingga sekarang…..
    Masih ader yang bodoh sombong…….hendak menduga akal dari yang berakal…..
    Saya merayu…jgn sesekali reply / call nombor2 yang diberikan oleh PERAGUT ini…..

  59. naw1074 8 years ago

    Ari ni : saya pun bru terima msj yg sama dr yg mengatakan’ tahniah anda berjaya memenangi hadiah utama RM19000; sila dial 0178950102
    dari sms pengirim +60198109051


  60. ismail 8 years ago

    saya baru terima sms no hantar lain0148609769 tapi suruh cal no lain 0198038380 ingat kita bodoh lu bangla /indo lagi bodoh hendak tipu biarlah betul bangang betul bangla/indo tu

  61. Mamat,KL 8 years ago

    Bru pg ni saya trima msj yg sama mengatakan”Tahniah kad Sim Bertuah
    meraih HADIAH UTAMA RM19,000.00 dr Shell Sdn.Bhd.Sila Dail 6012-
    8180251…Sy sdh hbngi penghantar sms ni +6019-
    5819380 n dapati no hp itu dijwb oleh seorg lelaki diLahad Datu,Sabah..
    Pelik juga sy sbb xde borang peraduan yg sy hntr pd shell pn tp MENANG!..Tlg pihak Shell bgkn jwpn sgra…..

  62. salvianus bin timbun 8 years ago

    saya salvianus timbun menerima msj pada 3/2/2010,dari (shell perdana, syt shell (m) bhd, telah menang cabutan bertuah RM:15.000.00

  63. salvianus bin timbun 8 years ago

    saya salvianus timbun menerima msj pada 3/2/2010,dari (shell perdana,syt shell (m) bhd,telah menang cabutan RM:15 000 (sila dail di talian 014 8696328

  64. Ooi KS 8 years ago

    Just receive massage from 0148609769 that my H/P no had won ‘Cabutan Bertuah from Shell (M) Berhad amounting RM15,000 and ask to dail 0145521092. I believe it is a scam as I do not enter any contest witgh shell.

  65. MamaBoo 8 years ago

    received sms early morning bout me winning the RM15,000.00…
    rajin tul pagi2 buat dah antar notification to the winners…

  66. NOOR RAFIDAH 8 years ago

    SHELL PERDANA no telefon anda telah menang cabutan bertuah RM 15.00,00 dr SYKT SHELL (M) SDN BHD. Sila/dail ditalian; 0145521092.Terima kasih

  67. NOOR RAFIDAH 8 years ago

    I hust received message from number +60148609769 that my handphone.SHELL PERDANA no telefon anda telah menang cabutan bertuah RM 15.00,00 dr SYKT SHELL (M) SDN BHD. Sila/dail ditalian; 0145521092.Terima kasih

  68. fieedah 8 years ago

    I hust received message from number +60148609769 that my handphone.SHELL PERDANA no telefon anda telah menang cabutan bertuah RM 15.00,00 dr SYKT SHELL (M) SDN BHD. Sila/dail ditalian; 0145521092.Terima kasih- suara mcm org indonesia..ini adalah penipuan tolong jangan percaya.sebab dia minta no akuan..ini adalah scam

  69. fakhrul 8 years ago

    i’ve recieved sms tis morning from the number +60145641200. “Promotion’s SHELL.SDN.BHD. Tahniah.. Sim kad anda berjaya meraih cabutan bertuah RM 19,000.00. Sila Call di Talian PEJABAT SHELL 017894116″…. Pls take note ppl… TQ

  70. Hasamuddin 8 years ago

    Saya terima mesej dari cell no. 0148682728. Promotion’s SHELL SDN BHD . Tahniah kad sim bertuah meraih hadiah utama RM19,000. Sila call di talian 012-8180251.

  71. Razak Mustafa 8 years ago

    got a msg from 014-5641200 “Tahniah..SimCard anda Berjaya meraih Cabutan bertuah RM 19,000.00 Dari PROMOTION SHELL.SDN.BHD. Sila Call di Talian Pejabat Shell: 017-8949116”. fast money used by idiot guy to cheat a stupid guy..

  72. IJOT 8 years ago


  73. IJOT 8 years ago


  74. Oja 8 years ago

    it’s a scam sms …i received today winning a lucky draw worth RM15,000
    from 014 8609769 SYK SHELL(M) BHD and call 0148696328 (Indonesian male)request us to give bank details so they can bank in the money without any charge….can u believe it? hahhhhh…

  75. niiina zeezi 8 years ago

    today i received sms from 013-8938297 yg menyatakan i memenangi RM15 ribu, sila contact 013-5564649 when i called back nobody pick up the phone..dari situ i know this is satu penipuan ..harap SHELL mengambil tindakan.

  76. redivy 8 years ago

    i got tho sms too win 15k from 014-8696328 i just deleted it ^^
    cz i know i never take any of shell contest how will i win? smart right?
    but how come the scam got lot of phone number? all the sms hv different number maybe the polices or maxis need to do something for stop them from scam ppl

  77. hafiz 8 years ago

    me too, received the SMS from 014 860 9769 to call 013 556 4649. I rasa kene buat report polis la since it happen from 2007

  78. jaddy 8 years ago

    saya pun ada menerima sms dr shell berhad yang mengatakan simkad saya telah terpilih undian dan memenagi rm20,000..adakah in benar……..bls sms ni……

  79. ggkranz 8 years ago

    i also received the same msg too this morning..i won RM19,000 because of my sim is a lucky sim card from 014-5641200 and it asked me to call Shell Call Center line 017-8949116…haha what the h***.call center using hp no?…this thing totally froud..i think the pump attendance are involved in u ever fill up any forms at petrol station?..i think this is how they get our phone no..

  80. awe 8 years ago

    sy pun dpt msg y sama mcm ko orang dpt…
    dr no tel ni 014-5505303 rm20k..
    n then dia suruh call no ni 017-8639043

  81. Kelvin 8 years ago

    just receive a message ” tahniah” No.SIMcard Anda t’lah Berjaya Cabutan BERTUAH ( RM 15.000,00)
    dr Syarikat Shell
    No.Siri 772547 Sila call ditalian 0138722336

    The phone number send this idiot sms to me is ( 0198732545)
    Do not ever believe such a idiot sms.If u win the contest or cavutan bertuah that company should(must) sent a letter or just dirrect call to us. just bang this type of idiot sms>

  82. Khalid 8 years ago

    Today got a sms from 013-8842738:

    Tahniah no simcard anda telah berjaya meraih RM 20,000.00. Sila dail talian 017-8639602.

    Mohon pihak shell ambil tindakan. TQ

  83. Nur 8 years ago

    Sent by: 0145532680 on 20 April 2010

    Nombor: SimCard Anda tlh terpilih dlm undian &Memenangi Hadiah terkini, RM20,000 NO. SIRI; 9R619YK dr Syrkt (SHELL – BERHAD)Sila dail; 0148535123

    ^ Tipu, kan?

  84. Atiqa 8 years ago

    Hari ni 24.4.2010, saya menerima sms dari hp no: 014-5632665,
    .. SHELL PERDANA Nombor telefon Anda tlh menang Cabutan bertuah “HADIAH UTAMA” RM15,000 dr SYT SHELL (M) BHD sila dail ditalian: 013-5564649. TQ

    Harap pihak ambil tindakan wajar.

  85. a hamid jaafar 8 years ago

    26 april 2010. i received call from 0148696328 saying i won RM15 thousand.

  86. izieradziah 8 years ago

    received this sms today from ‘SHELL PERDANA’ (mobile no: 0145517908) “Nombor telefon anda tlh menang cabutan bertuah ‘HADIA UTAMA’ RM15,000 dr SYT SHELL (M) BHD sila dail ditalian 014-8696328” – i am confused when received this sms, and don’t find it ‘real’ for i never participated in any contests though! Anyway, i did call the no. (014-8696328) one indonesian guy picked-up the call and mentioned his name as so and so and claim he is one the director for the company – a director is handling customer service duty? daaa….. Said the money will be transferred to my acct, but he need my account no. – told him that i don’t remember, he then cut off the conversation and ask me to call him back with account no. cause he needs to do money transfer directly to my account. Cheater!! if Shell is doing this as part of their promotion practice, they will pay this via check – mock check with photo sessions some more dear… they would not simply transfer money that you won. They will need to see your face to announce to others…. Becareful guys….

  87. zaza 8 years ago

    saya terima mesej daripada nombor +628118700504 yg myatakan. Mklmt dari Syrkt shellMlys.thniah NO simcard Anda telah Berjaya dlm Cbtn bertuah RM 20.000 Sila dail : 006281281344549 Terima kasih.
    saya musykil sbb saya xpna mgikuti cbtn btuah ini…

  88. mdlan 8 years ago

    Nombor phone saya memenangi cabutan bertuah RM15k dalam peraduan Shell Perdana. Sila dail 0148696328. Betul ke?

  89. amarkapak 8 years ago

    i got idea…how about we reply the call and ‘maki hamun’ the person??hahahahaha..

  90. SAE 8 years ago

    Received sms from 0195338038, said that promotion shell M.(berhad), no. sin carde anda t’lah berjaya menangi hadiah RM20,000, sila dail 0138921433, when i call is a one like inda man answer and request my bank a/c no and atm card no. Please SHELL TAKE ACTION.

  91. mohan 8 years ago

    saya terima msg dari 019 8088478 dari pada shell berhad taniah simcard anda telah berjaya memenangi cabutan bertuah RM12,000.00 no siri#118389
    sila hubungi office 019 8537 004 bila saya pangil call masok ke peti suara..

  92. Wandi 8 years ago

    today 12/5/2010 I received from SMS from 013 8960593 text from SYK SHELL (M) SDN BHD i have won RM 15,000-00 and tell call the this number 0135564649 to claim the money.

    this is the bull story…I reply 1: I have filled up most of the time with ESSO KIOSK. How come my number randomly drawn to be a winner !


  93. widzalovehossa 8 years ago

    hari ini i terima lagi sms dari mereka ni.mereka cakap sheel.sdn.bhd ada hadiah utama utk aku 19,000 pulak!
    ada ke betul apa yg mereka katakan tu…
    sila ambil tindakan,jikalau ia ialah satu penipuaan bagi rakyat.
    terima kasih..

  94. nursuhada 8 years ago


  95. iskandar 8 years ago

    agak2lah kalau nak tipu orang?entah mana mamat bangla lah yg antar msg ni?minta pihak bertanggungjawab pantau?

  96. Azie 8 years ago

    just got the stupid SMS like u guys.. How come this scam still active huh??!!

  97. zara 8 years ago

    awas…taktik menipu duit orang…ada ke patut kalau kawan i pernah call dia bagi syarat perlu beli reload card maxis rm60…apa kaitan shell dgn maxis

  98. Suhakam 8 years ago

    Saya pun terima juga. Banyak duit tu. Teringin nak dapat duit raya. Bila phone balik perempuan cina angkat. Dia ngaku syarikat shell tapi suruh tunggu kejap. suruh tel balik 5 minit kemudian. Tapi saya tak phone pun sebab saya yakin dia tipu. Kalau betul tentu saya dapat ucapan tahniah dulu. Bodoh juga dia tu….

  99. ami 8 years ago

    today 8/10/2010 I received from SMS from 0198096645 text from SYK SHELL (M) SDN BHD that my sim card no. have won RM 19,000-00 and tell call the this number 0178940597 to claim the money.
    i wanna know who this s***** person sending this kind of msj, not once but fuhhhh!! many time…..STUPIDO MESSAGE…
    minta mane2 pihak yg b’tnggungjwb sila pantau…TQ

  100. cyril 8 years ago

    hows my present

  101. cyril 8 years ago

    menang hadiah RM 19,000.sms datang dengan saya…apa betul ke tak ni?minta no.acc lagi tu…..

  102. Oceanflyer 8 years ago

    I have recieved a sms at 07/10/2010
    from 012-8068335 , as in msg they send From; SHELL BHD ,Tahniah No anda Me’nangi Contest Shell RM10,000 No siri;”447889 Maklumat Hub ; 017-8345289 Terima Kasih. Penghantar Shell.
    *** pls take action on this msg sender if this is a bamboozle msg that always cheat ppl and bringing trouble!!

  103. Ho 8 years ago

    today, just received sms said winning the shell contest 10k, need to go to ATM machines can call them, will guide me to key in the serial no. to win the money. It’s a scam, why people using Shell contest to chit people

  104. siti 8 years ago

    I pun same terima mesej yang sama. Tapi… yang peliknya macamane mereka ( individu tersebut boleh tahu yang kita menghantar peraduan) So… i think… mereka yang hantar sms palsu tu mestilah di kalangan individu yang bekerja dengan shell juga. Pengirimnya adalah 012-8068335. Dan dia minta hubungi 017-8345289 untuk pertanyaan lebih lanjut.

  105. wahid 8 years ago

    mohon ambil tindakan
    saya baru dpt sms memaklumkan menang peraduan/
    cabutan sim card banyak pulak tu rm19,000
    siap dengan no pin dan no untuk dihubungi 0128180251

  106. crystal jazzy 8 years ago

    promotion’s..tahniah sim kad anda meraih hadiah percuma ”rm 19,000.00” dari SHELL HELIX,no pin 5522299,sila dail 0178950102…..penipu jaaaa,,,,,,harap shell ambil tindakan kt pemilik no berkenaan…0178950102…penghantar msj 0145553645

  107. FWMA 8 years ago

    Received sms from 019-5314752 on 17/10/2010, said that Tahniah sim kad anda tlh meraih hadiah percuma “RM19,000”, dari ‘SHELL HELIX No pin (552299) sila call ditalian 0178949116


  108. MorningStar 8 years ago

    received from a 012 806 4847 that ‘No sim card anda t’lah berjaya memenangi HADIAH Utama dari syrkt Shell (M).sdn,bhd RM(20.000,00) Sila dial di talian 012 841 8245

  109. Carol 8 years ago

    hey all,
    pls do refer to the shell website

    I too received the same SMS stating that I have won RM 15,000.00 from Shell Contest which I previously had entered.

    Pls be careful. If any doubt do check Shell Bhd. website.

  110. wabillah 8 years ago

    Saya baru terima promotion’s..tahniah sim kad anda meraih hadiah percuma ”rm 19,000.00” dari SHELL HELIX,no pin 5522299,sila dail 0128180296…..penipu jaaaa,,,,,,harap shell ambil tindakan kt pemilik no berkenaan…0178950102…penghantar msj 0145553645 Yang hairan no tel berlainan dari semasa ke semasa …….

  111. rosdi 8 years ago

    4/11/2010 menyamar sebagai dato nizam abd ghani no tel 0178950102 tahniah hadiah percuma 19000 peraduan shell helix penipuan ini terus berleluasa mohon pihak polis menyiasat pemilik telefon ini no akaun bank rakyat 222610789 bekerja di tmn samanthan damansara bangunan shell tingkat 10 yang dimaklumkan oleh dato tersebut. tolonglah pihak shell menyekat perkara ini

  112. Malaysian Lover 8 years ago

    This is what i had received
    ” From; SHELL BHD. Promotion.
    Tahniah! anda t’lah m”nangi contest shell, CEK TUNAI No siri “447889” Maklumat Hub; 017 8359477. Terima Kasih.” – received from 012 8642044

    Scammer make the message so real..they hav plenty of trick to make u believe them. u dono when they will come up with a creative method.

    btw… i wan to make a report at police station..hope they willt take action

  113. dayah 8 years ago

    i got text from rm20 000 000…can i beleive or not??

  114. chipmunk 8 years ago

    Sender: +6285213793159
    Date: 11-Dec-2010 Time: 11:18am

    CardSim Anda t’lah Dikemas kinikan b’jaya Cabuta b’tua RM.20.000.00._
    No.Siri: 112577
    Sila Dail Office: 01-280-9347
    Penghantar; Shell M.Bhd

    exactly mcm yg tertulis dlm msg sy.

    • Amed cbool 5 years ago

      Betol ke psal shell bonus ni dpt x pecaye je..

  115. lie 8 years ago


  116. lie 8 years ago

    nasib tak bagi no account…….T.Q to encik ismail marzuki…..

  117. ryan...alex 7 years ago

    y no body try to stop it

  118. ryan...alex 7 years ago

    i also received same sms said i won 19000 but the truth is if i really win y not just sent letter to my address ketara menipu

  119. uzairie mutiara 7 years ago

    saya meneriamh msg cari 0128571020 yg berbunyi”congratulation”sim card berjaya menangi 20.000.00 dar DR/SHELL M.BHD NO SERI;778899 SILA DAIL OFFICE 01-7869-1477 penhantar shell m.bhd oringnal!
    ada ka! tu betul atau satu penipuan?

  120. BlueSky 7 years ago

    From this fucking num 014-5508781 with pin 0128180251 to claim rm19k. beware!

  121. Noamie 7 years ago

    also received the same msg too this morning..i won RM19,000 because of my sim is a lucky sim card from +628984083040 and it asked me to call Shell Call Center line 017-8940375…haha what the h***.call center using hp no?…wht teh hell is this?????

  122. AntiScammer 7 years ago

    i got this msg from +60128013874

    “From;SHELL BHD. Promosion…tahniah!anda t’lah m’nangi contest shell,CEK TUNAI.(No siri#887889)MAKLUMAT sila hub esok hari;0178379939 Terima kasih.

  123. Warga Prihatin 7 years ago

    Saya turut menerima SMS daripada 0178348693 yang serupa. Ini sms yang saya terima pagi ini.

    From; SHELL BHD. Promotion…tahniah!anda t’lah m’nangi contest shell, CEK TUNAI. No. siri 299809 Maklumat Hub; 0178359477 Terima kasih.

    Ini scam message. Saya harap pihak Shell ambil tindakan segera ke atas nombor-nombor ini.

  124. ckh2011 7 years ago

    i doubt shell contest is just for their staff, from what i heard someone asked the shell staff for cheat and he got shared $$$. hope shell take note on this and try to avoid this thing happen again, it’s unfair to other people.

  125. MIZI 7 years ago


  126. mizan 7 years ago

    Simcard anda
    Berjaya menangi
    RM 20,000.00,-
    From promotion
    No.Siri : 254787
    Sila Call Office:
    Thank you

  127. eqin 7 years ago

    promotion’s tahniah sim kad anda tlh meraih HADIAH percuma “RM19.000.00” SHELL HELIX
    ,sila call di talian 0128114136

  128. Author
    Sha 7 years ago

    Kepada semua,

    Diharap supaya anda tidak mudah terpedaya dengan tipu muslihat mereka yang hanya ingin mengambil kesempatan dengan menggunakan hadiah peraduan dan nama syarikat-syarikat besar seperti Shell.

    Sekiranya anda menerima SMS seperti ini, ianya boleh diabaikan kerana pihak penganjur tidak akan sesekali menghantar mesej SMS kepada pemenang.


  129. Jasmine 7 years ago

    “From;SHELL BHD. Promosion…tahniah!anda t’lah m’nangi contest shell,CEK TUNAI.(No siri#887889)MAKLUMAT sila hub esok hari;0178379939 Terima kasih.

    So damn stupid, if this is real, why never pick up my phone call which only shown “private number”.

  130. mayor 7 years ago

    scam 012-8180251..
    sms: Tahniah simkad anda telah meraih cabutan bertuah rm19000 dari Shell Helix

  131. Fendy Kedah 6 years ago

    today i got one message by someone from SHELL.BHD.. he’s told to me, he is manager in shell company KL? this it true or not? this is first time i receive the sms.. where the company?

  132. Mat Al-Qaida 6 years ago

    Akhir2 ini wujud kembali manusia2 yang suka mengambil kesempatan menggunapakai nama syarikat besar seperti SHELL untuk menjaja promosi BOHONG dengan tujuan MENIPU masyarakat melalui SMS. Apabila diadukan, pihak SHELL lantas menafikan terlibat, setakat itu sahaja? Sepatutnya pihak SHELL perlu membersihkan diri dengan membuat laporan polis tempatan (bahagian jenayah perdagangan) atau pihak berkuasa tempatan yang mana berkaitan dengan melaporkan kesemua nombor fon suspect yang terlibat. Jika melibatkan persempadanan negara, maka perlulah dilaporkan kepada pihak INTERPOL kerana ini melibatkan imej korporat & reputasi keseluruhan organisasi diseluruh dunia. Jika kurang berkesan, berhubung terus dengan syarikat telekomunikasi terbabit. Perlu guna segala kekuatan untuk membanteras gejala sebegini, jika mahu ianya berakhir. Jika tidak, menyanyilah lagu BANGAU OH BANGAU…Jenayah sebegini perlu dihabiskan atau dimusnahkan terus hingga ke akar umbinya, jangan dibiarkan berputik walau sedikit kerana akan menjadi virus menggugat keharmonian sejagat. Terima kasih & wassalam.

  133. mat edi 6 years ago

    Semua yang buat keha tu bodoh, bahlooo.., bangan ,, giler —aku sumpah jadi minyak petrol hahahh

  134. nur ain jerantut 6 years ago

    jika anda memilih shell maka anda akan mendapat hadiah yang amat bertuah seperti anda akan dapat jumlah wang ringgit yang bernilai RM 2,000,000




  135. Mary P. Lim 6 years ago

    just saw that I mary p lim won 20,0000 ringgit malaysia for selected for reload my phone with code given and tel no to call. Called on sunday 13th Mei 2012. Could not get through, please advise.I am the same person

  136. jie 6 years ago

    Saya baru dapat sms dari no:0145686163 kata my card menang RM20,000.00 bila call tak angkat, betul ke laman web ni?

  137. azlan 6 years ago

    menang 20K….sila dail 0178231747 dari no yg sms saya 0198624892….yang saya dapat pagi tadi 16/7/2012….hahahaha….penipuan terlampau….dan memang melampau…

  138. cheng 6 years ago

    i also just received the sms that i hv win rm20,000, with web too. i call back the no. 017-8231514. one Hj Ibrahim answered. he said this prize is won in collaboration between shell & celcom….a lucky draw. but sound rude. he ask for my bank that have atm. this think this is a scam. what do you think?

  139. abdul Karim Adam 6 years ago

    saya dapat sms dari 014-8597308 dia minta saya tel: 014-2846268 bila saya tel dia (indon punya suara) minta saya pergi ke mesin atm my bank dan telefonnya semula – nyatakan nombor siri yg tertera pada skrin…. begitu le liciknya mereka!

    T kasih.

  140. Asam Suk 6 years ago

    Nope, it’s a scam! The website info seems fake!

  141. yhc 6 years ago

    sender : +60138195527
    Date: 02/08/2012
    Text : Congratulations! Anda telah berjaya menangi RM: 30,000 From; SHEll SDN-BHD NO SIRI;257888 sila call office; (0111-400-2858).

    This is what i have get today.

  142. Riza 6 years ago

    NEVER ENDING SCAM. NEVER GET CAUGHT. KAYA RAYA MAMAT TU! I got d same sms. Dah millionaire bangsat tu gamaknya. mkn duit rakyat Msia! Topup free, yg tertipu ghairah nak cpt kaya, mata duitan dan MALAS NAK GUNA AKAL! Kesiannnnnnn……nyerrrrrr!!! 7 tahun kerja dia menipu, mesti dah pakar TAPI pakar taik kucing! His latest number: 017 8231479… TANGKAP LA ! TUNGGU APA LAGI wahai pihak yg berwajib?

  143. Wawa 6 years ago

    Saya juga terima sms yg sama, bila call tanya number card yg mana? Satu perempuan indonesia yg jawap, dia kata “saya tak suka org cakap banyak”

    Mmg sah penipu

    Mintak pihak Shell buat sesuatu dlm hal ini untuk menjaga nama baik syarikat.


  144. Muhiza Abdol Razak 6 years ago

    03/08/2012.. saya baru terima mesej
    Your card tlah berjaya dan menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE dr Shell(M) BHD RM 20,000.00. No siri 9R247YK . sila dail talian 017-8231-747…. nampaknya benda ni kembali aktif

  145. Ken 6 years ago

    Ands Berjaya Menangi
    30K From Shell sdn/bhd
    No. Siri 257888
    Sila call office 01114002878

  146. Raja 6 years ago
  147. Apple Tay 6 years ago

    Just received the message from Shell Sdn/bhd., abour Promotion draw, is't that true? Where I can check?

  148. Catrine 6 years ago

    I receive sms of winning theRM20,000.00 and ask to go to ATM machine to transfer the money. The person I call ask told me that they can’t credit the payment into one bank. Few process to go through in one bank and actually the money was transfered from my account to another person account from other bank. Please let us know what actully happening? Please e-mail me.


  149. mia90 6 years ago

    sy pn kne cmni,,tp tu sume pngajaran wt sy,,dia suh bli topup,,sy pon bengong,,npee x call cust servs clcom dlu tnye de ke bkerjasama dgn shell wt cabutan btuah,,bila call dia ckp awkk da kne tipu,,

  150. Jessheldon Vonod 6 years ago

    This morning I received a winning notification from hp no;0111 580 7240 that reads :You Winner of Cabutan bertuah RM30,000.From Shell Sdn Bhd NO SIRI:******Sila call office:0111 400 2879. When I text to ask if its really from Shell, there's no reply.About an hour later I called the hp no given and the answer was, ini KLCC, Shell.When I asked the receiver(a guy) if the text came from Shell, he straight away told me off' by saying"If you tidak percaya itu dari Shell, jangan telephone BODOH".To Shell S/B, is this notification true? An early clarification from u/Shell on the authenticity of this text on winning notification.

  151. Anonymous 6 years ago

    It's fake sms, I also received it and checked with Shell company there are no such thing.

  152. Haha 6 years ago

    c) Prize awards and grants
    The awards of prizes and monetary grants often come through via text messages and/or e-mails purporting to be from Shell London, UK, informing that the recipient has won in the Shell Petroleum International lottery promo and similar non existent competitions, and asking the customer to send money in order to receive the winnings. 
    Please note that Shell Group companies are NOT involved in any lottery or mobile draws, e-mail/sms (grant) awards.

    What to do…

    Do not respond to unsolicited business propositions and/or job offers from people or e-mail addresses you do not know or trust.

    Do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know or trust or on a website you do not trust.  Should you have disclosed this information to somebody you do not know or trust or to a website you do not trust consider reporting the incident to your local law enforcement.

    Be on the lookout for suspicious signs – e.g. communications from non-Shell e-mail addresses (e.g. from a address); poor use of English; and requests for money

  153. rave ooi 6 years ago

    I got too, sms from +60168591238 congratulations! Anda telah berjaya menangi Rm; 30,000 from; SHEll SDN-BHD NO SIRI; xxxxxx sila call office;(0111-403-0626) T.KASIH is it really? But i didnt make call or any else…….

  154. khai 6 years ago

    i also received the same sms from 0148511992 indicating that i’m a winner of RM19000 from shell and ask me to call to 0128161645….belive me….its a scam…

  155. cicikocici 6 years ago

    teruja sangat2 bila dpt tau menang….tapi adakah manusia sanggup bg duit free je kpada org tanpa sebab…saya pun br trima sms dr shell kononnya menang 30 000 skali saya call rupanya mat indo koplo..suruh bg akaun sgala aku ikut je padahal dlm akaun saya satu sen pun tak ade….dia ingat dia je pandai tipu,,,saya lagi gila jika dia main gila..bulshit punya mat indo.cicickocici

  156. Kelvin Eng 6 years ago

    just now my wife forward a msg to me " Promotion Anda berjaya menangi RM 30,000.From Shell sdn bhd. No Siri : ******* Sila call Office 01114002879…… is this truth?

  157. Kelvin Eng 6 years ago

    just now my wife forward a msg to me " Promotion Anda berjaya menangi RM 30,000.From Shell sdn bhd. No Siri : ******* Sila call Office 01114002879…… is this truth?

  158. Pheobe Lee 6 years ago

    just now i received a msg " your winner!!!anda berjaya menangi wang cabutan betuah RM30,000 from Shell SDN-B
    NO SIRI:****** sila call office 01115807240…
    is this truth?

  159. mama tertipu 6 years ago

    Saya sudah tertipu dalam paksaan 28k kerana percaya yg sim cad saya berjaya meraih hadiah 19k dari Shel Helix. Sila hubungi Ahmad Nizam Abdul Ghani tel no 0178320403 – agen Shell Sdn Bhd & Dato Ismail Marzuki – agen Bank Negara tel no 0128230350. semua wang simpanan saya di agihkan kepada en Khamarul Paiman bank rakyat acc no 220661490037 & en Hazlan Hazis acc bank rakyat no 220661467224. jika saya ingkar wang simpanan saya sebanyak 21k akan hilang tapi cek no 2121592457 dari telah sedia dengan jumlah 40k iaitu wang hadiah campur duit simpanan saya akan diaktifkan jika saya ikut arahan dato tapi sampai hari ini jumlah wang tinggi tetap di minta bagai along hanya nak aktifkan cek dari bank rakyat tersebut. simpanan saya dalam cimb gone ditambah dengan hutang lain. total 28k mengenyangkan mereka. Wahai Shell Sdn Bhd & Shell Helix tolonglah pantau orang2 ini. Banyak lagi mangsa diluar sana.

    • cat bangsar 6 years ago

      Saya pun sama tapi nasib baik saya tak ghairah untuk memberi mereka wang yang mereka suruh transfer. saya habis pun dalam rm 5k.

  160. arnold 6 years ago

    me also just receive the same msg an hour ago.. haha..

  161. Ivan Wong 6 years ago

    just now my I received a msg aso" your winner! anda berjaya menangi wang cabutan betuah RM30,000 from Shell SDN-BHD.No Siri : ******* Sila call Office 01114002879…we ady try call to check it is fake once!

  162. Ahmad Mulana 6 years ago

    any one already get real money after received this sms…..rm30k…

  163. tarenceJoe 6 years ago

    Hi ppl,, i rceived sms just now from this number 0168591238 saying,,congratulation!! anda berjaya menangi wang cabutan betuah RM30,000 from Shell SDN-BHD.No Siri : ******* Sila call Office 01114030626 T,kasih,,, i called and this guy then asked me to buy reload numbr worth about rm150 as a verification (he say)and even insist that this is real ,,stupidly i gave my acc no and also the atm card(thank God thres only RM 7 buxx in d acc).. I THINK THE GUY or THIS SYNDICATE’S MEMBER SHULD BE HANG IF CAUGHT,THEY’D JUST WASTED MY TIME,,WHEN I SUPPOSED TO WASH My CAR DURING THE FINE WEATHER JUST NOW..S****!!

  164. insan tertipu 6 years ago

    aku pn baru tertipu..semalam 3k dah aku keluarkan…pagi nie org 2 mtk lagi 1500…tp aku rase mcm ade bnd yang xkena je…aku pn terus selidik rupanya ramai lagi yang tertipu…tp dye bagi aku num ic 781102-08-1353..mohd nizam bin abd ghani…ko tgu la ape aku nk buat…kpada pihak shell sila buat pantauan kpda mat indon nie..

  165. pending 6 years ago

    harap anda jangan percaya sms ini ..
    ini adalan satu penipuan

  166. Nesya Hanie 6 years ago

    I also have the same issue. is it true? I accidentally give the acc no to this guy..

    • Hasif Khan 6 years ago

      call police. better take precaution.

    • Nesya Hanie 6 years ago

      mek call maybank trus tek.. hahah. confiden gilak . takut asa nak kol polis.. hee

    • Runa Hjlakile 6 years ago

      It's fake.
      Shell did hold a contest recently called "Get Your Heart Racing" that ended on 31st May and the name of the winners were announced in their web page
      You could never be a winner if you have never submit the prescribed contest form.
      Be suspicious if the SMS or e-mail ask you to call a mobile number to claim the "prize". The customer service numbers of well established companies are usually fixed (not mobile).

  167. Len Chel 6 years ago

    I I get the msg today…
    msg is it truely……

  168. Len Chel 6 years ago

    I I get the msg today…
    msg is it truely……

  169. Len Chel 6 years ago

    I I get the msg today FROM THIS NUMBER 0138498528 AT 9.00.5 AM…your winner! anda berjaya menangi wang cabutan betuah Rm30k from shell SDN.BHD.NO SIRI :******.SILA CALL OFFICE: 0111-288-4023.
    msg is it truely……

  170. Azli 6 years ago

    Nizam ghani was caught yesterday in kuching.please call balai polis sg maOng kuching,sarawak.

  171. CYE 6 years ago

    every sms from Shell sdn bhd adalah tipu…jgn percaya…this morning i received the sms said that i 1 of the winner for the lucky draw amounting to rm30000,then i call the no yg mereka org bg kat sms tu,then dia kata klau sya xdpt dtg ofis ambik duit sila bg akaun saya tidak bagi akaun no. cuma bgtau org tu nanti saya kol balik bg jawapan…then just to cnfirm its it true o not, i call 1of the shell branch and ask sma ada pihak shell ada bg apa2 hadiah buat masa skrg dan pihak shell kata tidak ada apa2 hadiah yg shell bg dan mereka bgtau jgn percaya kerana ini kes tipu..and pihak shell inform kalau btl kita menang apa2 dr shell,mereka akan call kita terus n BKN SMS..

  172. faizal 6 years ago

    Br td sy kol no yg sms saya yg mengatakan sy menang 20k..haji ape ntah namenye dialek indon nye memang xleh nk ubah.minta no akaun sy tp sy bg no chasis motosikal saya yg hilang.die bgtau ptg ni dia akan masukan duit kt acc(no chasis) moto saya..ntah mcm mane die blh dpt no fon saya pun xtau padahal no ni register atas nama indon jgk.indon tu pun dh blk indonesia..

  173. Baldoo Upm Zulkifli 6 years ago

    just now I received a msg " your winner! your card telah berjaya menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE from Shell SDN-B.
    NO SIRI:……… sila call 0128621578. IS IT TRUE;;;;;; WHAT CARD.

  174. noormala 6 years ago

    RM0.Your card tlh brjaya dan menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr Shell (M) Bhd rm20000.00 No.Siri 9R247YK Sila dail talian: 017-8155-193

  175. Nny 6 years ago

    just now my I received a msg aso” your winner! anda berjaya menangi RM25,000 from Shell SDN-BHD.No Siri : 881234 Sila call Office 01112625 066. The stupied sms, I was replie them to issue a cheque to me..wait for see what is their reply.

  176. Suzana Azmi 6 years ago

    RM0. Your cardtlh berjayadan memenangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE dr shell (M) BHD. RM 20,000 no siri. 9R247 YK. sila dail0178154978

    • Berry Biru 6 years ago

      so ape u buat?u ase ni btul ke tpu?20k tu

    • Suzana Azmi 6 years ago

      buat de je..hehehe

    • Berry Biru 6 years ago

      u xtpon no tu ke?

    • Zaidi Tahir 6 years ago

      Saya juga dapat msj yang sama.. Sebiji macam msj yg u dpt. no. siri pun sama.. sah..! Pengirimnya tu PENYANGAK..

    • Zaidi Tahir 6 years ago

      saya dh call kt no tu.. Dpt jwapan.. dia bgi tau nama dn alamat pejabat Shell. lps tu sya kata apasal suara u mcm mat indon.. Dia kata dia org Sarawak nama Hj. …. Lps tu dia mcm nak naik angin je..

    • Suzana Azmi 6 years ago

      bagus zaidi tahir myiasat, pyangak mcm tu memang kena balun, asal x pegi jupa bg pnumbuk padu…

    • Zierah Ali 6 years ago

      saya dpt gak,siap minta kita p bank n call nombor tu..n tnya akaun tu aktif x..

    • Mohd Yazid 6 years ago

      saya pun dapat mesej yang sama semalam… tp tak layan pun..

    • klakarnyer… saya pun no serial sama jugak, rasanya scam ni

    • Bro Khai 5 years ago

      Zaidi Tahir kena wat report polis ni..

    • Bro Khai 5 years ago

      Zierah Ali nasib baik x minta no surat beranak kan..

    • Wan Nash 5 years ago

      Sama juga saya, dpt msg sebijik mcm Zaidi. no siri pun sama.. Saya dah agak ini penipuan tapi saya cuba selagi x membabitkan wang tapi apabila diminta bank-in seribu, dah sah kerja nak tipu.
      Yg silapnya bila ikut ckp nya, utk transfer dari Bank Rakyat kata x boleh transfer 20K sb limit saya 5K, sepatutnya saya key-in semula 5K, mungkin dapat..wallahualam.

    • Nur Fara Putra 5 years ago

      arini pun saya dpat yg sama.. NO SIRI 9R247.. RM20,000… tetapi no telefon lain skit..
      012-8613038.. korang jgn la percaya..ini semua penipu…

    • Norazlina Mat Rani 5 years ago

      sy bru je dpt sms yg sama mcm Nur Fara phone pun sama..tipu je smua tu

    • Nur Umyra 5 years ago

      Btl kew dpt..?

  177. Suzana Azmi 6 years ago

    mcm tipu…sy penah dapat cabutan bertuah dari Caltex…diaorg call n minta datang ke stesen minyak caltex utk amik prize.. tp memang betul…

  178. p'zul JR 6 years ago

    RM0. Your card tlh berjaya dan memenangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE, dr shell (M) BHD. RM 20,000 no siri. 9R 247 YK. sila dail talian 012-8621-578


  179. Abu Bakar Ahmad 6 years ago

    Hi. I got SMS. Winning 20,000 with series no 9r 247YK . To call 017-8154978

    • Naim Bieber 6 years ago

      akum,13nov12 sy dapat msg dr shell menangi 20,000.00,adakah semua ini betul?

  180. wan 6 years ago

    sy pn bru trima sms dr station myk shell,bgtaw kad sy menang hdiah RM20,000,no siri 9R 247 YK.sila dail 017-8154978.x caye la,sdgkn sy jrg isi myk kt shell.x kn dpt duit sbyk ni…..tipu la,awas kpda ssiape yg dpt sms ini jgn ttipu…x mgkin snang2 dpt duit sbyk ni….ni tntu bgla,indon @ negro yg tipu kta smua….lapor kn kpda pihak polis utk bt siasatan lnjut…trima ksih….

  181. SHAF 6 years ago

    RM.0 Your Card tlh berjaya dan menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr shell (M) BHD RM20 000.00
    No siri.9R 247 YK
    sila dail talian 012 8621 578

  182. Shar 6 years ago

    RM.0 Promotion’s
    Tahniah sim kad
    Anda tlh meraih
    “RM 19,000.00”
    No pin 552299
    Sila Call di Talian

  183. misah 6 years ago

    me too got the same sms, this morning. menang cabutan bertuah 30k..wouuu..sila hubungi offis no.628937*****, i pun try2 la tu no. guna hp lain…x wujudpun tu no.pon ofis..tapi i dah syak pun, memang tipu punya….

  184. misah 6 years ago

    shell x tau ka ni perkara, dorng punya nama syarikat kena jadi alat penipuan

  185. nor 6 years ago

    sy pn bru trima sms 0198410209 , station minyak shell,memberitahu kad sy menang hdiah grand prize RM20,000,no siri 9R 247 YK.sila dail 017-8154978.layari
    kenapa penipuan ini berluasa?? tak boleh buat sesuatu ke atas no talian?

  186. Ismail Idris 6 years ago

    aq dapat jgak,,, betol ke x sms ni.kalo btol leh claim,,, wakakakaakak.

  187. kiera 6 years ago

    Sy pun dpt on 21st nov baru2 ni. To confirm this is not scam, sy try call, but suara indon yg jwb. But he’s got nothing fm me…he..he..hee..mana ada duit dtg bergolek beb…smua kena usaha dlm dunia ni…tp kalau nak confirm bleh tny Shell sendiri, anytime diaorang assist, dan mmg this is a SCAM, jgn percaya, at this moment Shell hnya ada bg voucher RM30 legoland ticket passes to those yg buy mnyk 97 dlm 50 ringgit & above, itu sahaja.

  188. Cyndi Ha 6 years ago

    I receive a message from a mobile number which asked me to call "SHELL SDN BHD", and the office number is 014-2898856, really fake!

  189. Zul 6 years ago

    I got similar SMS from 0128230742 which says “Hadiah percuma “RM19,000″ dr Shell Helix No Reg 552299. Sila call di Talian Shell Sdn Bhd 0178941357 TQ”
    I did call. Mamat Indon pickup the phone, asking for my bank account. I did not give my acct no. He got angry and hang up.

  190. smlam husband I terima sms menang Rm 19 ribu dari "Shell SDN BHD" dia bagitau I tapi I tak percaya benda2 orng bagi duit cam tu aja. so today I buat satu siasatan and I make a call no yg dia suruh dail, suara dia mcm orang indon and than I terus tanya engko ni org indon ker? org tu jwp Iya and I tanya lagi awak ni bangso dari indon ker dia jawap iya pas tu I tanya engkau hantar sms ini nak bagi duit Rm 19 ribu ni engko ada duit banyak ker? dia jawap iya banyak duit dia kat bank pas tu I cukup2 *$%@!%# dia n tanya engko ingat org malaysia bodoh ker nak percaya org indon mcm engko, dia terus letak telepon. PESANAN SAYA JANGAN MUDAH PERCAYA DENGAN SMS2 cam ni, kalu nak banyak duit kerja rajin2 baru dpt duit banyak.TAK MUNGKIN kita dpt duit tanpa berusaha.

  191. Alvin Lai 5 years ago

    Same massage received from shell Bhd from Mohd sharul from Sabah 0178941357 and MSG send frm 0178237428

  192. Farhan 5 years ago

    Memang fake. Dah buat report polis. Mampus kau Indon.

  193. nazrul 5 years ago

    setelah ramai yg mendapat sms yg cuba menipu orang, persoalannya, kenapa shell tidak ambil tindakan membuat laporan polis berkenaan dgn scam yg menggunakan nama SHELL SDN BHD.

    Saya pun dapat sms percuma ni. Sila call dan tanya siapa. Nama dia HJ ABDUL RAHMAN. ( siap pakai nama Hj lagi untuk meyakinkan org). Lepas tu aku tanya, SHELL SDN BHD ni dimana, Katanya : Kat SHELL OFFICE, HQ.

    Dan soalan seterusnya dari aku, Macamaa….. (talian diputuskan) hahahaha.. nampak sgt haji DAM

  194. Bro Khai 5 years ago

    aku cuba kesan sape punya nb fon yg msj kat aku ni..klu ada penipuan boleh la buka kertas sisatan..bukan susah pn nak tahu sape yg hantar msj tu…sape2 yg rase tertipu sila buat laporan polis di balai polis berdekatan.

  195. Rina Farharina 5 years ago

    I receive one msj from mobile nmber 628119590997 and asked me to call " Shell" and discuss with Mohd Ismail.. DAMN! and he said we are winner and ger prize 30 k….!! FUCK!

  196. Norhisham 5 years ago

    macam mana dengan yang ini..
    Anda Berjaya!!
    menang wang cabutan bertuah RM 15000 fromshell no siri 881234 sila call office +62818628592

  197. Anonymous 5 years ago

    saya dapat msg… dari no +628118776955. anda berjaya! menang wang cabutan bertuah RM15,000 from shell no siri ###### sila call +6285756818737.. bleh percaya ke nie?

    • Lieyzz Hassan 5 years ago

      sy pun dpt msg nie. dr no yg sama…pun rm15,000

  198. Billy 5 years ago

    Aku penah gak dpt msg camtu RM30000 fuyo gile ah xde angin xde ribut mng 30k dari Shell…kan klakar namenya tu,then aku pon foward blik msg tu n tukar amount RM1,000.000 n p/s FUYOOOO ANDA MENANG 1 JUTA TU

  199. maszztizin 5 years ago

    pada 20 jan 2013 jam 09.38 am…penghantar no fon office: +6285756818737…menhantar sms d fon sya; Anda berjaya menang wang cabutan bertuah RM 15,000 from shell no siri 881234..tolong pihak berkenaan berkas sindikit penipuan ini dengan segera…mungkin sendikit ini perumpak profesional dunia…bertindak….

  200. hest 5 years ago

    luckly.. aku pun dapat sms yang sama.. cuma dari penghantar bernombor 0145711253 dan dia suruh call 0128161645

    sekarang pembelian sim cardkan dah guna pendaftaran mengikut IC , tak kan tak boleh ambil apa2 tindakan atau trace orang ni?

  201. namzamanz 5 years ago

    bengong betul la.. Dh d jwb b’kali2 tuk 1 soalan yg sama pun still ada yg tnye lagi.. Tak scroll ke tuk bc msg2 t’dahulu..

  202. Mohd Zainal 5 years ago

    TarikhL 25 Januari 2013.
    Terima Call Dari: HP:0198024913
    Memaklumkan Telah Terima Hadiah Grand Prize dari Shell (M) Bhd. No.Siri:9R247YK0178285768. Hadiah bakal diterima RM20,000.00.
    Mana ada syarikat dalam dunia ini boleh beri wang sebegitu banyak dengan hanya menggunakan khidmat SMS. Nak bagi wang 1@2K pun perlu dimaklumkan melalui surat, Inikan pula nak bagi 20K atau lebih.

    Pembohong… penipu ….. penjenayah …… punya kerja ni. Harap maklum kepada semua …

  203. miz wawa 5 years ago

    RM.0 Promotion’s
    Tahniah sim kad
    Anda tlh meraih
    “RM 19,000.00”
    No pin 552299
    Sila Call di Talian

    sy pun bru je dpt message ni

  204. Dk Normala Pg Nasip 5 years ago

    saya baru terima sms ne betul kah ??

  205. Dk Normala Pg Nasip 5 years ago

    saya baru terima sms ne betul kah ??

  206. Hafiz Jakariah 5 years ago

    Msg from this number +628111632988
    Anda berjaya !! Menang wang cabutan bertuah rm15, 000 from shell no siri ###### sila call office +628539416322….

  207. Syiera 5 years ago

    Yesterday,, I got SMS from +628118776955
    sms content :
    You winner !!!
    Anda berjaya menangi wang cabutan bertuah RM15,000 dari shell. No.siri: 88****
    call office +6282325084352

    *obviously penipu,
    coz i just use this number about 5-6months ago,
    and i never fill up any shell contest form..
    even, the number which i use just for my family members..*

    I hope that, Shell SDN BHD..take action yea..
    and ssape pun jgn la pcaya mat2 indon tuh, sumenya lapar duit org jek..

  208. sky-weld 5 years ago

    Same as received. Please ignore it…scam!!!
    No body easily awarded without their own effort..
    Jom kita doakan siapa yg buat tu diberi hidayah dan kembali ke pangkal jalan..

  209. norazam 5 years ago

    saya pun dapat sms yg sama , nama dia hj ismail bin ibrahim . no tel dia 0128613327
    no seri 9R247YK . Apa yg pasti memang org ni kaki menipu

  210. kk 5 years ago

    I received it. Then I called and texted to the number. No pick up and reply. Then I go to the website .What will happen? Will my pc got virus if just visit the website? Or can they stole my info! Scary….

  211. Vincent Ong 5 years ago

    RM0.Your card
    tlh berjaya dan
    menangi hadiah
    Shell (M) B’rhad
    Sila dail talian:

    Latest SCAM!!!

  212. kp 5 years ago

    shell (m) sdn bhd must take this scam action seriously .

  213. Elaine Sin 5 years ago

    RM.0 promotion's Tahniah sim kad Anda tlh meraih HADIAH PERCUMA "RM19,000.00" dr SHELL HELIX No Reg 552299 Sila Call di Talian SHELL SDN BHD 0142846244 TQ……..

  214. Elaine Sin 5 years ago

    RM.0 promotion's Tahniah sim kad Anda tlh meraih HADIAH PERCUMA "RM19,000.00" dr SHELL HELIX No Reg 552299 Sila Call di Talian SHELL SDN BHD 0142846244 TQ. Just recd this msg on 7/3/2013 at 11.30am from 012-8030420.

    • Elaine Sin 5 years ago

      Just clarify with Shell Sdn Bhd & confirmed this is FAKE!

    • Xirinayi Alice 5 years ago

      yeah, me too. same number and exactly the same text. i deleted it right away.hahaha

    • Liyuen Ong 5 years ago

      I also got it, but under a different number.

    • Andy Chin 5 years ago

      same here just receive everything the same. LOL the power of FB lol

  215. nor hazelina 5 years ago

    on 5/3/2013 i received msg frm no +01112688931 sd my card get rm20k…no.siri.******* from shell (m) b’rhad n try dail 0111-268-9353 its true????????pls confirm???

  216. nora 5 years ago

    Waah!! Ramai sungguh yang menang berpuluh-puluh ribu ni..
    Yang herannya.. nombor tel. yang menghantar msg kata kita menang tu semedang engage bila kita cuba hubungi dia balik…. nak tahu dia tu sape? Kenapa bukan SHELL sendiri yang bagitahu?

  217. mizie 5 years ago

    tipu ah…..kalau yer pon…shell hantar surat kat pemenang…..ade lg yg nak try buat bidaah…

  218. Suzi 5 years ago

    Sy pun ada terima mesg. yg sama utk memenangi Rm 20,000 namun sy tak percaya cz bnyk penipuan yg berlaku skrg ni…ingat senang2 je nk dpt duit mcm tu…jgn mudah percaya…hati2.

  219. Eylia Lyana 5 years ago

    sy baru balik dri drari bank dpat duit 190000..wah…trima kseh shell….

    • Kaizoku Kasz 5 years ago

      Assalamualaikum…Nak Tanya..Cam Mana Prosedure Urusan Dengan Bank Pasal Hadiah Tu?Saya Ni Nak Ambil Langkah Berhati Hati Nih..

    • Wan Zaleha Yus 5 years ago

      saya nak tya bila dpt promation dri shell dgn 190000 kena dlm a/c mesti ada rm1000.00 ke?

    • Fuji Lim PAk SU 5 years ago


    • Mohamad Daud Ismail 5 years ago

      cik lia, tumpang tanye bleh??? ble dah dpt duit, lia beli ape aje???

    • Afiqah Rozman Fadilah 5 years ago

      betul ke atau dah tertipu? jgn percaya tu..

  220. haji 5 years ago

    hari16 /3/13 terima sms dapat 20k tapi bila talipon no bagi tadak apa main ni tak report polis ke dia orang ni dah besar tadak akai lah tolong ambil perhatian tentang sms ni

  221. Bardz 5 years ago


  222. Aneez 5 years ago

    huhuhu…sy pun bru dpt sms semlm..20/3/13
    Your card telah berjaya & menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZA, dr Shell (M) Berhad RM20,000 RIBU. No Siri 9R247YK Sila Dail talian : 012-8612-729

    it fake also? huhuhu…

  223. Zariffah Salleh 5 years ago

    sya pun ada terima sms…..ckap saya menang Rm 20,000 dari Shell (M) Berhad… no. Siri: XXXXXXX….sila tel no: 0128613257….boleh caya ke……………..

  224. Asnita 5 years ago

    Sy pn baru terima sms daripada +60128612812 berbunyi ‘Your card telah berjaya & menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr Shell (M) Berhad RM20,000 RIBU No.siri 9R247YK Sila dailtalian : 012-8613-257 . Dah la web tu x wujud, campur bahasa Melayu & English.. terus sya bls..”Agak2 la kalau nak menipu pun” Gerammmm…

  225. Kraise 5 years ago

    RM0. Your Card telah berjaya & menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE. dr Shell (M) Berhad RM20,000 RIBU No. Siri 9R247YK Sila dial talian : 012-8612-978
    Beware this is fake !!!

  226. Ozdam OZdam 5 years ago

    RM.0 promotion's Tahniah sim kad Anda tlh meraih HADIAH PERCUMA "RM19,000.00" dr SHELL HELIX No Reg 552299 Sila Call di Talian SHELL SDN BHD 0128373724 TQ. maklumat penipu, siap pelet indonesia lg..apa yg dia org buat,,,,,

  227. Ozdam OZdam 5 years ago

    yg msg 0128230728

  228. Ben Lim 5 years ago

    an SMS send to my mobile from 0128612729…stated a win a GRAND PRICE from SHELL (M) BERHAD….return call SMS to clarify can't get though….

  229. Deanna Cheong 5 years ago

    RM.0 promotion's Tahniah sim kad Anda Tlh meraih HADIAH PERCUMA "RM19,000.00" dr BONUS LINK No Pin 552299 Sila Call di Talian SHELL SDN BHD 0128373791 SHELL SDN BHD Terima kasih. Just recd this msg on today at 2.56pm from 012-8237459.

    • Clarence Wong 5 years ago

      Deana, refrain from giving away any informations especially datas of your bank account or better still ignore it completely! It's a scamp.

  230. ananthi 5 years ago

    i got a msg from 0142845402… RM.0 promotion’s Tahniah sim kad Anda Tlh meraih HADIAH PERCUMA “RM19,000.00” dr SHELL HELIX No Pin 552299 Sila Call di Talian 0128674423 SHELL SDN BHD. Just got this msg today at 3.24pm.

  231. Gary Tan 5 years ago

    I just receive it also rm 0, your card telah berjaya & menangi hadiah grand prize dr shell berhad rm20000 ribu, no siri 4d257sr sila dail talian 0128108245

  232. EUGENE 5 years ago

    I have just received a sms from this number 017-8950060 saying “Tahniah sim kad Anda tlh meriah HADIAH PERCUMA “RM19,000.00” dari SHELL HELIX NO PIN 552299 sila call ditalian 012-8614423 SHELL SDN BHD

  233. Kaizoku Kasz 5 years ago
  234. latifah 5 years ago

    baru sekejap saya dapat sms mcm tu. bila saya call, dia kata nama nya Yusuf. bunyi mcm bangla + indon. dia suruh saya ke atm yg berdekatan dan kemudian call dia semula utk bg no siri. tapi bila saya call lagi, katanya line x clear (tapi saya dgar suara dia clear!) bila try call lagi, trus voicemail.. sms tersebut diterima dari +60178154978.. tapi dlm sms tu suruh call 0128612089 dan lmn web nyaris terpedaya!! kredit banyak habis!

  235. Syazwanie Shafie 5 years ago

    sy ada dpt sms you card telah berjaya & menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE DR SHELL(M) Berhad RM20.000 ribu.
    no siri 4d257sr sila dail talian 0128108957

  236. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Hi all, I just recvd a similar message from a 0128612098. Is Shell Malaysia doing anything about this since its been happening awhile?

  237. helen 5 years ago

    Says dapat msm Dr shell (m) behad menangi hadiah I I adalah betul atau pun tip

  238. helen 5 years ago

    Saya dapat msm Dr shell (mt) behad menangi hadiah I I adalah betul atau pun tipu

  239. KKlim 5 years ago

    Do not expose yr account etc or try to phone them or you may may charge .i DO RECEIVE. IT A FRAUD. Everything same as what you all written.

  240. KKlim 5 years ago

    One thing surprise me is where do they get our phone number?

  241. Afiqah Rozman Fadilah 5 years ago

    baru sebentar tadi! terima sms drpd 012-8613257 TAHNIAH kad anda terpilih memenangi RM20k, pastu staf Shell Haji Mohd Yusoff tu suruh kita pi bank dan ikut arahan seterusnya, tapi pastikan dalam saving ada balance RM2k baru boleh dapat Grand Prize 20k tu…pastu kita kata xpelah coz. teringat Bank ada maklum jgn percaya klu ada mana2 sms yg htr isu spt itu… nasib teringat…apa punya Marketing Shell.. insaflah jangan nak cuba menipu orang ramai utk dptkan bussiness… nasiblah kita x percaya bulat2 klu tidak habis duit dalam akaun bank kita dia ambil yek… syukur alhamdulillah terselamat…

  242. novirawati 5 years ago

    afiqah rozman fadilah, same la sms tu no phne pun same name pun same, tpi sy da trtpu, kuang ajar punye org indon, sy hbs 1600rm, sbb percye, so besok sy nk wat report polis coz org mcm ni mmg x gne, taw nk mkn wet org jew, ….

  243. Zairama Salleh 5 years ago

    pada 2/7/13 suami saya dapat sms dari +60128613038 mengatakan…Your card telah berja dan memenangihadiah GRAND PRIZE. dy Shell (M) Bhad Rm 20000 Ribu.No.Siri 9R247YK. sila dail talian sy dail mesen yg sy tak dapat dgr suara..bila sy buka laman tu rupanya banyak pengguna dah dapat msg tu..alhamdulillah saya cepat sedar tentang penipuan itu…

  244. mat 5 years ago

    sebenar ye pihak shell tak ada buat cabutan melalui tel semua tu adalah penipu harap maklun sila semak di lawam web shell untuk mengetahui tawaran promosi shell terkini

  245. suki1234 5 years ago


  246. suki1234 5 years ago


  247. Kidi Sukiyaki 5 years ago


  248. lin 5 years ago

    20.07.2013 sy pun ada dapat from 60128409172.. tapi dah tahu semua ni tipu….

  249. Cindy Chan 5 years ago

    mine from 0128409172..pls take action.

  250. Peardot Firdaus 5 years ago

    RM0. Your Card
    telah berjaya &
    menangi hadiah
    Shell (M) Berhad
    RM20,000 RIBU
    No.siri 9R247YK
    Sila dail talian :

    Scam is everywhere~~

  251. peardot 5 years ago

    RM0. Your Card
    telah berjaya &
    menangi hadiah
    Shell (M) Berhad
    RM20,000 RIBU
    No.siri 9R247YK
    Sila dail talian :

    I got this msg today… Lol.. scammer

    • Pari 5 years ago

      I also got same sms today (20 Sep). is that true?

  252. hilmee trackersgobane 5 years ago

    aku pn dpt msej merupakan “your card telah berjaya & menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE. dr Shell(M) Berhad RM20k No.siri 9R247YK sila dail talian 01125332254

    amboi…bkn mdh zmn skrg nk dpt duit trpijak. sng2 penyagak nk kelentong kita hidup2!!!waspada selalu..

  253. Francis Lai 5 years ago

    I receive on today 31/07/2013~12:56pm,,,, Grand prize,,,, 20,000…..Siri.9R247Yk…wow…….. we are not Moron~~~mother fuker.

  254. Syed Abdul Rahim 5 years ago

    Assalamualikum semua..Pada 31/7/2013 hari ini jam 12.59 sy dapat sms bertulis: Rm0.Your card telah berjaya&memenangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dari shell(M) Berhad RM20.000 RIBU.
    No.siri 9r247YK..SILA Dail talian:0112-533-2248……# diharap anda semua tidak tertipu dan tak perlu layan mesej yg anda terima…harap war-warkan kepada rakan2 anda yg lain…wassalam.

  255. Ram Mellah 5 years ago

    benda ni dah lama wujud..=)

  256. Hj Metra Iskandar 5 years ago

    Just receive a sms as same as all of you.Hope Police will investigate the phone owner(name/address) listed on prepaid card etc and trace back the number.Once this guy have be court and then bail them 19k.0128339967-you better watch up this number and in the hope one day but not today, this fucking guy will make a some mistake and will trapped it down.

  257. Puteri Selatan 5 years ago

    Yeke leh dt duit tue btul ke cm ne cre nye

  258. Rif Arif 5 years ago

    sy pon dapat yg sama.. no siri pon sama.. nak beno nipu ye…

  259. Ms Genie Tham 5 years ago

    Scammer is coming back….. I received a sms today 17th September 2013, 2.35pm as below.

    RM0. Your Card
    telah berjaya &
    menangi hadiah
    Shell (M) Berhad
    RM20,000 RIBU
    No.siri 9R247YK
    Sila dail talian :

  260. Juwita Zabp Bungasepi 5 years ago

    i pun baru dpt mende yg sama….abaikan jerk. sape nak bagi duit mcm tu jerk tanpa ada dpt pulangnya…tak logik……mmm

  261. PrsToo Rose 5 years ago

    Than what happend? did u claim it ?

  262. Abdul Majid 5 years ago

    Saya baru sahaja terima 21/9/13
    RM0. Your Card telah berjaya & menagi hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr Shell (M) Berhad RM20,000 RIBU
    No siri.9R247YK
    Sila dail talian : 012-8108-959

  263. Jackey Yong 5 years ago

    Eylia Lyana betul ke? lagi nak menipu? nanti saya pergi report polis tengok betul tak betul…kalau tak betul awak lah org yang tolong penipu!!

  264. Yoshi Kimura 5 years ago

    latest one,got it by today.
    msg dr nom ni—>0128643501
    die suh kol nom ni—>0128108959

    so it is a fake…don't trust it.
    msg die same je..
    yang lain cuma nom phone die.
    tp perasan tak kebanyakkannya guna (012-8………….)
    try korang tgk…

    so yang baru nak dpt n bakal dapat,advice…hati2.

  265. Jeffery Tan 5 years ago

    Grand Prize dr Shell[m]Berhad Rm20.000RIBU No siri9R247YK /0128408766 .you are winner.your card..

  266. Abdullah Zahir 5 years ago

    nipu nie

  267. Zierah Hafiz 5 years ago

    Thank's for that info….sy pn terima msj yg sama.

  268. Anonymous 5 years ago

    ni mcm mne leh pcaya ke

  269. Sunshine Girlie Gal 5 years ago

    same thing with the same seriel number was sent to me

  270. Manjit Kaur 5 years ago

    Hi, just receive message same serial no……………. grand prize RM20,000 …….012 8641858 talian mana ni………… so fake.

  271. cha 5 years ago

    i just receive the same message.

  272. tracy 5 years ago

    i also receive the same messege today, when i call back,he didnt pick up the phone.just many liars in this society,pls be careful and smart.0128409172 0128408766

  273. juliana 5 years ago

    I received a sms that I win a prize rm20k n ask me to bank in rm1k first is it true

  274. Chin Si Wan 5 years ago

    same thing with the same serial number was sent to me also….

  275. Abg Shah Shah 5 years ago

    Br dpt msg td….hadiah RM 20,000 tu….yg jawab suaranya mcm org India katanya nama Hj Adam dr Shell Semantan KL…Agak2la nak tipu orang….tp x brani jwb apa yang sya tanya…sya mainkan dia balik…haaa…haa..haa…pdn muka dia

  276. HOI CHAI HOON 5 years ago

    happy happy pappy……..suprise!!!!!!!!!

  277. rohana bt saharan 5 years ago

    5okt….saya menerima sma dari no 01125302814:rm0.your card telah berjaya&menangi hadiah grand prize.df shell(m)berhad rm20,000 ribu n0 siri 9r247yk..sila dail 0112-533-2254… alamt dia block b1,tgkat 7,no 27 jln semantan bkt damansara bagunana shell,kl..dia dh ambik rm1k sya…

  278. ibrahim 5 years ago

    I too received sms informing that I won rm20K from Shell (M) Bhd no siri 9R247YK asking me to contact 012-8408766. Be warned, I was in Jakarta last 3 months and my friends there told me that a lot of these scammers are prevalent in Indonesia. Same modus operandi except that they are more sleek and sophisticated over there. They can even suck credits from your mobile phone. So beware.

  279. bunga raya 5 years ago

    thanks for info…..nasib baik ada yg prihatin tentang penipuan ni
    kuang ajaq betul buat pengirim msj
    kot la senang dapat duit 20,000 tu….tentu dia masukkan nama dia…
    dia pun banggang mcm tutttttttt…..

  280. Wilson Jong Yuen Sang 5 years ago

    go to neares shell station ask for info

  281. serai 5 years ago

    hairan juga..camna diaorg dapat no.fon kita?agaknya bila shell buat peraduan..kan banyak borang,bila dh buat cabutan n ada pemenang,berlambak2 la borang tu,agaknya mesti ada yg kasi kt diaorg ni kan..kan..kan..kalau boleh tuan shell borang tu semua bakor le ..

  282. Goh Woen Shiaw 5 years ago

    i had the siri nomber on today . but i don't know is real or no

  283. Nurol Aliyah Abdul Razak 5 years ago

    yela..saya pun baru je dapat mesej sama macam tu, cuma no teleponnye berbeza…..

  284. Mie Cvpj 5 years ago

    samalh no siri…:) tp no tel je yg x sama…hihihi

  285. Dhia Dhiya 5 years ago

    i just received a message from HP 019-8936771, he said my sim card number has won grand prize worth 19K from shell helix. no pin 552299….. is it true????

  286. Catherine Chan 5 years ago

    I just received a fake promotion.. RM.0 Promotion Tahniah sim kad anda telah meriah HADIAH PERCUMA “RM19,000.00 dari BONUSLINK NO PIN 552299.SILA CLL DI TALIAN SHELL SDN BHD 012 8161645.TQ.

    I purposely call the number and the person who spoke to me is an Indonesian guy. What a scam and fake hopefully the relevant authorities can do something about it …. I just wander how many
    people fall to this kind of bull shit…. Please be alert……. What is happening to our society in Malaysia now…….OMG….

  287. Khadri 5 years ago

    They asked for your bank’s account number. Be carefull, they can drain out your money.

  288. Khadri 5 years ago

    The message was sent by hp 0198936771. The contact number to be called is 0178950060. Hopefully the police will investigate the syndicate.

  289. Matlani bin mallin 5 years ago

    saya menerima mesej ini.promotions Tahniah sim kad anda telah meraih HADIAH PERCUMA RM19000 DARI BONUS LINK NO PIN 552299 sila call di talian 0178680045 SHELL SDN BHD?

  290. Izza Ismail 5 years ago

    RMO,Your Card
    telah berjaya &
    menangi hadiah
    shell (M) Berhad
    RM20.000 RIBU
    No siri.4D257SR
    sila dail talian:
    012-8644-647,received today.ignore but try to call,sounds like indon..
    Haha…they ask for acc no,but i refused to give..=)

  291. Yusof 5 years ago

    RMO,Your Card
    telah berjaya &
    menangi hadiah
    shell (M) Berhad
    RM20.000 RIBU
    No siri.9R247YK
    sila dail talian:

  292. Ambrose Jerome 5 years ago


  293. Angelina T Lim 5 years ago

    i recieved a message in my phne RM,0,Your card telah berjaya & menang hadiah Grand prize dr shell (M) Berhad RM 20,000 Ribu NO siri 9R247YK,asking me to call this no.012-8641858 but in my handphone appear this different no the sender of the message no.012-8109096,Pls beware

  294. MICHELLE 5 years ago

    i just receive sms from 0128643039.they send “tahniah simkad anda telah meraih hadiah percuma rm19000 dari shell helix no REG 552299.sila call di talian 0128374110..then i tried to call using another hp number and surprisingly a man sound like bangladesh answer the call..then i ask him who is he and he said his name is Dato Mohd Nisam and said that i won 19k sempena ulangtahun shell helix.then he ask me for my bank account n which account i use..i just use my psychology talk with him until he get angry and that satisfied me because i know he is a BIG LIAR.hahaha..

  295. Hashlina Rusdi 5 years ago

    Kaizoku Kasz : asmkm..nak tanya juga..dah selidik ke betul ke tak hadiah RM19000 tu? TQ

  296. Hashlina Rusdi 5 years ago

    Wan Zaleha Yus …asmkm..mcm mana kes wan zaleha berkenaan hadiah dari shell..mcm tak percaya je …saya pun dapat msg mcm kwn-kwn yg lain. mcm susah nak percaya. kalau wan zaleha blh share sikit bagus juga. tq

  297. Hashlina Rusdi 5 years ago

    eylia lyana…betul ke apa yang eylia bagi tahu ini?

  298. azlan 5 years ago

    Ye la saya pun dapat mesej tadi siap no kod lagi tapi bila saya col suara nya mcm bru bgun tido bila saya ckp x tipu ke dia terus marah dan latak fon ape la nak tipu orang pun agak2 la mcm sial je ni nak kene buat report polis ni supaya x de yang terkene penipuan mcm ni.butuh lah.

  299. azlan 5 years ago

    Orang kalau nak duit cri la koje yang halal bukan menipu orang.

  300. azlan 5 years ago

    Ala kalau ye pun ade peraduan menang wang sebanyak tu dah tau dah x kan dapat kat orang awam punya mesti dapat kat kroni2 diorang jugak.ingat senang nak kasi wang sebanyak tu.poyo lah .c7be lu cerita manager syarikat mana nak kasi duit sebanyak tu kat orang sesenang mcm tu je.bangang x sudah.itu la endon kalau dah dapat masuk malaysia menipu je koje nya

  301. selvakumari 5 years ago

    i terima 1 sms dari shell..anda menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE .dr shell(M) berhad .RM20.000 ribu ..
    no siri .4d257SR
    sila dail talian

    betul ke i yg ni..tadi i ada col num itu,tapi sesiapa pun tak nak bg jwpn utuk i….klu u orang tipu i repot kat balai polis….jgn nak main mcm ni

    …tlg rply utuk i apa jwpn dari shell

  302. TJ Aw 5 years ago

    Just receivedfrom 0128612817
    Your card telah berjaya &menangi hadiah Grand Prize. dr Shell (M) Bhd
    RM20,000 ribu . No siri 9R247Yk
    Sila dail talian : 012 8642-249

    They will ask U what bank acc you have, must have at least RM1000 balance , otherwise bank negara cannot proceed with online banking.
    Does it sound logical?

  303. Alex Looi 5 years ago

    0128644506 today

  304. mike 5 years ago

    ambil tindakan yang setegas-tegasnya.kepada manusia yang sering menyikiti dan memperbodohkan sesama manusia ,untuk kepentingan diri tanpa memikirkan kesannya.kebodohan serupa ini tidak sepatutnya lagi berlaku didalam negara kita seperti di malaysia ,

  305. Feera Bisness 5 years ago

    Ak pn br dpt msg yg same.. First ragu2 nk tell..pas2try bka web cm btol.. Pas2try bka kt web shell.. Tpu rupanya…

  306. Steve 5 years ago

    I got similar SMS from a hp no: 012-8644753 winning RM20,000.00 no siri 4D257SR and ask to response to hp no: 012-8643857 and disclose website similar to SMS message to selvakumari.
    This is a scam like others on internet.
    Why would shell call winners from a personal hp ?
    The website looks real but with flaws.There are errors making it sound like the person who wrote the words cannot differentiate between uang tunai or wang tunai.Pure stupidity.
    RM15.00 may not seem significant but they work on numbers.Take RM15.00 x 1000 = Rm15,000.00.See how it multiplies.
    This is the second time,they sent me this similar message.
    It is surely the work of syndicates.
    Do not waste your time and money.
    Shell should have notice of this scam as they are duplicating their official website.
    Why the silence Shell ?

  307. Suparmi 5 years ago

    Sila siasat no tlf. 0198501389 penyebar issu

  308. Rahsia Hati 5 years ago

    sorry to say la ya…sesiapa yg terima sms mcm tu then percaya…anda memang bodoh mengalahkan lembu…mana ada org simply2 nak bg duit bnyk tu kat korang…unless korang join contest kat supermarket ke…suratkhabar ke…tp dorang tak akan announce thru sms…dorang akan call @ send emel…jarang sgt la contest2 yg besar send emel bgtau korang menang…setakat menang tiket wayang dr stesen radio tu mmng la dorang akan send korang sms je…nmpk tak bezanya kat situ…?

  309. adi 5 years ago

    Nama orang itu : Haji Mohd Yusuf. No HP: 012-8642-249. . Suara Indon.

    Saya rasa penyagak dan penipu besar. Polis perlu ambil tiundakan.

  310. Fadly Mohamad 4 years ago

    sama mcm sy hr ni dpt msj mcm awk. sekali call percakapan mcm indon. nama hj mohd yosuf konon.

  311. Fadly Mohamad 4 years ago

    siapa dia hj. mohd yosuf?? percakapan mcm org indon…

  312. Izza Ismail 4 years ago

    Hehe..jgn pcye…semua ni kje indon mne ntah…

  313. alijohar 4 years ago

    i terima i sms dari shell..anda menangi
    hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr shell(M) BERHAD
    RM 20.000 ribu
    no siri 9R247YK
    sila dail talian

  314. Nor Raya 4 years ago

    saya pun baru dapt hari nie yg mengatakan saya memenangi RM20,000.00 dari shell…no siri 9R247YK…sila dail 012 8642 289 ….bila saya buka laman nie ada gak no siri yg sama ngan saya…mesti diaorg penipu….pihak shell sila ambil perhatian ttg masalah nie..

  315. zainee 4 years ago

    terimakasih atas nasihat dan prihatin frenz sebelum sebelum ni
    got sms this morning…2007 until 2014..masih ada lagi scam ni….no siri pun sama dgn tolong hati hati dan pemantuan dr pihak shell dan pihak berkuasa…dialu alukan

    RM0.Your card
    tlh berjaya dan
    menangi hadiah
    Shell (M) Berhad
    Sila dail talian:

  316. sieow sau ming 4 years ago

    saya terima satu sms dari grand prize.dr shell ( m ) berhad rm20,000 ribu no.siri:9r247yk sila dail talian:0128642989 tolong reply untuk saya apa jawapan dari shell .tq

  317. azi 4 years ago

    Saya terima sms :

    RM0. Your card telah berjaya & menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE dr Shell (M) Berhad RM 20,000 Ribu.

    No. siri 9R247YK
    Sila dail talian : 0112-520-6755

  318. Dickson stewartsan anak kadier 4 years ago

    Number: +60198020649
    RM0. Your Card
    telah berjaya &
    menangi hadiah
    Shell (M) Berhad
    RM20,000 RIBU
    No siri.9R247YK
    Sila dail talian :
    Time: 1/24/14 11:40 AM Saya pun dapat msg ni….. pagi ni…

  319. Chia 4 years ago

    Wow! It’s 2014 already n dis scam is still going on! I received dis stupid sms ystrdy. Question is, what are the authorities doing to prevent this from happening? Especially d BANKS.. its thay easy to gif an account number out to a stranger n they can just take all ur money?? Come on.. pls guys, if u received such an sms, DO NOT CALL BACK OR REPLY.. go report straight to Shell/police/the company tgey mention, etc.. take care all! My sms reads:RM.0 Promotion’s
    Tahniah sim kad
    Anda tlh meraih
    “RM 19,000.00”
    No pin 552299
    Sila Call di Talian

  320. MILA* 4 years ago

    I received a sms on 2/2/14 from Shell …saying that i have won RM19,000.00 prize … with a pin no! so i called this no.0178680045. To my surprise the person that answered my call is a indon man. he even asked me to deposit RM 1,000.00 to get the prize money.Scam. futher more he is rude! Why the Shell company didn’t take legal action against these culprit ?

  321. iniarroon 4 years ago

    I also received a same sms as others -beware..nobody will easily give you that large amount of money

  322. MASTURA BINTI MUHAMAD NOR 4 years ago

    saya ada terima mesej
    adakah mesej diatas benar atau tidak
    tolong maklumkan pada saya.

  323. Nan 4 years ago

    I got a massage from 0178932075 asking me to call Syarikat Shell .BHD office no. 01112612719 , has won the prize of RM30,000.00
    Pls look into the matter and respond to it, TQ

  324. ernie 4 years ago

    bila dah terkena apa perlu buat ye???any suggestion??report polis??

  325. jasman bin azmi 4 years ago

    Btul kew semue ni,,,
    Sye nk cbe skly blh x

  326. GKVENI 4 years ago

    receive from 0148743027
    your card telah berjaya menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE dr Shell(M) Berhad RM 20,000 Ribu No. Siri:9R247YK Sila Dial talian : 012-8642-249 http://www.helix –

    tak pernah pegang kad shell.macam mana boleh menang hadiah , lagipun 20,000

    Ingat semua orang bodohkah??????????????

  327. Diaolisham 4 years ago

    Saya telah mendapat sms memenangi hadiah wang tunai sebanyak Rm 20.000.00 sy tidak pecaya sy harap pihak shell ambil tindakan di laman web ini no hp msg 60145509425. dan no call dia 0128641758. no siri yg di bahagi dekat saya 9R247YK.

  328. Zaimah Zakaria 4 years ago

    Saya dapat sms dari no : +60138511164.
    RM0. Your Card telah Berjaya & menagi hadiah GRAND PRIZE. dr Shell (M) Berhad RM20,000 RIBU. No siri : 9R247YK
    Sila dail talian : 012-8641-514


    IC : 730408-05-5115

    Dia mengatakan dalam akaun saya akan terdapat RM20,000 + Transaction RM2150.00 saya, tetap hingga saat ini tiada apa2 dalam akaun saya.


  329. Zaimah Zakaria 4 years ago

    buka web macam betul, ada testimoni2 org yg dah dpat duit…hmm

  330. mamafahim 4 years ago

    jangan percaya dgn sms tersebut..saya pun dpt…ade ke patut suruh adekan baki dlm akaun rm1k..bru dduit rm20k..saya call shell KL..operator kte kalu pihak shell nak adekan cabutan beruah dia akan tepon pemenang dan hadiah dlm bentuk cek tuh…sila abaikan sms yg dterima..

  331. Hasnan 4 years ago

    Nampak nya cerita ni berterusan sejak tahun 2009 . Hari ni saya menerima sms yg sama dari: 0135415714 telah menangi hadiah Grand Prize rm 20k No.Siri :9R247YK sila dail 012-8641514 bila call guna phone office x jawab: bila call pakai hand phone dijawab oleh mat Indon. terus saya putuskan talian …

  332. aus 4 years ago

    saya baru terima msg…190940hMei2014…

    RM.0 Promotion’s Tahniah sim kad Anda tlh meraih HADIAH PERCUMA “RM 19,000.00” dari BONUS LINK NO PIN 552299 sila call di talian 0178681400 SHELL SDN BHD

    LG pn shell dah declare “Please note that Shell Malaysia does NOT use text messages to communicate to contest winners. Members of the public are advised not respond to such messages.”


  333. ZUL 4 years ago


  334. azam 4 years ago

    0178950060 number mat indon ni ,harap ade pihak yg kenakan mamat indon ni balik , aku dpt miss call sejak minggu lepas 038xxxxxx beberapa kali , after aku call mmg number tak ujud after that dpt sms dari number 012 8xxxxx dan kata aku menang 19k , bull shit utk percaya , aku test call 0178950060 suara indon , dia nak akaun number dgn suara indon dan dia cuba ejas loghat dia dlm bahasa melayu tulen . Ptuihh! Aku ckp jap lagi aku call than aku google isu ni dlm fon aku , komfom aku terpedaya kalau aku response indon ni . Syukor aku takde fikir bab duit sgt walau aku terdesak . Setan betul manusia jenis ini . Azam Ipoh 0125607010.

  335. suriati latifah alyah 4 years ago

    semalam saya dapat 1 mesej dari nombor 0105876649 yang bertulis “your card telah berjaya memenangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE dari Shell (M) Berhad RM20.000.nombor siri:9R247YK.sila dail :0128617582…mula-mula tu saya percayalah.mana taknye 20.000 tu macam-macam boleh beli.namun selepas saya tunjukan mesej tu kepada rakan saya yang berkerja di Shell juga mengatakan itu tidah benar…nasib baik saya ambik tindakan awal kalau tak hilang duit dalam akaun saya

  336. SHUK 4 years ago

    Saya pun dapat emeil your card telah berjaya& memenangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE.dr shell (M) berhadRM 20.000,K,SAYE NAK TAHU APE SEMUA NI kita jadi tertanye2 siap bagi no fon lagi 012-8391-372 nombor telefon ape ade 2 dase macam gila orang yang bagi mesej ni dia ingat kita bodoh ke..

  337. ana ahmad 4 years ago

    br dpt sms…frm..0128107972

    RMO.Your Card
    telah berjaya &
    menangi hadiah
    Shell (M) Berhad
    RM20,000 RIBU
    No.siri 4D257SR
    sila dail talian:

  338. Azura Kifli 4 years ago

    Saya baru dapat mesej di no.maxis….telah memenangi GRAND PRIZE RM20000.00 siap ada lagi….lepas tu ada pula Laman Web ..WWW.SHELLMAY.COM n try buka mcm betul….n try call jugak skali bahasa mcm indon..bila kita tekan tanya dia minta baca kat term n conditions. . . Bukan kita bodoh sgt…so, layan Web shell plak…nampaknya ramai dah kena….siap cakap minta yg dapat mesej lgi untuk pengesahan n minta letak phone dulu untuk dia semak…hahahahahaa….Silap la nak tipu… mmg jap g nak try call n boleh kita buat report polis…..geram dgn mamat indon n Bangladesh ni sbb siap sebut alamat betul shelll lagi….

  339. mohd zan mohd tahir 4 years ago

    sy telah menerima mgs sms melalui phone ingat mgs pe rupanye kad sy telah memenangi 20.000 dan sy di kehendaki menghubungi no ini adulah 0128391487 5 kali sy call dapat lepas tu yg becakap ngam sy meminta no phone sy saya bagi tetapi dia menyatakn betul nama sy jua no card tu dan meminta sy masukan duit ke acc sy sebanyak 2000 adulah selepas tu dia org akan masukan 1 cheack cash ke acc bank sy smpai sekarang tiada perkhabaran dlm acc sy cumaa ada hutang2 org jer soo sape yg terlibat ngam tu hubungi no ini yer 01126047002 nyatakan kebenarannye yer harap maklum

  340. nurul 4 years ago

    Rm0. your card telah berjaya & memenangi hadiah Grand Prize.dr Shell (M) Berhad RM 20,000. Ribu No.Siri 9R247YK
    sila dail talian 012-8391484
    Penghantar 014-5530641

  341. betbet 4 years ago

    Saya mohom pihak shell bertangungjawab dlm hal ini.atau mungkin ada org dlm pihak shell yg menjadi dalang

  342. mathavy balakrishnan 4 years ago

    today i receive sms from tis number 0128643524
    saying that i won GRAND PRIZE dari shell(M) berhad RM20.000 No siri 9R247YK that true??

  343. abu 4 years ago

    i also just receive from 0145541362 this sms he say my sim card m-nangi(HADIAH UTAMA)WANG TUNAI RM 20k, SIRI NO 9R247YK PLEASE DAIL 012-8617591..

  344. qaseh 4 years ago

    salam.. xpayah layan.. ni TIPU. aku baru call tnya shell.. diaorg ckp kalau betul ada peraduan shell xkan mesj.. agent shell xkan mintak no. akaun.. klau korang tgk web helix ni pun tipu je.. bahasa bkn b.malaysia kita.. kalau tak yakin lg call sdri shell ni no hot line shell 1300 88 1808 dan shell xkan pakai no. hp.. JGN TERTIPU

  345. qaseh 4 years ago

    JANGAN TERTIPU…… NI SEMUA MENIPU.. aku tak tahu lah nk ckp apa pada yang dah terkena smpai bankin duit gitu.. dah terang2 nama individu kan.. nape lah gi masukkan duit jgk lojik la.. kalau org nk bg duit kat kita apasal lak kita nk kne bg dia duit dlu.. msti ada somting wrong.. tp aku nk ckp kdg2 kebodohan kita tulah yg buat kita terkena.. sndiri mau ingatlah.. google lah weh makluman sume ujung jari lah..

  346. nurzilawati 4 years ago

    Saya pun dapat msj bawah nie
    RM0. Your Card Telah berjaya & Menangi Hadiah GRAND PRIZE. dr SHELL (M) Berhad RM 20,000.RIBU No Siri:9R247YK
    Sila Dail Talian:012-8617-591

  347. Frank 4 years ago

    You winner!!!anda Berjaya menangi RM:25.000.00 From; SHELL SDN-BHD NO SIRI;881234 sila call office; “01114066959”

    Kemenangan untuk ulang tahun sell ke 40 tahun…

  348. apai tuai 4 years ago

    Apai Tuai:….Pesan ari aku ngagai bala senengeri semenira burung kenyalang, anang mudah pecaya ka sms ke bisi unsur ka nipu.INGAT>> nadai orang ka meri duit ngagai kitai free aja. Enti bisi pan ka nipu kitai lah nya.

  349. apai tuai 4 years ago

    Sender:60145634843..Date 14-july-2014..Time..11:02:39. Message..Your Card telah Berjaya&menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE..dr Shell(M)Berhad Rm 20,000 RIBU No.Siri 9R247YK. Sila dail talian: 012-8391-385 Begitu lah mesej yg baru saya terima. Di hari yg baik,bulan yg baik ini, saya jawab mesej mereka,memberitahu kepada mereka Saya ucapkan terima kasih atas kemenang kad saya,jadi saya sedekahkan wang tersebut untuk anda beli kain kafan. Itu saja jawapan saya. Saya tau dah memang hendak menipu. Secara lojiknya kita perhatikan betul2 mesej yang di hantar. Tak ada protocol orang SHELL langsung. Senang aja utk mengelak dri terkena tipu,jgn di layan. Buat don’t know je. Sebab klau kita sampai becakap dalam talipon nanti kita akan terkena pukai,ikut je cakap si penipu. Memang sendiket ini ada di mana mana Negara. Kita baca no siri kemenangan. Kalau tak silap saya itu no akaun orang indon. Sekian..Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. Salamuun qaulam mir rabbir Rahim, ya allah ya tuhan ku,ampuni lah dosa dosa si penipu ini kalau ia orang islam, ya allah jadikan lah si penipi ini sebagai kayu api bakar Neraka jahanam kalau ia orang kafir musuh islam. Amin amin ya rabb aminkan lah doa hamba.

  350. Jong 4 years ago

    I got a massage from +60138493191 asking me to call Shell SDN-BHD office no. 01114002880 , has won the prize of RM25.000.00 No Siri881234
    Pls look into the matter and respond to it, TQ

  351. Arisu 4 years ago

    I got SMS from no. 0128643039 state that “RM.0 Tahniah Anda Berjaya Menangi Hadiah RM.19.000.00,_BONUS LINK Dari SHELL BHD NO SIRI:299899 Sila call office; “012 837 4110″ Terima kasih ”
    From the way they texting I know this is scam. No official announcement will use that kind of sentences. Don’t be trick by them just because they offer that amount of money. Be wise!

  352. mohd zan mohd tahir 4 years ago

    adulah sy pagi 2 lagi dah terkena mgs begitu dari num phone 01129986806 yg no phone sy telah berjaya menangi cabutan bertuah rm30,000 dari shell sdn bhd no siri 881234 tolong hubungi 01112612719 encik mohd sabri bin ahmad adulah sampai sekarang tiada pe2 pun k kalau betul tolong hubungi balik 01119932818 k

  353. wendy 4 years ago

    27/10/14 (Mon) scam petrol shell sms 012-8232765 menang $19,000. Hubungi 017-8949987 Mohd Nizam- suara Indon.

  354. Ina Amri 4 years ago

    My hubby also Just receive this kind of mesej..such a big
    Lier …….

  355. ifah 4 years ago

    pg td sye terima sms yg sama spt anda semua, dan sye telah cal no yg di bgi btul yg jwb lelaki suara mcm org sabah /indon. sye sudah tanye kt shell tp pihak shell ckp abaikan peraduan ni sb pihak shell tidak melantik mana2 agen pon. Penipuan semata2

  356. shasha 4 years ago

    I nak GI tau korang semi a jgn percayalah ttg SMS penipu ni ok.endon ni da xde Duit Dan nak senang2 tipu org Malaysia lak..pad am je SMS bodoh tu .pg ni kul 10 date 9/11/14 da SMS dkt I pula kelakarnya si endon bodoh t uh hati2 ye semua.RM0: Your Card
    Telah Berjaya &
    Menangi Hadiah
    Grand Prize,dari
    Shell (M) Berhad
    Sila Dail Talian:

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